🧪 Early Information on Costumes (Formerly Skins) [Part of The Beta Beat v23 & v24]

Did the name on the card change? So you could have a Boldtusk card and a Chef Boldtusk card?


The card name doesn’t change, but each Costume has a name like heroes have titles now in their detail view, e.g. regular Rigard is Noble Cavalier, and his Costume is Dapper Noble.


Since you can use Rigard’s costume on as many Rigards as you want(once you get it), is there no value to having multiple of the same Rigard costume?

Also, did they make a new tab for storing all of these? I remember reading that there was no cap on storage…

There’s no apparent value in keeping multiple currently, and they can be used as feeders for other Costumes.

They’re stored in Inventory in a new tab under General.

They actually appear to be working on reorganizing the Inventory too, there are new tabs for Emblems and Utility in the General section, which split out Emblems from Flasks, Tokens, and Loot Tickets.


I’m glad to hear that they are working on reorganizing inventory.

Gives me hope that they might also fix the hero roster. It can get to be so big for many of us. I also think that, when Season 3 rolls around, they should bump up everyone’s base storage a bit(keep dreaming, I know)…

I just wish we had something like a deep storage hero tab. Not an increase in roster size, but you could put some of your heroes in storage. Ones you intend to keep but have no intention of using anytime in the foreseeable future.


Please and thank you.


I wish! I’m gonna go vote for those. I know Tim said in the AMA that he does want to address this. Seems really low on the priority list. Hearing they are organizing the inventory gives me hope though :slight_smile:


Its more likely that they have change the visual but forget to change the code… but who knows :man_shrugging:t3:


@zephyr1, I’m rather glad that we don’t know what AM we will need to level the “costumes”. Using 4* AM and going through that grind for each hero again is rather a deal breaker for me. I certainly hope that’s not the case.

I really like the idea, again, but the implementation is what I’m afraid of. Good luck in Beta!! And thanks again for taking the time to create this posts and answer questions.

P.S @Petri, I think @zephyr1 deserves a few PEELED potatoes this month!!


I believe this as well. It wasn’t taking the full required mats if that’s any kind of relief


@StephenNap89, I really liked this idea when you 1st brought it up. Continuously buying more roster space becomes a drain. Especially knowing I’m not leveling these dupes up for quite some time with all the 4-5* projects I have lined up. I would love something like this!!

Agreed. The more I think on it the more concerns I have for the long term. Once costumes get added I wonder whether we will ever see the sort of re-balancing we saw with V20 again. I mean why would the developers ever re-balance heroes for free again when they can toss a new costume into the wardrobe that people will spend to try summon for. Good luck to those wanting a buff for heroes like Atomos – you’ll have to wait a year for his totally awesome costume but be prepared to have to pay to get it re-balanced.

When you consider this alongside the hike in hero stats that the new Challenge Event heroes have had over the Season 2 heroes (biggest acceleration in power creep the game has yet to see) it seems cautious game balance is becoming secondary to putting on the pressure to get people to keep their maxed heroes relevant.

It just seems to me that the game is starting to feel more like travelling with a rubbish budget airline that keeps looking for new ways to introduce additional fees (additional booking charges, cabin bag fees, premium fees for being in an odd numbered seat on a day with a T in the name, oxygen rental etc etc). I get that the company wants to make a profit (and judging by their sale to Zynga they hadn’t been doing too badly at that already) and I’m happy to financially support games I enjoy playing but it now feels like that when it comes to new features the emphasis has switched from how it benefits the game to “what can we get away with.” It is becoming depressingly too frequent that the first iteration of a new feature in Beta seems overtly greedy and needs objecting too by the player base (Pay to participate in tournaments, gem costs for transmutations in Alchemy Lab now pulling to try get your hero’s costume). Some of the other match-3 puzzle games out there have loyalty discounts and bonuses that just mentioning in the context of this that seems alien but the major reason why I’ve not been tempted to jump ship and remain in E&P as F2P only is that I’m still subscribing to the sunken cost fallacy of sticking with a roster I’ve already built up – though once half of them are no longer maxed any more I can’t say I would be happy staying that way given the general direction/climate under which developments seem to be coming from.


I hope they implement this. I’m sick of scrolling through all the 4s I have that I am not gonna level. I know I’m the one that is choosing to keep them, but still, more organization would be amazing :stuck_out_tongue: Even ignoring the people who hoard, hoping for hero academy to work well, a lot of great 5s are kept with no intention of leveling them anytime soon. I have King Arthur. He’s amazing… but I pulled him after I maxed Frida. They are too similar so he won’t be leveled for a long, long time. I certainly am not gonna get rid of him, but I wouldn’t mind being able to store him so I have a less cluttered roster.


Thanks @Rigs, really good to know. Hopefully they realize there’s grinding and then there is redundancy. The latter is not enjoyable, at least to me.


they are very differents in almost every heroes…

I hope these costumes have amazing art and add to the theme of the game to be worth all the trouble. I’m the sort of player who will not play a character I don’t like the look of. I have never once summoned Christmas event for this reason and for the same reason I’ll never use a chef costume (unless it’s actually amazing and still looks good)


You can see Boldtusk and Quintus from the 2019 Sneak Peek. They haven’t noticeably changed (if at all) since then.

You’ll probably hate Skittles, her costume is like something out of Candy Land, and is a step beyond the Christmas Heroes even.

Some of the other ones are pretty cool, and some are controversial, with mixed opinions.


But you also need those items to level up that hero, which uses costume or you can’t use that maxed costume.


I wonder if it will be an Edward Scissorhand homage.


(Cold storage (option to store unused 5* 1.1 heroes and temporarily store challenge event 3* 3.50 heroes)[Suggestion])


So in a nut shell, these costumes are like garments, you wear them to become more like someone else with enhanced capabilities and then when you remove them you return back to who you are.

Only that a specific costume mean for a particular hero can only be worn by the blood line ( aka same hero, dups at required levels)

The costumes also follow the same sequence of leveling up and emblemed ; and when unused can be stored in the inventory.

Please correct if any of those statement is off.

If okay, then it’s fair enough, we just await the next update and review from the next beta.

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