🧪 Early Information on Costumes (Formerly Skins) [Part of The Beta Beat v23, v24 & v25]

Beta Update

Costumes have returned to Beta for the post-Hiatus update.

=> Click here for 🧪 Early Information on Costumes Post-Hiatus Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v26]


Thanks @zephyr1!

20 handfuls of popcorn


Cant wait to see Leonidas’ costume also marjana, Thorne, and Sartana.


Okay, so the obvious question, to me, at least, is: will we be able to apply the emblems for the costume the way we want to, instead of just copying over the path from the original? Cause if the costumes are different classes then the spread won’t be ideal. Copying a paladin’s spread is not likely to make sense for, say, a barbarian, for example.

This is exactly what i was wondering. Im in the middle of ascending my first costumed hero and i was wondering how the talent grid will work. I dont know if maybe this was already answered and i missed it but im hoping i can choose a new emblem path for the costumed hero.

This hasn’t changed — the Talent Grid from the Base Hero still determines the Talent Grid for the Costume, too.

You can’t choose a different path for the Costume, nor can you add Emblems to the Costume directly at all. You can only control the Talent Grid from the Base Hero.

More here: Hero Costume/s FAQs! Please read for answers to most questions before posting new questions

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I don’t understand very well how costume works. So I just got Lianna’s costume with the hero… I didn’t have the hero before. So can I level Lianna with the costume only??? And after that level the talent??? Thanks!

If you want, then you can just level the original hero.
Once that is done, then you can level the costume seperatly.
The costume version can not be at higher ascension tier that the original hero.
So once Lianna is tier one, then you can level the costume to 1/40 only.
Once you ascend the costume it will increase the original hero stats (attack, defense, mana generation by 1% and health by 2%). If you fully max the costume (incliding the special skill), then the health will be increased with 10%, while the other stats are with 5%.

You can only give emblems to the original hero, and the costume will get the same emblem path as the orginal hero once it is maxed.

Any news on new costumes from beta??? @zephyr1

Nothing so far, no. There haven’t been any new Costumes in Beta since the original testing.

I imagine that we’ll see the end of Season 3 testing, and the revamped Springvale coming to Beta shortly.

I’m not sure what else will be next, since the 2020 Sneak Peek was fairly vague, other than Season 3 and Path of Valor:


Can’t wait for the new seasonal event hero’s

Thanks @zephyr1. Hopefully the costumes will be here soon. I really want to see what they will do with the likes of Elk, Kadilen, Thorne etc.

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