🧪 Early Information on Costumes (Formerly Skins) [Part of The Beta Beat v23, v24 & v25]

By Golly surprise surprise,lol.

I saw that comment a mile off.
Costumes Just another newly added feature designed towards targeting the P2w and just totally widening the gap between the rest of the players.

Bottom line is if you can’t afford to purchase you will never make the leaderboard’s to 100 list.

Emblems already increased that gap by 250 to 350 plus cups where top players would average around the 2700 and now that increased with emblems to around 2900 and these costumes will take it up to over the 3000 mark no doubt.

Don’t Misunderstand me, I am not complaining just mearly displaying a total turnaround in the game since emblems where a f2p players where able compete and now these costumes. I remember when I first started here every single suggestion made was always responded with things like " it has to be f2p player friendly" , I guess that completely gone out the window now,lol.
These days unless a new player is going to commit to sticking it out for at least 3 years as a f2p player they have no chance.

Looking forward to the costumes of cause.

How are the ascension tiers for epic and legendary costumes, are they similar to epic and legendary heroes ascension tiers?

If so epic costume ascension needing 1 elemental 3 * mat and legendary needing 4x seemed out of tune, by comparison ratio,… Should have been like 1 for epic 2 for legendary or at most for unknown reason 3 for legendary similar to total emblem distribution ratio between epic (about 500) and legendary (1500).

Legendary requires a $$$ credit line, while Epic only requires your average giftcard balances to get started — they are adding a new feature (EBT acceptance) ASAP and have all resources devoted to it…


They’re the same as usual.

You get more XP from feeders than usual, but the XP requirements and levels are the same.


I’ll go for Sonya’s costume, nothing else. Good thing I have 2 of each account and I’ll be able to make a fast cleanser too. Zimkitha still remains one of my fantasies :slight_smile:

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As somebody who somehow or other ended up spending more than I ever thought I would on a game … perhaps somebody who resembles that remark … I don’t see costumes being worth my money any time soon.

My roster growth is all aimed at legendary heroes. And I’m aiming toward mostly hotm, Atlantis, and event heroes there. I’ve got some classic heroes that I’ve ascended, but not all that many … and I don’t really see any of these costumes making ones I’m sitting on but unwilling to ascend like Quintus or Groot looking worth it to me. Yeah they look better than they did before … but not that good.

I certainly plan to do some of the 3* heroes, and would like to do some of the 4* heroes. I might even use a few select 4* heroes more widely, like Sonya since I don’t have any fast cleansers.

I can’t to justify throwing gems at the RNG for costumes on my legendary heroes, and while I’d like to do some of the 3* and 4* ones for “fun” when I don’t have any 5* heroes to work on, I can’t see much reason to chase them.


Agree with everything you said regarding 5s, but some of the 3s and 4s seem to me like they’ll be really helpful in the weekly raid tourneys. In that regard, I can see being able to pay for more costume summons being an advantage for p2w over f2p.

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( 52x 2x 3 ) / 5= 62 if you cannot finish the last stage.

Costume chamber reminds me a of reset emblems.

I think F2P will find the hidden resource costs just as problematic as the merciless RNG. More grinding increases IAP revenue at the expense of more streamline game play.


Yeah at 2 times per week that’s true. But I see less players having trouble with Costume Quests.

The thing that makes Class Quests very difficult is that you are restricted on which heroes you can take. That is not an issue with Costume Quests: you can bring whoever you want. So even though the last stage is as difficult as the current Class Quests final stage, they are much easier to complete because you have freedom on who you can bring.


Is there any word or update on a release date?

Also, do they plan on making special event costumes for the event hero’s? Or do costumes for Atlantis heroes and previous HOTM?

Thoth could use a buff or costume that buffs him, Same with other less desirable heroes

Yes, November 18: Version 24 Release Notes & Status

Not initially, but they haven’t ruled it out to potentially eventually add them.

(Although I feel it’s worth noting that I would seriously consider quitting if they do that. I really don’t want to endlessly have to spend gems chasing upgrades to heroes I already have.)


I agree Zephyr, making this a purely play to win game will make many people quit. Have already invested so much. However, I wouldn’t be opposed to creating costumes for event/Atlantis/HOTM that change the card art and the class of the hero. Would help with optimizing and emblem distribution.

Are the costumes listed above the only costumes that will be available on the 18th with a plan to gradually role out more? Or is this just the sample that was used for beta testing with more non listed costumes available upon release. Still looking forward to the costume for Magni and marjana, throne, and Elkanen

Also, I don’t think I saw anything on how often costume portal will be available. Will this like elemental summons where they rotate each day? I think this would be the best idea so you at least

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I’m fine with that premise.

I’m not really fine with the idea of having to Summon for Costumes with the same rarity of Appearance Rates all over again.

There’s nothing optimal about something you can’t get to begin with, and the odds of getting the Costumes you needed for particular Event/Atlantis/HOTM heroes would be highly problematic, barring a radical change to how that works.

It should be all of the initial Costumes — I think it’s unlikely they would choose to Beta test some but not others. The Release Notes also explicitly listed those ones.

I’m not sure. There was no way to tell this based on Beta, and it hasn’t been officially announced.


@zephyr1, just curious, are the custome avaliable for S1 heroes only (to balance and compete with S2 and HOTM heroes), or available for all heroes?

S1 only



Rumor has it that skins will make slow mana heroes into average mana

Any insight on that? Has anyone mathed it out yet?

@Rigs this is from post 1


Answer is yes.

So will bump them up to average but will still be just a tile shy of the ideal 3x3 combo mana fills, but still better than 11 or 12.

@Rigs - i don’t get it. Isn’t the mana bonus 5%. Are you assuming a level 28 mana troop (adding 15%) as well to make it a total of 20%.

Don’t forget emblem paths add 2/4% as well. So, you could have a maximum of 24%. However, the only change that makes is to allow very slow to go to 11 tiles (requiring 23% faster mana).

Number of tiles required divided by 1+ total mana boost %
12÷1.2=10 tiles

15% from lvl 29 mana troops
5% from costume bonus
20% total


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