🧪 Early Information on Costumes (Formerly Skins) [Part of The Beta Beat v23, v24 & v25]

Talent and emblem = confusing
Costume = confusing

Costumed hero have its own talent = confusing × confusing = confusing^2



It sure is early to draw conclusions on that new feature.

But that is interesting. The foundation of the game is based on RNG. Everything is.
If the costumes come from a different summon gate and the chances are the one shown in the first post, and the costumes comes at 1/1 and can be used only if i have the original hero.
Well that is a whole lot of condition for these costumes to be useful.
These costumes can’t cost ascension mats. It won’t worth it, imo.
What about they come at the tier that hero is?
The concept is interesting, the first try isn’t so much


So would it be possible to Custom a talented hero?
Will it stack?
Wil you need to reset emblems first then put the emblems for the new calss?

I Would say confusing^74632437854278564179


Electro Quintus is the envy of all his peers and always has the best water cooler gossip.


Currently, they don’t stack, and you don’t need to reset the Emblems on the Hero.


@zephyr1 has already answered this:

The Emblems on the existing Hero remain unchanged, but you need new Emblems (of a different Class) for the Costume.

If you switch back and forth between the regular Hero and Costume, their stats from Leveling/Ascension and Emblems change accordingly.

So you don’t lose any progress, this is almost like a new Hero to level up.

I think that all in all this feature will be less confusing once we can try it out ingame ourselves :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s a good analysis. What’s your first impression about this new feature?

I like some thing about the idea, like changes to Special Skills, having a different class for Heroes, stat boosts for leveling up Costumes, and there potentially being multiple Costumes for each Hero.

I’m not super thrilled about the idea of basically having to Summon for them.

And I’m confused about several aspects of it, so I’ll have more thoughts and insights as I understand it more.


What if I have 3 Quintus 4/80 and Electro Quintus costume fully leveled, will all Quintus get stat bonus?

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It seems like it, because multiple copies of a Hero can all wear the same single Costume.


How does the leveling up of costumes work exaxtly?

Does it require feeder heroes or food/iron to level them up? How much/long does it take to max a costume?

Can only fully leveled and ascended heroes wear costumes or all?


Glad to hear it. I know he would be better with a secondary effect, but when he’s my only blue legendary, he’s gonna get the mats. Of course, Kiril finally decided to show up, so Thorne is going to the back burner again, but at 2^60, where I almost have him, he’s still got some use for me in paladin trials.

I agree, and as F2P, my 4-stars are super important. At least it does sound like we won’t have to have multiples of the same hero to make use of a costume. You can kind of switch them at will. Could help with the decision to feed away some dupes, if we assume Hero Academy will be just as busted as Alchemy Lab.

But of course. I just drew another legendary last night… a duplicate Domitia. I refuse to feed away a legendary, but if her costume were to be monstrous, having two would be a significant boon, assuming I could get it. Raises another question - @zephyr1 , if I use one costumed Domitia in AW, then I go to use my other Domitia, can I use the same costume on her? I know you probably don’t have the answer right now, but if it’s possible to test this in beta, I’d love to know.

And in the main, I don’t have too much of a problem with that. But when you roll out features that are based on long odds on top of long odds so that the chances of actually getting much benefit out of them is so remote as to be practically impossible for F2P or even C2P, I think it becomes a problem.

Really wish they’d give some thought to re-working the useless TC levels to produce costumes. Then, you could take some of the RNG out by narrowing it down to at least the color you are looking for.

Maybe at the three-star mat level it could be worth it, but certainly not at the four-star. Those are already too rare, and if you have to start splitting them between heroes and costumes, I think you are right.

Becoming a theme lately.

One more question for beta folks, and I realize it is subjective, but how do the costumes look? I mentioned this before but, stats and special aside, Thorne is one of the best heroes aesthetically, imo. I don’t want to have to make him look like a freak in order to boost his usefulness. For me, the teaser for Electro Quintus was pretty cool. The teaser for Chef Boldtusk… not so much.


It currently works like leveling Heroes, with the addition that Costumes can also be used as feeders for other Costumes.

I couldn’t test this because I only got Costumes for heroes that I have, but @Garanwyn said he was able to start leveling a Costume for a Hero he has at 1-1. So I don’t think the underlying Hero needs to be maxed.


Great question, and no, I don’t know yet.

Electro Quintus and Chef Boldtusk from the Sneak Peak are both present in Beta, and probably give you some indication of the variety.

Some are cool, some are silly, and some are weird.


What does Chef Boldtusk costume alter?

How big are the stat bonus?

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It increases his healing, decreases his attack boost, and bumps up his stats around 5%.

For a general sense, his CP jumps to 672 from 644.

I’ll post all of the Costumes later, it’s going to be a lot to type up.


This stat bonus is the one that will remain in Boldtusk even if he do not put the costume on, is it correct?


The stats on the Costume don’t seem to match a straight 5% increase, so I’m not sure yet exactly how they relate to the permanent stat boost that having a maxed Costume gives.


The costume levels up against each hero separately. So if you have Domitia (currently no costume for her), then you could convert all of them to the costume for a fight, but they would all be the 1/1 version unless they each had been leveled separately.


So the leveling is not just per costume, but per costume per copy of a hero? I could have the costume leveled differently for one copy of Domitia then for the other? I’m confused.


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