🧪 Early Information on Costumes (Formerly Skins) [Part of The Beta Beat v23, v24 & v25]

Doesn’t stop them from changing things before release. Or after, for that matter.

But I think we’ll see some last tweaks to Costumes leading up to their release.


This is the part that baffles me at the moment @zephyr1

The OP says we will receive costume keys from rewards, MV, chests, titan, wars, etc etc, but yet all I hear is they are only available during the costume quests.

I just don’t understand why these keys are NOT available before the summons appears like Atlantis Coins if they are receivable in rewards.
Does this mean that keys will only ever be available as rewards in the above mentioned reward options DURING the costume quests/events and NOT inbetween.

I’m assuming that the Costume Keys will start showing up in loot after Costumes launch.

But it’s also possible that they may decide not to include them in loot, and the tooltip will be updated.


Wish they would let us save up keys… seems like people will get a max of one summon unless they spend. Normally, I would but the timing is terrible. Did any one else take a closer look at the schedule? Morlovia ends, we go right into Wonderland(basically), followed by costumes, Atlantis, then right into Christmas. They are gonna have their hand out basically every day for the rest of the year… It’s caused me to pass on a few deals I normally would have taken.


I guess pick your poison on where you want to spend. Only the really big spenders can have it all.

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Beta Update

The new version of Beta has been released with some balance changes to Costumes:

Additionally, the tooltip for Costume Keys now indicates that they can be received from Costume Quests, and no longer lists other sources:

I have updated the top post of this thread accordingly.


While I do see the intent behind it, this is an illogical solution.

First, the costume should be considered as a separate hero, no matter who dons it. When you put the mask and cape on, it doesn’t matter who is behind the mask, to you it’s Batman, or Superman, or whoever tickles your fancy.

Second, the way they have construed it, it forces players indirectly to use the costume on unleveled heroes. Say I have one maxed Lianna and one costume for her. After I max the costume on her I get a second Lianna. Even though I have completed two full ascends, I can’t use two maxed Liannas simultaneously though, no matter how you combine them, so my only option is to max either the second Lianna, or the costume on the second Lianna. Which results in me having to maximize three separate heroes technically, in order to have the option of playing two of them simultaneously.

I believe they did this with war in mind, so people like me, with three Kadilens but (eventually) only one costume, can fully ascend the costume three separate times and get three maxed costumed Kadilens for war. But surely they could find a way around this.

Leveling and Ascending a Costume is considerably easier/faster/fewer Ascension Materials than a Hero, so it’s not entirely “two full ascends.”

You can’t max a Costume on a hero that isn’t in Final Ascension already…so this isn’t really an option.


@zephyr1 do we know what item is required?

I mean, whether is a known classic item or an unique item we don’t know yet.

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Thanks. The thread is too convoluted now to get an answer so I’m sure I missed the answer to this.

If you need to bring a hero to a final ascension in order to fully ascend the costume, I don’t get how "Leveling and Ascending a Costume is considerably easier/faster/fewer Ascension Materials than a Hero.” You still need to use 6 Tonics, 1 Damascus Blade, 4 Shields, and 1 Tome of Tactics, to bring Lianna in our hypothetical to the Final Ascension, before I can start leveling and ascending her costume.

Further, if I get to that point, it makes no sense to me to leave Lianna at 4-1, I will definitely take her to 4-80. So I will end up with two full ascends anyway. And I will need the other maxed Lianna in order to have the option of playing two Liannas simultaneously.

Am I missing something?

P.S. Thanks for your time and patience. You and the other mods do great work around here.


It’s 1x of the regular element-specific 3* Ascension Material, e.g. Rigard’s Costume requires 1x Trap Tools.


Totally fair point.

I meant leveling the Costume itself is easier/faster/fewer Ascension Materials.

But you’re absolutely correct that the overall process is now even longer — you basically have to max the Hero (or at least bring them to Final Ascension), and then also level the Costume.

I think this depends on the particular Hero/Costume.

For Heroes that are good without their Costumes, that would make sense. But it’s a lot of leveling/Hero XP if you don’t intend to use the Hero without their Costume.

Keep in mind that 4-1 to 4-80 requires almost as much XP as 1-1 to 4-1.

Right, that’s true — and unchanged, really. You already need 2 maxed Liannas to use both for War or in the same team elsewhere.

You’re welcome!


My hopes for Costume quest frequency

  • Hopefully twice a week, like class quests, and preferably on different days than class quests. That will give a minimum of 124 free costume summons per year, which imo is quite generous.
  • I’d be okay with once a week too, at least that’s 62 free summons per year and still okay.

Regarding summon portal:

  • At 300 gems per pull, I think it should include the chance to get a HOTM. It’s the most expensive portal right now that doesn’t have the chance for a HOTM.

In a few short months, I’m sure every costume summon will have a CHANCE for a FREE extra summon of the Costume of the Month.


Kill me now. :expressionless:


I don’t like to be one of those people who rant about things, for example the “I’m leaving! …see you tomorrow.” kind of thing. However, I do think I would strongly consider leaving the game if they ever implemented something like that.

It was said that costumes would be for classic heroes only, but they weren’t ruling out costumes for limited time heroes in the future. Just imagine; you pull the hero of the month. YAY! Oh wait, that shiny hero you were so lucky to get isn’t as good as it could be. Head over to the costume portal and try to summon the costume of the month to make that hero even better!

Yup, that is something I would quit over.

Anyway, rant over. Epic costumes require one elemental 3* mat. What about Legendary costumes? I’m sorry, I couldn’t find that answer anywhere. :slight_smile: I probably missed it.


They require 4x Elemental 3* mats.


@zephyr1 So, does this mean you get the full power of the costume if your underlying hero is not fully ascended, but is at, say, 4-1?

For example if you elevate Rigard to 4-1, and leave him there, but fully level up the costume, do you get the full stats for the costume on Rigard? Or, do you have to fully level up Rigard to 4-70?

Yes, it appears that way, as long as you don’t care about Emblems, and don’t plan to use the Hero without their Costume.


Pff we’re Already short on ascension items. That would make it even worse.
I would rather have it as a farmable item.
Heroes ascension will Always go before costume ascension imo.

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