🧪 Early Information on Costumes (Formerly Skins) [Part of The Beta Beat v23, v24 & v25]

That was exactly my thought.

I think it adds more complexity (in a good way), and also more variability. There isn’t that much room for specializing heros at the moment. This would accomplish that without the total miss of the costumes.


I posted an idea similar 6 months ago 5 battle item slots and Artifacts (non-consumable battle items) basically the idea is that there should be 5 battle item slots that are always available in any part of the game except you can NOT use consumable battle items in raids and tourneys (like now) but in events, quests and on the map you can use either these static items or a consumable.


I remember that thread :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a similar reaction to it, about it reminding me of RPGs:


I’m not sure I’m sold on that. Multiple upgrade mechanics remind me of those browser-based-chinese-“mmo”-games.

We had a discussion in another topic some time ago, but I’m still a fan of diversity of rooster rather than focusing immensely on a few selected heroes.

I’d rather see more game modes and/or interesting skills rather than more hero-strengthening mechanics (after costumes).

Were they to add new items, I could even somehow agree with new ideas like player outfits - items giving passive/active bonuses to the whole team - but I just really don’t want to see time2max a particular hero getting longer.

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My point about RPGs wasn’t to focus on a small number of heroes, but rather mechanics like:

  • Usage of armor/weapons/items that can be swapped between certain heroes

  • Selling items you don’t want to a shop/trader/blacksmith/etc. so you can buy items you do want

  • Quests to accomplish something specific (not just beating levels), and involving exploring new content

  • Actual storyline and character development

That can all fit with a diverse hero roster easily enough by allowing things like a leveled piece of armor to be used on multiple heroes — as long as it’s not at the same time.

I actually think that would lead to more creativity in team selection, and using more heroes — much like Class Trials and Raid Tournaments do.

Amen, I said something similar recently (amidst a conversation about RPG mechanics):

And I said something similar there about Alchemy Lab:


if you want new game modes, what do you think about this https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/raid-arena-with-capped-team-power-ranges/121801


I like it as a start! It’s an interesting variation on Raid Tournaments, and I think TP caps allow more creativity than rarity do.


Beta Update


What does it mean?..

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I’m not sure yet, I’ll have to fully level up and ascend a Costume to test it, but my guess is that it means that the Costume won’t need to be leveled up with Emblems separately from the underlying Hero.

So if you have a +18 Boldtusk, my guess is the fully ascended Costume will be +18 too, instead of needing Emblems of its own.

But I’m not sure how they’re handling the Talent Grid paths, since the Classes are different. That’s going to make for some weird path choices in some cases.


I think you can choose the path immediately after the costume is maxed. Let’s say the original hero is +17. When the costume is ready, the grid will be available till 17.


Let’s save too much idle speculation, since I can just check in the next day or two. :slightly_smiling_face:




That would be nice. It was one of my main concerns.


But the only stuff we can do in the meantime is speculate until you prove us otherwise :smiley:


This is exactly how it works. Your +18 BT (fighter) will be a +18 Chef BT (monk).

It appears the path you chose for the original fighter BT is the path given to the monk Chef BT.

Also, even though Chef BT is a monk, you are not allowed to upgrade his talent with monk emblems. To further emblem the hero, you need to apply the correct emblems to the base hero (fighter BT).

Think of the costume toggle on a hero sort of like the relationship between the barracks and a forge; you do not lose progress when you toggle between the two.


I guess to clarify, by ‘the same path’, I mean the same path geometry. If you chose the right fork every time on the base hero, the costume talent grid will also choose the right fork for its talent grid.


This would be ridiculous. The devs are not so dumb to do such a thing. The path of two classes are very different. Inheritance refers to emblems. The path will be available once the costume is leveled up. I can’t even imagine anything else. Like the path remains the same. No, no, no. This would be even stupider than AL.

@Kikyo is in Beta, those statements above weren’t guesses, they’re accurate explanations of how it currently works.

I’ve confirmed myself by maxing Brienne’s Costume and giving regular Brienne Emblems that the Talent Grid path on the Costume matches the same geometry as the underlying Talent Grid.

Everything @Kikyo said above is completely in keeping with my observations so far.


So we all need some more reset emblems :grimacing: each costume should come with one :joy:


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