🧪 Early Information on Contest of Elements (Nature) Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v51]

im with you if i get one … no nerfs allowed.

Ipf they haven’t balanced roz (like many of us suggested in beta) before his release, they best not touch him afterwards.

Ill say it right now if i get either of these heros and they are nerfed after i aquire them. Then I will offcially quit.

This hero might push all balance over board… if she seriously released like this, I will not spend a single penny anymore… where is the point in such a hero?

Heavy fast damage will be this game’s final meta.

All other niches have such powerful counters that placing one in your defense becomes a liability.

Raw, overwhelming fast damage is construction of the Titanic.

Not sure Roz qualifies. The problem with tile dependent skills is that they consume tiles while charging. And on defense can be controlled, somewhat, when there is only one. Frigg wasn’t so bad, until…
Odin showed up.
Add a few more of these in different elements.
and watch the Nerph Threads get wet.