🧪 Early Information on Challange Event Hero Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v44]

It’s mostly like ToL: for those having few CE 5* heroes it is the best portal in the game, assuming the pull rates will stay. Even better, unlike in ToL there are no S1 3* and 4*, so easier to pull Falcon, Hansel, Boomer (as if one would pull for the last) … And even costume provides some bonus.

I don’t have BK, so would not mind to pull him; on the other hand I am way more enticed by HP boosting LotL, which will now probably reach Alfrike-level of annoyance in VF wars.

Lol. Come on people have some perspective. When it was first announced they were creating costumes for event heroes there was a big uproar about buffing these heroes with costumes and people will need to pull again if they want them. So guess what they made minor changes with the costumes and now the other side is complaining it’s not enough! Lol. We’ll guess what. Pull if you want and don’t pull if you don’t need them. No need to make it sound like it’s the end of the world either way. I’ll definitely be pulling in this summon just cause I know I won’t be getting any season 1 heroes and if I do get a 5* dupe, good chance I’ll at least get a costume buff.


I guess the idea is that if you don’t have the heroes you’ll go after them, and if you get a dupe you won’t be too disappointed because it now comes with a costume. They obviously can’t please all the people all the time; if you have a huge roster you probably wouldn’t go for this anyway, unless for completeness.

Sorry but I’ll have to disagree.

Azlar costume made him a KILLER. He’s mediocre when naked but his costume is for real.

Magni’s costume fixed his mediocre DEF stats and DEF down on target and nearby enemies is 99999% more useful than DEF up for nearby allies.

Joon’s costume made him a real sniper instead of a weak flower that just hits decently. Same for Sartana and her USELESS poison damage from trash stats naked version.

Justice became a real killer too, specially on very fast tournaments. She can destroy a team with one hit. For slow mana… Frigg does that for fast mana but that’s a money talk.

Thorne and Khagan’s damage for one target is more than substantially better than their hit 3 crap. Specially for Thorne. Khagan buffing all allies with DEF and Mana boosting is a lot nice too.

What about Obakan? He became an awesome hero and he’s fast + 10% mana bonus. Vivica? She’s a MONSTER. Her normal version stats are ridiculous for a healer. Lot of attack instead of HP and Health.

Elkanen, Lianna, Quintus and Horhgall costumes are really meh for me, not big deal. I still use normal Lianna over her costume and Elkanen is so trash that nothing can fix him. Quintus and Horghall are too slow for their status and effects and they’re kept like that only because they’re the excluded ones since always.

So well… I know dodging and Elemental Defense Down are REALLY awesome but it’s not like they’re the only good ones.


Kinda excited to see Marie-Thérèse costume, not so much after i seen it.
Lack of imagination, totally useless costume.
Less attack, same silly stats zombies, hp boost over time for hp regen over time.

I think you should watch this @JekylandHyde video regarding Elkanen before final judgment on his costume. Costume Elkanen is Fantastic—Empires and Puzzles Books - YouTube
Also Horghall costume can be very useful with this huge attack down which can really impact opponent heroes.

I’ve seen that video. Cool but let’s be honest… ANY green hero is good when paired with Toxicandra, frigg, hatter and Evelyn… Lol… What difference would his special or tile damage do there… not significant to call him a fantastic hero.

Horghall costume didn’t make justice for him imo after years being the weakest legendary ever. I mean, it’s almost the same special and you can simply clean it out.


Costumes to make the heroes competitive with those who are dating is fine, but in my opinion the costumes should be added to the one that the hero already has without the need to re-summon.


Unfortunately the mana cut is from basic hero and the costume’s minions have mana slow.
Options are:
Mana Cut with regular heal
Mana Slow with Overheal

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C. Vivica, C. Azlar , C. Magni, C. Obakan also? And probably some I missed :slight_smile:

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Mediocre. Not worthless but not game changers either.
None of the above can have a place in my defense. But then again someone can find them pretty useful.

I won’t be surprised if they add a second costume for them. If they game still alive by then.


This is what I’m really surprised hasn’t happened yet. Now that all the S1’s have costumes and the Costume portal has nothing new, it would seem like it’s time to roll out second (even better) costumes for the S1’s to get players spending on that portal again.

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Probably allow second round of LB first

Guardian Panther should add the dispel back again… His damage is getting lower from original tho (210%)

This supposed to add cleanse instead of Immune, i think Average Hero Healer with Immune is not better than Average Cleanse Healer.
The original have cleanse.

This is giving SG a new idea…most likely after LB…:+1:t3:

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