🧪 Early Information on Alpha Aethers and Second Round of Advanced Hero Levels [Part of The Beta Beat v56]

And this is being done on a voluntary basis.


This is the way the table appears for me. The last column is invisible. I don’t know why you can see it and I can’t.

Thank you for providing additional information. I understand that guy is a volunteer. From my perspective alpha aether was not even mentioned, so it was missing the primary information that was relevant.

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Do you have something similar to this bar, that you can move left and right? This is how I see it


Nope. Wth lol.

1/754? So weird lol I had only 145 post here

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Based on the thread title it seems you’re looking at a different thread in your screenshot …

And there’s also a lock icon indicating it’s a closed, inactive thread

This thread’s title is Early information on Alpha Aethers…

Your screenshot shows Early Information on Advanced H….

So what you are reading is an old, outdated, closed and locked thread… so of course the information wouldn’t be updated and would be missing relevant stuff…

And here is the thread you’ve been looking at, which is 2 years old…


Hey your head isn’t sleepy at all :laughing:


Teamwork, when you pointed out the number of posts was different I took a second look :wink: instead of saying people were being unhelpful :wink:


What I’m reading here is that our friend Dunsparrow is volunteering to put these threads together. Why else would he be a douche about someone else’s volunteer work?


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