🧪 Early Information on Aether Powers [Part of The Beta Beat v56]

Great idea! Imagine if there was like some heroes that you couldn’t level up, but when feeding them away they give more xp, or even wilder idea, a book that you just read to your hero in the evening and the hero gains levels! Wish they would add stuff like that to the game soon. It’s been tough 5 years training all heroes only with TC.

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@PlayForFun , haven’t found the following heroes’ alpha talents.
Most of them are from Beta, but maybe you know about them somehow :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for all your work, you saved me several days gathering this info on my own!

Who I couldn’t find:

  1. Meresankh
  2. Gilligan
  3. Green Knight
  4. Orla
  5. Archie
  6. Jasper
  7. Suzuna
  8. Turgruk
  9. Elkanen
  10. Queen Guowang
  11. Xiong Shanjun
  12. Heifeng Guai
  13. General Yin
  14. Belladonna
  15. Celimene
  16. Thunderclap
  17. Sorrow
  18. Tremor
  19. Hurricane
  20. Knukles
  21. Numbskull
  22. Cedar
  23. Bonecrusher
  24. Mistweaver
  25. Doxan
  26. Ignazio
  27. Barkley
  28. Cinnamon
  29. Luna
  30. Snowball

I will try to collect this information for you on Thursday, and get back to you.


Dispite the Communities concerns this is still ago ahead

In one word? Crap

In few words… The idea was good for old dates heroes like Noor… At least if you LB 2!!! Her, she’ll become useful (my already swimming in the SE bowl)
But for new shinny heroes giving such bad ■■■ buffs at the beginning of the match?

Ok… I’ll know where my next X10 will be (no in this game for sure)

This is just going to make the fact that they haven’t done anything to adjust the war format in years that much more glaring. Everybody is going to just dump these things into their 5 war defense heroes so we’re going to get 5500 power teams across the board. It’s lazy and makes the game less fun. They need new war mechanics, BADLY, right now. Add second defenses somehow to wars. The fact that all we ever see…ever…are purple tanks is already making the process far more boring and monotonous than it used to be. If they establish new war mechanics, it greatly softens the blow of this 2nd LB.

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I have checked my hetro list, and here is the assignment for your heroes.

  • Meresankh - Attack Up
  • Gilligan - Regen
  • Green Knight - Attack Up
  • Orla - Attack Up
  • Archie - Attack Up
  • Jasper - Defense Up
  • Suzuna - Defense Up
  • Turgruk - Attack Up
  • Elkanen - Special Boost
  • Queen Guowang - Attack Up
  • Xiong Shanjun - Heal Increase
  • Heifeng Guai - Attack Up
  • General Yin - Regen
  • Belladonna - Defense Up
  • Celimene - Attack Up
  • Thunderclap - Taunt
  • Sorrow - Defense Up
  • Tremor - Defense Up
  • Hurricane - Attack Up
  • Knuckles - Special Armor
  • Numbskull - Regen
  • Cedar - Attack Up
  • Bonecrusher - Special Boost
  • Mistweaver - Special Boost
  • Doxan - Attack Up
  • Ignazio - Defense Up
  • Barkley - Ailment Immunity
  • Cinnamon - Attack Up
  • Luna - Ailment Immunity
  • Snowball - Ailment Immunity

Of course this is big amount of data, so there can be errors, or Staff could also make changes in assignments.


wow, thanks so much @PlayForFun for all your hard work!!!


:smiley: I have just poor Elkanen of this list! :smiley:

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I still think that LB2 and Powers are the kiss of death of this game…no one asked for that or 20 heros every month…balance?? Hey come out again !! I know i did saw you a few years back


Bad and very rush moves by zynga, they should testing the aether powers gradually step by step… first maybe by giving the aether powers only to heroes from S2 - S4 and see how it goes (if they care about it), that way will be “balancing the game” like they always said lol (while the season 1 heroes have superior talent alredy)

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soon the S1 heros will be better than the new OP heroes… :joy: :man_shrugging:

I have Orla too from this list :smiley: but that’s all :smiley:

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oh yes, I also have Orla, just not built. but there is a plan to build even two of them because there could be an intersant Duo. :thinking:

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C2. Quintus or Luna with eilmants immunity as defence tank would make rush so much fun…

Is this out already? :broken_heart: :confused:

V56 is already running! :wink: you just need to wait for the activation button

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Thank you for clarifying :+1:

It will be activated on next Monday.

On that day I will publish a Master topic about these with graphics created by @cap


@PlayForFun The players found such an incomprehensible inscription. I’m translating: Members of this family receive additional benefits in the Alpha Treasure Quest event.
Such an inscription appeared in 5 * heroes of deleted events. Can you explain it in any way?

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