🧪 Early Information on Aether Powers [Part of The Beta Beat v56]

I checked most of my heroes and this description appears only for old challenges families (pirates, guardians etc.)


Once it arrives to Beta, then I will let you know what is this :smiley:


Thank you, dear friend! Earlier it was said that there will be a special quest in which you can get ether crystals as loot, for which you can summon alpha ethers in the Ethereal Summoning portal. It seems to me that it is about this quest. But why will only the heroes of the old events removed from the game receive a bonus? It is very interesting to know the details. But I’m willing to be patient and wait. :blush: :blush: :blush:


I have exactly the same information as you.
We will see…

Meanwhile this quest is not tested and release based on V56 announcements the “Mirages of Omega” quest will also provide these Alpha Aethers.

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So, from what I’m gathering, there isnt a guarenteed A Aether with this quest, but just the RNG chance which can go either way for this new feature. So, for the person that has bad luck on this new set up, they can drop a few hundred $$$$s into this without any kind of setup for the 5* heroes. At least with the FS, those who dont have luck or can get something out of it. This is just my opinion, but this isnt a good thing or are they gonna wait until another country gets on them declaring this is a form of gambling which it is???

Right now Staff mentioned these possible sources for Alpha aethers:

I am unsure are they fixed or not in Mirages of Omega or not, but the rest of the sources is most likely purely RNG.

Might be this future quest will have them for fixed loot.

@PlayForFun In game - it will be able to see for each hero for example “if u lb twice that hero aether power is attack up” or not?

In beta, aether powers became visible only after doing the second limit breaking so you’ll have to carefully read the aether powers master topic when it comes online.

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No, when you cick on “Limit Break” again on level 85 for Legendary (or 75 for Epic, 55 for Rare) heroes then on that screen you will able to see the Aether Power what you can get, where you see the Aethers required to do the LB.

Here exactly:

(The images is for the first limit break, which I have found in the forum, but do not let it confuse you as it was shown during the second LB only in Beta.)

Of course it could have changed to be shown earlier.


Oh so you don’t need to actually do the second LB to know the aether power of each heroes (it’s only necessary for it to shows on the actual card). You still need to do the first LB though so still not ideal. Luckily, we will have your master topic :heart_eyes:


Yes, in first Beta it was done just after the second Beta, but they have changed it to be shown before doing the LB.

My personnal suggestion was to show it even on 1/1 heroes too as disabled, but it seem it is not done like that in the last Beta…

Does the second LB require regular Aethers AND alpha Aethers, or just alphas alone?

Both, you have the answer to your question in details in the appropriate thread about the actual second limit breaking:
:test_tube: Early Information on Alpha Aethers and Second Round of Advanced Hero Levels [Part of The Beta Beat v56]


The RNG god of FtP :fire:


Zynga approves 2 LB and I see the happy faces. Hahaha, what a scam

People like to focus on one tree in the forest.
Such as taunt.

Instant taunt in the back corner will cause problems for those fast attack squads. That’s one tree, and I agree…it’s on fire!
It’s also one slot on the team.

Counterattack, Bulwark, Special Boost, Rage, Mana Boost. All more trees in the forest.

Something like mana boost might seem fairly harmless right now because of the pool involved with it.

But the tree I always look at is the future!

There are more creeps incoming…

At some point Mana Boost will be given to some new creep that functions like Tetisheri, Khufu or Hawthorn. While the flanks have counterattack, special boost. And the wings have attack up and taunt.

Just ask yourself:

What is the modus operandi of any Portal?

That won’t change…

New creeps, designed to be LUCRATIVE…
will also access these new aether powers…

As the gap widens:



At the start of each battle, this Hero heals 100% of dealt normal damage for 6 turns.

if these heroes tank (ie: Obakan C2), no way to kill them with tiles!?

This healing is done when they attack. So when you are attacking them, then they are get killed as they now, but if they are dealing 800 damage for example, then they are healed by 800.


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