🧪 Early Information on Advanced Hero Levels (aka Limit Breakers) [Part of The Beta Beat v37]

And that’s good. Players are leaving for lots of reasons but the main thing is money… And that’s there fault they know how the game is and know the risks and when doing large pulls and getting nothing from it will surely trigger that rage. Especially if your using money you don’t hav spear.

Addiction is a main course aswell and if this is why they left then they should and glad for them to get out before it gets worse. Lots are still stuck and need the support to leave but never make them selfs known.

If you cant manage your self then leaving is the best option but if you can then nothing that… SG… throws at you should make you leave. Just support you alliance and enjoy the game don’t let limit breaker be the reason as there trying to get rid of FTP players. Remember it’s a game so treat it like its one don’t let it suck the life out of you and others. It’s there choice for there own reasons.

So basically if it’s effecting your life leave if it isn’t then sit back relax and enjoy it with those that do.

Wow that was a bit long :joy::joy::joy:. I do hate what SG are doing but my alliance and friends keeps it going being a FTP player has help alot even tho its a tough grind more interesting.

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Would hate to see you go, @SamMe . Hope our little community is enough to keep you around, as I have no faith that limit breakers will be abandoned.

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Thanks @Noble_Weasel.

I don’t want to be a pessimist, but if it’s not limit breakers, it’s costumes for non-S1 heroes… Another blow is on the horizon for f2p, c2p, actually all players if limit breakers/new costumes go ahead. Which will be the case for non-S1 costumes. I don’t think it’s right for players to “need” to summon any non-S1 hero again.

To be clear, limit breakers would just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. :sweat_smile:


I get it. Limit breakers I can maybe handle, since there is at least a quest where you are guaranteed to get them. I can be patient, and they also help 3- and 4-star heroes, too. Non-S1 costumes is a load of horse hockey. Can’t say it any better than you did:

All of a sudden, I can’t even be happy about my Poseidon, Onatel, Krampus, and Heimdall - absolutely otherworldly pulls for F2P - because I don’t have the costumes of those same heroes. What a crock!


This is what I see

Congrats, you’ve reached the max level for your hero at 480

Ummm wait, for you to reach the max potential for your heroes now, you need to them to level 20 on emblems.

Hey, we have a great idea. Instead of rebalancing the S1 heroes, you get to pay and hopefully get lucky by getting a costume for your Joon, Liana, and others.

Ummm wait, for you to reach the max potential for your heroes now, you need to them to level 20 on emblems and a limit breaker. BTW, if you have a hero with a costume, it will need to be broken twice.

Whats after the limit breakers? Limit breakers for your troops? Any more rebalancing??? I doubt it since they would have done something in the last year about some absolute obsolete heroes and they wont make any cash off of a Toth-Amun who could actually be useful


This is too accurate. But again, emblems and limit breakers are something you are at least guaranteed to get over time, which means I can be sorta OK with them. Sorta. The hard part is pulling a hero in the first place, so investing in the best ones I have makes sense.

But having to beat the odds twice? To pull the same hero? That’s what may end up eventually doing me in. I love my 3- and 4-star costumes because they add a lot of versatility to my heroes, even some “useless” ones. But I’ve only gotten one 5-star costume so far, and it was Justice, who has the sad distinction of being only marginally useful in most cases with or without costume. When I saw Poseidon in the list of proposed costumes, I was most perturbed. It was a complete fluke for me (F2P) to pull him once. Pull him again? And without the benefit of free Atlantis coins this time, which are all but impossible to get now without spending? C’mon!

Non-S1 costumes have been the most universally despised thing I’ve seen SGG pitch on this forum, and I’ve been here a while. The fact that they are apparently intent on rolling them out anyway is very discouraging.


@Noble_Weasel Those are all great pulls. I hate that future costumes trample on the f2p rare joy of finally getting something good for you. :slightly_frowning_face: At least, way better getting Krampus than Reuben, who I got. :sweat_smile:

I still think it’s pretty alarming that they planned on releasing a costume for Killhare this year. She was only released in 2020! And it was only after the community almost universally expressed strong disapproval that they held off on releasing costumes for Killhare and Master Lepus (they had the artwork done, and were tested in beta, if I’m not mistaken. Also, it seems logical that they will just be released in 2022).

Another thing, there was also hardly any break between the end of S3, and S4 starting up. The game just keeps on getting busier, but we seem to get way more quantity and not necessarily quality.

Except for Mythic Titans, for me anyway. That’s an event I can look forward to.


The thing with these things is the top will have to have them to stay competitive.

The rest of us can just keep playing. If we get them, great but they aren’t necessary.

I mean I’m not far off the top and I don’t feel like the limit breakers are going to be essential to me staying where I am. They don’t add a massive difference and I’m beating teams 300 to 500 TP difference already. Adding limit breakers to the mix won’t make a big difference to me.

In events I’m landing in the brackets I want pretty comfortably.

So sure the Top 100 will all “have to have these” and that’s going to create some bad feelings in those circles but for me I don’t care a jot. If I get some, great…if I don’t, also great.


If you really think thats the case, try beating teams that are 550 to 750 TP more than yourself. Yes it can be done if you decide to go mono but gonna need a lot of love from the RnG gods for this.

Try taking nothing but 4* heroes the next time you decide to fill up your raid chest. Thats what its gonna be like for a good chunk of the players


I’m lockstep in agreement with this and where you’re at in the game.

I appreciate the way you think, which is similar to me, and I appreciate the fact that you continually bang this drum. It’s a shame negativity is part of the herd mentality around here, unless everyone is simply that competitive in their spirit, which I doubt.

If I can’t keep up with the top-500, then I move down into a division I’m more comfortable in. The end. The fact of the matter is you choose to run in the rat race, you’re not forced into it. There’s a space for all different tiers of players here and that’s a beautiful thing.


My 6th War team is 4000 TP, I win just as easily against the 4600 to 4800 as my high end teams do.

You get a decent board and you can beat the bigger teams with well built mono teams.

My 5 front line mono war teams are between 4300 to 4450 and each one has a slow hero and a 4* hero in it.

So you get a few limit breakers and it’s not making tonnes of difference to me. Just for clarity my alliance is ranked around 280th so I’m not a lot behind the Top 100 but even not far behind them there’s a big difference. You might get 1 or 2 with a full set of 30 mana troops but not all of them. Current war opponents are averaging around 4600 across the board. In fact we don’t have a 4800 defence against us this time, 4780 is the highest.


That explains a lot there. Going mono relies too much on the board imo. I don’t go that route and all players are different but I can usually recover from a bad board…usually

I do have to give you props though as my war teams are between 4400 to 4650 but I also. My leader would hang me if I took a team that was 800 TP underpowered

I’d be interested in seeing what your results are going mono with all 4*s. See if it makes a difference as that’s what essentially this idea would be

Just curious, which alliance are you in?

Crew-Jesters is my alliance. I accept the risks of mono but the rewards are worth it. I used to play 3-2 but as we stepped up and defences got tougher I switched to pure mono and haven’t looked back. But the game is about making well synergised teams so I’ve spent a lot of time in that. Then I have a 2nd team in the main colours for the different tanks. Had been a red 2nd team for an age but later Purple, Red & Blue tanks have all become a thing so more depth needed. My blue 2nd team of Thorne, C.Richard, Grimm, Vela & Jott (circa 4020 TP) smashed a 4650 Red ninja tank team in the last war with red tanks.

The very top will chase them hard, the rest of us will likely get one or two and life will go on.

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For me it’s not even the “risk part” of the mono strategy that is problematic. Yes, mono is effective: when you get a good board you win whatever is on the other side, if it’s really a bad board and it never improves, you lose. Somewhere in the middle I would say you still win most of the time.

So, it’s not ineffectiveness of this strategy, but boredom that I find problematic. Mono is one dimensional strategy, with universal rules of what constitutes a good mono team. When you make it, it boils down to the board play - how to find 3 or 4 matches for the win?

On repeat. Again and again, in every battle. Been there, and experienced a crisis after a month or so. Now I play 3-2, 3-1-1 or 2-2-1 most of the time, because I find it strategically more stimulating.
I’m afraid of hero limit breakers because - what if it pushes me to play mono for a prolonged period of time (until all my key heros are “broken” so I can feel again there’s a same difference in power compared to defence teams)? I am not sure if I can survive 6-12 months in mono territory to be honest. Essentially, it is the main reason why I am against it. :slight_smile:

The fun of mono for me was the team synergy aspect of it. Building a team that does a multitude of things and supports each other is a lot of fun to me.

In game I just want to break the tank fast, then it’s game on. When you are fighting 3 Ninjas, Frigg and Odin busting the tank doesn’t mean you’ve won :joy: It just gives you a fight chance.

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I’ll never understand how people haven’t figured it out and quit already. You are basically chasing how good you were 6 months or a year ago by being forced to spend more money. The game hasn’t gotten any better or more fun, you are just chasing power now by spending money. How is that fun? It is just tedious and boring.

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I don’t feel forced to do anything and I’m still having fun…so :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

If you are a top 100 player and for some reason your ego forces you to keep up then I can see it being a problem for some people who are struggling to afford it. But if the only way to enjoy this game is to be at the top then it can’t possibly be a shock that they will keep bringing new stuff out to get you to spend.

I never get the word “compete” in a game that has no ending and is almost entirely anonymous. Do people put “I’m in a Top 10 Alliance in Empire and Puzzles” on their CV’s??? Who cares tbh.

So play and enjoy it for what it is. If you can’t then it’s time to consider new avenues right?


This is why more people are leaving

Limit breakers smh. What’s next? Limit breakers for the limit breakers so you can reach its actual true potential that you couldn’t reach before before emblems. Now with the emblems, you need to take it a step further smh

Next will be the limit breakers for the troops

Sounds good. Just my experience, you know your done going mono after 3 moves unless you get a crazy cascade. Beating Garnett with mono blue team isn’t all that impressive when you can take her out with 3 tiles.

Again, let me know how you do raiding with all 4*s to see what it’s like.

What’s the reason for this??

The top is bored with no building left to upgrade, can auto-play everything and are devouring 14* titans like popcorn at the movies…

So… make that even more boring?

The mid and lower players complain about OP heroes without the perspective to see they have smacked head first into a paywall.

So… add razor wire?

This move does not benefit gameplay.
So why do it…?$?..


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