🧪 Early Information on Advanced Hero Levels (aka Limit Breakers) [Part of The Beta Beat v37]

Garbage - this along with the proposed new costumes are not things the player base wants at all. I hope they pull these or make significant changes and reflect on how much they’ve missed the mark with this kind of thing


I dont really understand why they try these types of features and why they stick to it so much. That fecal tornado they received when first teased non S1 costumes was a clear indication of the players not wanting stuff that makes already powerful heroes even more powerful. Then they come up with another thing that does the same thing.
I get that SGs priority list is basically money 99 times and the players may come in 100th place but could they monetize the game without breaking it completely and sucking even the tiniest morsels of fun out of it?


Goodbye Empires and Puzzles. PayAllToWin is not my style


I haven’t had a chance to read all of the wonderful discussion. But since I voted I feel that I should say something. I think this could be a good feature if it’s kept for 3 stars and 4 stars. And then maaaybe for 5* season 1 heroes. This would allow people that haven’t been able to acquire costume to beef up heroes that are not getting a decent rebalance with all of the power creep heroes.

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TP not less 5000 or something like this :slight_smile: My alliance not in TOP 100, but for me it’s obviously

OK, the OP should be completely updated now…

Took a while and I’ve tried to be as thourough as possible. Thanks @PlayForFun for some of the infos :slight_smile:


Even if it applied to S1 5* heroes only, they’d just apply it to other 5* down the track. Look at what is happening with costumes for non-S1 heroes. :disappointed_relieved:


Why not make this feature with dublicates heroes (community very long ask doing something with dublicates)? Many of dupes from S1. Is it because the “limit breakers” can be sold?) New event? We have not enough events in game now?

Money money money :money_with_wings::moneybag::money_with_wings::moneybag:
Here take it all!

The bridge between F2P, C2P and P2W are getting longer, bigger, wider, and can’t be controlled any longer.

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If they just fine tune this addition, that this option is available as stat boost for 3* and 4* , and 5* it works as an option to shift stats (like from my idea with legendary equimpment, example 30 attack up for 30 def down), they can keep everything else from the idea with quests etc,…

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So, from each Limit Breaker quest we can get

Limit Breaker 3* hero 3* costume 4* hero 4* costume 5* hero 5* costume
Rare 520% 867% 130% 217% 74.5% 124%
Epic - - 240% 400% 60% 100%
Legendary - - - - 40% 67%

Thus, as F2P (assuming you don’t get LBs from other sources) you need to complete 3 colour specific LB quests before being able to limit break 1 (one) legendary hero. After this 3 quests and using limit break for one legendary, it remains 16 epic LBs and 43 rare LBs. This allows to limit break additionally 2 epic heroes (you have epic breaker for 3 heroes, but not enough rare breakers) and it remains 3 rare LBs and 6 epic LBs. Alternatively, you can limit break one 4* hero, its costume and two rare heroes or one rare and its costume.


Only way this feature may be acceptable to all players is if it’s restricted to:

  1. All heroes of Season 1
  2. Upto 4* heroes in season 2
  3. Only 3* heroes of Season 3
    None from Season 4

I my not against this idea overall, but there must be a kind of compensation if you’re going to use a limit broken hero.
My suggestion would be to increase the team costs of limit broken heroes (under the requirement that the max will still be 130). For example a 5* hero hero with limit break has a team cost of 32, a 4* 20 and a 3* 12. Then you have to decide if you play with 5 “normal” 5* or 1 limit broken 5* and 4* and the rest “normal” 5*. If you want to use the maximum of limit broken 5* you can only use 3 of them and 2 normal 4* or a limit broken 4* and 3*.
From my point of view this will give a lot of value to 4* heroes and may will give more diversity to the roosters.
But I don’t want to see defences of 5k strength. There will be an annoying gap for a long time in the game where the offenses can’t compete with the defence teams.

So at the moment absolutely no to this feature, but with some adeptions maybe yes.


We have just received some additional information about the Limit Breakers from the staff.

Here is the exact quote:


Yay communication from SG!

Interesting…won’t everyone just use the limit breakers on their best heroes rather than these older weaker heroes? Unless there is a different cost for older heroes, I don’t see this working out.
Regardless, I’m kinda okay with the limit breakers, especially if it comes with new content that is challenging. Although seems like you can have content without limit breakers/.

I like that they put a timeline in here. A year out seems like a long time since I’ve only been playing for 2 years, but a timeline is nice to hear.

I’ve wondered how many opportunities there will be to buy these. If there are none, the gap between f2p and p2p isn’t as widened here. I’m focusing on the words “primary guaranteed method” and whether that means we won’t be able to buy them. I like adding them to other sources. My only worry with tournaments is the ability to buy back, which is generally used by p2p, doesn’t really create much of a difference compared to a straight purchase.

Love that they recognize what will happen. I also key in on engaged players here. Maybe instead of widening the gap between f2p and p2p we should talk about the gap between casual and engaged players. Then again, both should exist so maybe we don’t need to talk about it.

Again, glad they’re thinking about consequences here.

This is a great communication from SG. It shows they’re thinking through consequences and planning out what the game will be like in the future.
As always, thanks for the share @PlayForFun! I always appreciate when you/Beta folks share what’s behind the curtain.


Since Tournaments are a way to get loot, For limit breaking, i would like to see an increase in Tournament loot. perhaps, refills, and more pulls for the loot. This is so everyone can have enough resources to access Limit Breaks more easily.

I get what they want to do, but thats not the way to do it. Why would anyone Limit Break Thorne if he can Limit Break Cobalt? Why Khagan if there is Garnet, BK, GM, or Elizabeth. Why Horghall if there is Heimdall, Frigg, or C. Kadilen? So unless they limit their use to S1 or maybe S2 heroes and older HOTMs then the same thing will happen that happened with emblems, everyone will want to make their most powerful heroes even more powerful so the lesser heroes remain on the bench still.


I’m glad that they are thinking at least to make them more accessible. Would be perfect if limit breakers were only for s1 or for example if team cost was higher for lvl 85 heroes.
Would also appreciate if limit items weren’t available for buying because we all know what it means.


I understood that you will power up your Khagans, Horghalls, Thornes if you have those (being f2p), and that will help you get through announced challenging events. However, if you have new shiny toys, you will power up them, of course. So, player VS player would definitely be more challenging with Cobalts and co. on steroids. :slight_smile:


Ok. Understood. New genius idea for getting more money. What about promised QoL’s?


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