🧪 Early Information on Advanced Hero Levels (aka Limit Breakers) [Part of The Beta Beat v37 & V39]

The problem is this is now the 4th way to exceed max power. We already have troops, emblems, and costumes all of which have paywalls.

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If they are dead set on this, they should limit it to 3*, 4* and S1/S2 5* heroes only.

Otherwise, whales will have unbeatable 5* limit broken ninja teams months (years?) before the rest of the player base can even use it on our mediocre heroes.


The CLC concept could be of great benefit to the game runners of this game. From what everyone is saying, they need to study that principle.

Troops do not increase the power shown in the hero card, they can be used by different heroes, and they are already exist since the beginning of the game.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it published that SG retained development rights over content, as part of the Zynga buyout?

If so, how is anyone else to blame apart from the devs?

If not, then SG really did sell their soul to the devil and don’t give a toss anyway.

If the game is going down in flames, they’re going to get every hot dollar they can before if crashes.

  • Once limit broken, advancing the additional new levels will cost food, iron, exp and ascension items; quantity will depend on the rarity of the hero.

Ahh yes, awesome new way to have to try use ascension mats. I hope they are like with costumes, and just some 3* mats. If it’s anything like Damasuc Blade or Tom of Tactics, that is the end of the game for me. I am truly out.

I also want to just add that I think it’s always great that the mods give their real opinion regarding this stuff and don’t try to suck up to the staff. Personally, I truly appreciate it. So many games or other things, mods and similar will simply suck up and be “omg so amazing” and try put a good spin on it even when they think it’s rubbish/■■■■■, so I am thankful you guys are honest.


As suggested from many other posts, these 6* heroes (advanced 5*) should have higher team cost in order that for defense you will bring a 4* hero (not advanced) besides one 6*. That is for giving those heroes not much value on defense. Also for 3* raid tournaments, for the same rule you will be prohibited to use advanced 3* due to team cost. Only value for this would be offense, raids and events, which i won’t mind that much. But personally i am against this idea of making advanced heroes like c-horghall at 2000 hp.

In some cases they do. My Lady Locke has 970 or so DoT damage on her card but if i put a mana troop under her and check in battle, it says around 1200 DoT damage.

DoT damage dependent on attack - more Attack points = more DoT damage. Mana troops increase attack points (ninja troops will do it even more)

Yes, they are 3 star at max, but you need them if you go from one level to another (eg: 81 to 82).
See my earlier post above:

Yes it is…
in Beta there are teams now with over 5130+ TP. (with 20 emblems, level 30 troops, level 85 heroes)

And now you will able to reach 3250+ TP using 3 star heroes only with 2 star troops what is allowed in a 3 star tournament. Currently the max is about 3000-3050. So it is very big increase…

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Remember when we all thought that non-S1 costumes would break the game? Fun times back then.

My grandmother always said ‚when you spin it to fast, kids will fall off the carousel‘

Waiting for the fall off


Like mentioned in another post by @Cerevan_the_Omni, the artifact is a great idea.

I am just trying to throw in some broad ideas on how this could actually work…

  • Artifact will be in 5 colors and can only be equipped to similar color hero
  • Max 1 artifact per hero
  • Artifact will be from 1* to 4* (1* to 3* available from daily summon portal while 3* and 4* available from a new artifact portal which can be summoned using a new epic artifact token)
  • 1* and 2* artifact can also be farmed from regular map stages
  • Artifact will only add special features to hero (e.g. special attack +5%, special skill defense +5%, elemental defense +10%, healing effect +5%, mana boost +3% etc.) with no change to the base stats
  • 1* artifact will add one special feature, 2* add two, 3* add three and 4* add four
  • Level up of artifact will be a combination of hero level up and troops level up
  • You need to consume other artifact and iron (instead of food) to level up the artifact
  • Say one 4* artifact is called “Demon Hunter’s Bow”. It will add four special features when maxed: special skill attack +5%, 20 fire damage to each enemy per turn, extra +75hp when healed, resistance to dark +10%)
  • When the artifact is at tier 1 and level 1, only special skill attack is unlocked and at +1%. When you level up to tier 1 and level 5 (max level), then you will reach special skill attack +5%
  • After that you have to ascend to tier 2 and then 20 fire damage will be unlocked
  • Then you level up from tier 2 level 1 to level 10 and then move to tier 3 (max 15 levels) and eventually tier 4 (max 20 levels)
  • Ascension from tier 3 to tier 4 will involve the use of some unfarmable rare 3* item (hidden blade, sturdy shield, warm cape, trap tool and orb) but at a reasonable quantity say 1 or 2.
  • In the future SG can also introduce a new building say “Witch House” where you can craft 1* to 3* artifacts using crafting material and iron and then recraft 4* items from one to another (similar to hero academy level 9)

SG can continue to make money from the new portal but maybe this is something more interesting and gives more variety to strategy and combination?

Just my 2 cents.


Once implemented, the game is over…

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Wow, way to summarize a situation that seems like a no-brainer, and SG will just ignore it. This…this post is gold. Not only would it solve the duplicate heroes like you said, it would reinvigorate whales on summon portals where they already had a hero. Now they can go whole hog again on ninja and s2-s4. Perfect solution, and quite simple. SG is paying the wrong people…

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That is just not needed…and then throw in Finley Cobalt onyx at 85…that’s just disgusting this isn’t adding anything good to the game for anyone that wants to pay a bit to have fun and still compete, all I can say is if they actually go through with this (and God please I hope not) that it’s time to either lower diamond requirements or add a new tier to raiding because anyone that’s not dishing out a ton of $ isn’t gonna stay in diamond anymore…but all this stuff that’s supposed to be QoL improving content is just more padding for sg’s wallets or more so zynga, I honestly think SG cares about community but because they sold thier soul to zynga and made a deal with the devil it’s pulling the strings to make this old cow make cash again, but its just a wrong with non s1 costumes this s**** etc etc.

I pray this doesn’t happen I’m already getting jaded but do love the community and pvp etc pleas don’t break the game for anyone but the whales anymore then already has been.


There is such poll :slight_smile:

So strange…why would they include rare and epic limit break mats in limit breaking a 5*? They are pretty much guaranteeing that no one will limit break anything but 5* because using those mats on something less is a waste.

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Items currently used to ascend 3* are also used on 4*/5*, items used on 4* are also used on 5*. So it’s only in keeping with the leveling model that’s always existed.
Doesn’t mean it’s a not a whole new headache limit breaking the cards though.

Personally I don’t share the same sense of frustration about this potential change.

At the moment I think raids favour the attacking team too much. It will be easier to get your DT limits broken than all your attacking heroes, so I look forward to the advantage it gives DTs. I’d like to understand more about the quests and how readily available the limit breakers will be. Personally I’d like to see them be rare so that players are forced to choose which heroes to boost, rather than simply be able to boost them all.

I am however concerned about the possible impact if defence formations ever make it beyond global beta. I think that could sing the balance too much towards DTs.

I also don’t relish the thought of how long it will take to fully level a 5*, as it is already a pretty long time! I’d also like to understand how many mats are required for these extra levels. 4* mats are already hard enough to come by.

I actually think this change has potential… but both good or bad potential