🧪 Early Information on Advanced Hero Levels (aka Limit Breakers) [Part of The Beta Beat v37 & V39]

From raid tourney and war win loot. It’s possible.

Yes, it is possible as @BlackZed wrote.

Actually I am 1 holy rare Aether short to limit break my first rare Holy hero.

I loved when emblems came out, made me come up with a super defense team to compete. Making the switching around less common at first. Now I have enough for 2+ of each color 5*s and can mix and match strategically, reset, and come up with good combos. I think this limit break is awesome, makes me pick who I want to stay in my main Defensive line up, and the decision is really important as metas change. No reset, means I need to make sure I pick the right hero to limit break. Wish though they came faster, still haven’t got that 1 large ice they leave you hanging without.

Also, I have faced many limit broke heros, and they have not made me click re-roll like the broken Kadilen costume.

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You’ve already faced a LB C-Kadilen? How did that person already get all the Aethers needed to LB a green hero?

3 war wins in a row, no Aethers. Feels like I’m falling behind compared to some of my alliance mates.


I think it means that Kadilen costume is broken (OP) instead of limit broken.


Hello all, my apologies if this is asked (and answered) before but I couldn’t find it… :roll_eyes:

How many heroes can we give a Limit Break? I saw 5 rare, epic and legendary.

Is this 5 of each class? Or 5 of each for each element?

For example, for rare 2 Holy, one Dark and 2 Ice and that’s it (for now)?

Thanks in advance for helping me out! Gave Nordri and Gunnar a limit break and have some doubts about my Fire 3* heroes :smiley:

You can Limit Break as many heroes as you can.
There is no limit for that.
Currently the main source of getting these Aethers is the quest.

You can get 52 Rare Athers, which is enough for limit breaking 10 Rare heroes (as 5 is needed for each), or 8 Rare heroes with costume (as 5 + 1 is needed for each).

You are receiving 26 Epic Aethers, which is enough to limit break only two Epic heroes (with costumes), as each Epic hero limit break needs 20 Rare Athers (+ 3 if you limit break the costume too) too (and 5 Epic one) and you get only 52 of them from the quest.

You can get enough Legerndary Aether to limit break a single Legendary hero (5 Legendary, 20 Epic and 35 Rare is needed for that + 5 Rare for the costume) as you get only 4 Legerndary items from the quest.

Of course you get these from won War loot and Tournament loot.


Thank you do much! I thought there was a limitation

you will get them in the next tides!! njoy MC

ask about how big a every chance to getting Aether when we won a war ? Smaller rank (score) on war make smaller chance and smaller draw ?

The odds are similar to raid tourney loot. You can see for yourself.

So if i am weakest on my team, lowest score, i will not get LB. The top score always get 4 draw ?

I think it is random.
Sometimes the biggest hitter doesn’t get any Aethers.

Here is my statistics for 16 won war.
The first table show the chance to get 0, 1, 2, 3 Aethers.
The second table shows the chance for each Aether type.



It sure does seem random, I’ve had 4 war wins where I didn’t get any (top attacker twice). Today we won (not top attacker) and I got 2 4* Aether. Part of me likes that it’s random so that even lower hitters can benefit from Aethers, they shouldn’t just be for the top, but I dislike that the chance you could get nothing. Even a single guaranteed 3* Aether would be appreciated.

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No loot in this game is “guaranteed”; it’s always “possible”, with specified odds.

Look at your monster crate loot. Even the ham and iron amounts vary.

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There’s lots of guaranteed loot. Raid tournament, mythic titan, etc. I know I will get 3 summon token rolls for top1% in raid tournament with 100% chance to get 3 summon tokens. Mythic titan there are emblem rolls with 100% chance to get emblems. Amounts vary, but lots of guaranteed rolls for AMs, Emblems, summon tokens, etc. Raid tournament has a guaranteed Aether roll already. Don’t know what star level, but you know you will get something. So why can’t war victory/loot have a roll with a 100% chance of an Aether?

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I thought that breaking limits would let go of little and not all together

Is that from new beta test?

are u able to reset like emblems if u limit break the wrong hero?

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