🧪 Early Information on Advanced Hero Levels (aka Limit Breakers) [Part of The Beta Beat v37 & V39]

As long as that is not the only way to limit break, otherwise that won’t be friendly toward F2P as they are severly limited in breaking it.

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In the Beta feedback I suggested a similar thing:

  • Maybe we should somehow retire our dupe heroes to gain limit breaker items for the same element from them so that we can use that to limit break other heroes from the same element.

As @PlayForFun said in the post above, duplicates is another way to break the limit.

For example, Marjana level 5-80 to break the limit you need 25 red ethers or a copy of Marjana.
In level 6-25 50 Red aethers or 2 copies of her…

Currenlty duplicates are not usable for limit breaking, but it would be nice if SG allow us to somehow use them… Especially as they trying to solve the duplicate issue for a long time now…


Will never be fair. What about players that already fed away their dupes because SG has made it crystal clear they won’t help you? Talk about a kick in the pants if they then say you can use those dupes now to break heroes.


A twist to limit breakers could make them more palatable to all and simultaneously decrease the FTP/PTW gap and combat power creep. What if the number of limit breakers required to limit break a hero was based upon the (unemblemed but maxed) power level of the hero? For example, season 1 heroes and early HOTMs, with power level between say 740-760 require 3 legendary limit breakers as outlined in the top post. Power 760-780 might require 5 legendary limit breakers. 780-800 might require 7 legendary limit breakers. 800-820 might require 9 legendary limit breakers. (exact numbers can be adjusted).

While the power stat isn’t a perfect proxy for the actual strength of a hero, it is a pretty good indicator of how old/new the hero is and a great indicator of where along the power-creep curve the hero is.

The benefits of basing the number of limit breakers needed to limit break a hero on power stat are numerous. It becomes a difficult decision whether to limit break that shiny new overpowered season 4 hero versus limit breaking numerous older heroes. Should one go for depth or breadth? In wars, the choice would become whether to limit break a large set of season 1 heroes for attacking or wait a much longer time to limit break an uber set of overpowered defense heroes. But by the time a set of 5 800+ power defense heroes is limit broken, someone else would have 3x5 low level heroes limit broken and actually have a chance to win in attacks.

This would benefit those with few heroes other than season 1 heroes. It would give more difficult (and interesting?) choices for the spenders. It would counteract the constant power creep while still allowing new heroes to be shinier and have higher power stats.


One word (well emoji actually):



According to what @Tato said it does look like you need dupes. Here’s what I read:

I don’t understand it, but hopefully you do. :wink:

EDIT: and Tato said this as well:

For example, Marjana level 5-80 to break the limit you need 25 red ethers or a copy of Marjana.
In level 6-25 50 Red aethers or 2 copies of her.

Hope you haven’t gotten rid of your Falcons and Jackals yet.

EDIT 2: Then @PlayForFun said this:

Currenlty duplicates are not usable for limit breaking, but it would be nice if SG allow us to somehow use them… Especially as they trying to solve the duplicate issue for a long time now.

So I don’t know which way is up. :upside_down_face:

That was @Tato’s wish, not actual thing.

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Fed them all away the moment @yelnats_24 said otherwise but that was way before @Tato said that. They’re wasting all my space.
I don’t know if it’s my mind playing tricks but I happened ti read somewhere that limit breaks had something to do with dupes.
And since last teltoc blessed me with 5 falcons, I’m like ‘holy crap, my falcon is going to be buffed as ■■■■ because of the dupes.’ And getting a jacked up falcon means I don’t need to pull for c marjana anymore. So I need to confirm once and for all if the dupe stuff was just rumors or something confirmed.

Sorry if I have confused someone.

I just wanted to state my wish with an example of how things can be changed so that all players have options.

Not the same options, because those who pay will reach the goal earlier. And that is something that I know it’s logical and it does not bother me.

What really upsets me is that without paying to reach that goal I have to wait many months. And I will accumulate more duplicates that are useless.

With my wish we would all be happier with a game that is moving away from what I think is fair.

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As @PlayForFun said many times we posted ideas to change some feature in beta but they ignore us.


I can see how this could help the older heroes stay relevant with all the new heroes having such a high power creep. Invariably this will be used to make the newer, more powerful heroes even stronger and having the older ones lag even farther behind. Perhaps, like ToL or HA10 a 1 year release moratorium needs to be imposed so that this could only be used on the older heroes that need it most.


I’m personally excited to level break a 4 star of each colour.
So far I’m thinking YELLOW - Mist, PURPLE - Ametrine, GREEN - cMelendor
They will genuinely be like new 5 star heroes after their boosts.


honestly don’t understand why this is even an idea being bandied about.

i started playing the game when emblems were already a thing, or at least, they weren’t new by the time i fully leveled my first hero. at least with emblems, there’s also the skill of adding different attributes and talents in addition to stat boosts, and having to choose between different paths is a fun challenge in a lot of cases.

this doesn’t feel like there’s any skill or real gameplay addition at all except to just artificially stat buff heroes.


Because there isn’t. As I said previously, you’re now being asked to max a card for the 3rd or 4th time (depending on whether it has a costume or not) to “unlock it’s potential” . How is this “new” mechanic innovative or even vaguely exciting?

Bet your right arm that this time next year weapons or some such will be added to the cards, so that you can “unlock their potential” (cue more grind/level/max or pay).

LMAO…for a billion dollar company you’d think SG could at least code something unique into the game, not simply keep asking players to repeat the same thing over and over.


I honestly would rather have the option to turn in a few dupes for a Choice of heros, and see limit breakers scrapped all together, as I already mentioned it doesn’t add anything new to the game that’s already available just another quest and another item to Chase or pay for to get quicker all this is, is $$$ … if sg gave us an actual resolve for dupes they’d probably see better spending, as for myself as long as limit breakers are being tested I’m f2p completely from now on.


To wit:


Its not innovative. Its an excuse for the F2P to be able to complete the maps if you have mainly S1 and a sprinkle of other heroes.

Its a justification for the power creep…leap


Cmon realease this limi breakers and start working on breaking limits for troops!!!


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