🧪 Early Information on Advanced Hero Levels (aka Limit Breakers) [Part of The Beta Beat v37 & V39]

Why do SG even have beta testing it’s a mystery

They never listen, and never learn


They have beta players to provide statistics analysis and a little of feedback on top, but we as community put much more emphasis on expectations that they value our feedback…

You/ we have to understand, they are game developers, not some social workers :slight_smile:

Though they would certanly benefit of having more ‘‘social’’ in their approach and not be as black/white developers.

It appears SG have figured out how to introduce 6* heroes into the game without calling them 6* heroes. Yay.

I am looking forward to the day I get to bounce back to platinum (or gold maybe) to stay :exploding_head: :face_vomiting:

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Then blame SG, but know there is more to an organization than just the devs and chances are there is a product owner/ product manager steering the direction of the game.

Have to admit I don’t understand how they are “testing” the game concepts before passing to devs to work on. So many ideas panned by the community, it’s almost as if they are completely disconnected from us and not listening at all!

My guess is that the faces on the forum are not the decision makers. They are just passing feedback on…both ways


Maybe being controversial here…outside of raiding in diamond how does the gap between P2W and F2P impact anyone?

Wars are tiered and matchmaking tries (albeit imperfectly) to give alliances competition at the same level.

Seasons and events will eventually become problematic for F2P if the “easy to get heroes” aren’t boosted to maintain balance, but this has been an annual event since I started playing (although this year’s balancing seems stingy).

I get the ego need to be top of a large heap. But honestly, don’t we all just play our game with our cohort at the same level and have a bit of in game banter? Or is there something I am missing?

Btw (again imo) - cups gained and lost in raiding mean nothing to the game outside of the arena you play in.

I can see P2W players getting fed up with the lack of flexibility in limit breakers and switching off their wallet, which (again imo) should actually be of more concern to everyone as this would be the end of the game. But why is the gap between F2P and P2W such a concern? What is the impact?

I made my peace with not playing top 100 a long time ago!


This is certainly going to “break” my “limits”.

Dumb, dumber, and dumbest ideal all wrapped in one dumb package.


Can understand your point of view. And grats on finding a suitable way for you.

Anyhow, I believe that any kind of “arrangement” shouldn’t be the adequate answer to the changes we’re faced with.

Sometimes it’s time to say “No”.

Most of us (posting people) are in game since years. Many of us are tired of nerfing, screwed cost, and other stuff like that.

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Can they come up with a better features?!!

Maybe add a whole NEW town with NEW buildings ??!

Fix the puzzles functionality make it more advanced!!!

Fix the loot system!!

Make sure that elemental chest provides the same element mats and not farmable boots!!


Agree they always have to make the hero’s better. That’s how games keep going. Most f2p and c2p players … are enjoying the game. They don’t give you any bonus for top 100 play… most trophies you get nothing extra… I have friends that are in top 100 and the p2p…also ones that are c2p in the top 100… if you learn how to move tiles well you can take a lot bigger teams then you out … there’s no issue really. All any of this means is … I could possibly get a better hero then “someone” which is how the game has always been… they will never stop making stronger hero’s and the hero’s stronger … or the game will die. I do think that new players starting out should receive a 3* team instead of just bane to help them keep interest. But other then that … it’s al good. Wait and see how things are before everyone gets upset… it’s so minority report all the time. (Blaming before something happens) I dunno maybe I’m wrong and it will ruin the game … but for who? Ppl that are always threatening to quit anyways?


Not disagreeing! I am asking what the real impact to players is of a widening gap between F2P and P2W outside of raiding in diamond.

Help me understand…

It is 7.5*… 6* is via emblem, 6.5* is emblemed S4.


I new hoping SG would use this to buff S1/old HOTM was to much. They could have tiered the increases, giving bigger increases to S1 heroes and decreasing as you go thru to S4, but to much to hope for.

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@Tea :heart:

I think that, many players being quick to grab pitchforks is truly a sign that the community has never properly recovering from Tell/Vela saga.

Also, many players are still waiting for a solution to duplicate heroes, apparently promised long ago. I say apparently because, maybe at that time, they really did have the intention to work on it. So much time has passed, I view the Hero Academy as a something is better than nothing action.

Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you about me quitting. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

To be clear, this is sharing my perspective as a vc2p, close to f2p who’s played for more than three years. Some c2p and p2p players are getting over the finishing point continually getting extended too.

It takes a long time to max out a 5*, and then add emblems on top of that. As I’ve said earlier, no thanks SG!


Looks like SGG don’t know how else get fast and big amount of money with minimal work in adequate way (first strike was with Telluria and Vella). Support whole game, listening players and stay healthy not a variant - too lazy. Costumes, emblems, limit breakers - it’s all just a rebalance.


Limit breakers are still a deal breaker for me.

Please put your efforts in solving actual QoL requests like roster limitation, dupes and even chat functions.


How many of you are actually going to face multiple teams of boosted 5*s, outside of regular raids? Ok, maybe the whales will require a ton of boosted heroes to counter huge defense teams in wars, but that’s a whale issue and they have the money to deal with it.

And if you’re that frustrated with raids, just stop raiding. Loot got nerfed anyway, remember??

This is a great opportunity to take the heroes you’ve managed to grind and make some of them good enough for upcoming PvE content, even content you may be struggling with currently.

If you see this feature in terms of war defense you’ll never come up against, rejoice! If you’re jealous of people having shiny new things regardless, gachas are not for you.

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Hi, my question is will the limit breaker have an effect on Team Cost? Ever since I’ve started the game until now, Team Cost has never played a factor. I.e. if you use a lvl 85 limit break hero, will you need to substitute one of your other 5* for a 4* on the field perhaps?

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My 2c: I can only speak for myself. I would expect to see a lot of limit broken war defences, should I choose to stay in a high end alliance (top 100 when full).

I’m not a whale either. I’m vc2p, and combined with costumes for non-S1 heroes, this doesn’t encourage me to increase or even maintain my spending.

Besides that, ofc whales can be found in non-top 100 alliances too. And this won’t just impact whales.

Nah, this is everyone’s heroes getting nerfed, and having to grind further for the most powerful version. The grind is getting too much for not small numbers - a lot of us have been playing for two, three, even four years.


Not true I’m in a top 100 alliance and half of the players are f2p or c2p and the other half spend a little but not a much as a wale does.

I guarantee you we will face those teams if that stupid idea comes to life…


Well, one thing i’m sure about is that in the end everyone will keep playing the game just like before, i for sure will. Despite my comment, it’s not the p2w-f2p aspect of it that bothers me (i’m perfectly fine enjoying this game at my own pace and level, even though being in the low diamond it could become a bit frustrating seeing teams skyrocketing from 4600 to 5000). As i mentioned before, that’s just my personal feeling about a feature i don’t particularly like, especially after the statement that this is to keep up with the future game using old content, when there’s a more honest way to do it that doesn’t rely on players wasting time/resources. Those who rely on older heroes are mostly f2p, and limit breakers don’t seem f2p-friendly at all.

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