🧪 Early Information on Advanced Hero Levels (aka Limit Breakers) [Part of The Beta Beat v37 & V39]

This is one of the worst idea’s they’ve came out with in a long time ,second only to costumes for overly powerful hero’s like killhare and finely. If they do this I see more people leaving over it. Instead of fixing hero academy or actually finding ways to maintain balance they focus on what they always do the dollar bill! I’ve personally started playing gemstone legends and guess what they want to hear player feed back. But small giant always turns a deaf ear to us. How long has hero academy needing changed? How long has the gap between veteran players who no longer spend falling further and further behind. People have years invested in this game and is their loyalty rewarded??? Hell no its not cause to small giant you must continue to spend more and more to matter to them. Loyalty and improving the quality of those who have been there with you from the start should be a priority over forcing them to spend over and over again to keep up. When was the last time a war chest was any good?? Why is there not much difference in the raid chest from bronze to diamond? There are a million things that would make this game more enjoyable for us but the focus has never been on improving this only bringing in more money! I really like gemstone legends and I have one foot out the door already. I refuse to go down with this ship because the captain clearly does not care about its crew!!!


This could be a good solution to put our old heroes back in the game, they could be so competitive as new heroes, BUT, it seems every single hero can gain this limit breaker, when you see a Marjana with more than 800 atk you say GREAT!! Now she’s pretty awesome to face stronger defenses, but when you see a defense with a Cobalt with more than 1000 atk you say oh man!! Take my cups and be happy. If this idea come to live game then unfortunately many people will leave the game, i don’t think it’s a bad idea at all, but only if this feature would boost the weakest heroes (S1, maybe S2, 3* and 4* heroes) instead give more power to OP heroes. It’s already very bad for F2P, now it seems we’ll have a bigger division between who spends and F2P


This is the end for me, it will finally give me the kick i need to quit this game.

…but I like to propose a few things:

Make boost of 5* heroes 50% of current boost. This way 3* and 4* becomes way better and F2P ppl can enjoy game and variety will GROW!

-if you do this then you will GAIN more ppl playing.

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I’m 100% sure those will be in offers. Since they are making money with this game, it wouldn’t make any sense to add these, if you can’t buy those. At least, if you think business wise.

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Well this is only QOL improvment that I can think of. If this will be puchasable then this game goes to ■■■■!


It will be there as a premium purchase, they aren’t adding it for any other reason.

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Ahhh man, thanks for this info SG and thank you so much PlayForFun for updating and sharing with us all, super appreciated. :slight_smile:


Naturally, people will use these limit breakers on heroes that are already awesome, like the ninjas, Killhare, Finley, Frigg, Odin, the upcoming season 4 heroes… and so on. Does this mean that, all these limit breakers will do is making strong heroes even stronger, while the others stay where they are?


Explanation from Sg doesnt really bring me any comfort…

Gap between weak heroes will still remain or even widen, since they are less likely to get limit breakers and f2p will only ‘‘profit’’ for this new events (by SG words, to be able to complete them), but will be left behind anywhere where is competititve field (tournaments, challenge events, titants , mythic titans…

Heavier use of items, alongside of balance changes should work out to get by new events…



Petri, would you mind considering crafting legendary items, instead of limit breakers?
Everything can stay the same (quests, etc,…), only change would be, that legendary heroes can only shift stats to fine tune them, instead of another boost. I am sure a larger portion of community would support this idea, in contrast to very negative response to limit breakers…

Its what I described here : Heroes equipment - #8 by Cerevan_the_Omni

You would earn basically the same, while keeping better integrity of game, from balance standpoint while also offering a more flexible option, with which players can toy with and experiment.


Why should i wait a whole year and spend a ton of resources to bring my vanilla 5* on par with the increasing difficulty of new content when, you know, you could just up a little bit their base stats?
It would be way more honest to admit that a major part of this game’s content is outdated than to hide the truth behind a well written, promising message about all nice and fair intentions.
I had the luck to pull Elizabeth and Gravemaker. Do you think i will use a limit breaker on Khagan just because of some nice intention, or i will make an absolute beast out of my shiny precious top notch heroes?

They will not abandon this idea. Only way i could find it acceptable is that every single player will have the same amount of limit breakers, without being able to purchase them or relying on the luck of chests and rewards. Only way to obtain them through the quest.


Basil I agree with your first part, but second part I dont since I dont see, how implementation of this feature along with your suggestion solves much? Like you said, people will still go to limit break best heroes and after one year we will be at the same point we are currently but worse, that a gap between heroes with limit breaks and witthout will be even bigger than currently…(even if it covers up to 3 teams of heroes)…

You will even more limited to that selection to use than now…

It’s pretty clear from Petri’s statement that this wasn’t meant to narrow the gap in PvP, but to ensure that F2P could complete PvE in the future.

And “use more items” isn’t a solution. They’re tuned for having items already. If you’re expecting a 5k+ team to use X amount of items, then a 4200 team is going to die after using all their items.

And no, they’re not going to limit to just lower/older heroes either. Why would a whale spend on them then? Even with this and costume most s1 heroes will not be at the same level as S4 ones. And SG doesn’t really intend for them to be. They’ll be around mid s3 level I expect, at least if you have the costume. And it’s not most of the slow heroes (yes… I know).

These limit breakers need to only be for vanilla season 1 heroes to keep up with the power creep…for Pete sakes, what is the point of these if they can be applied to the already over powered S4 heroes!!! Stop killing this game!!


Fair enough,
but then we must ask ourselves, wouldnt it be a lesser evil, if f2p people have harder time completing some high end event, than to even widen balance gap on all other competitive areas of E&P? This in some way, even motivates f2p players to strive in game for longer and push themselves however possible…

  1. Why would a whale spend on legendary items which switch stats for 5* instead boost?
    First of all, to offer new style of game play, new forum topics to discuss strategy and second to fine tune your squad, which in most cases, increases power of your team…

  2. Tournaments and challenge events are also for 3* and 4* where whales could spend even further (their stats are getting boosted / same as with limit breakers/ unlike for 5*)

Thats why I say, legendary items would bring similar income to SG while also please most of the community. If you check poll for limit breakers 76% finds it very negative… :slight_smile:

So basically we keep complaining about the powercreep. SG answer? Introduce more ways to increase the powercreep…

These guys seriously :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I completely agree… You want your hero’s to be stronger… Then you need to be “engaged” in the game, participate and earn those juicy rewards… NOT available to buy instore, man, geese just no, can you imagine the outcome of that=:fire: :fire: :fire:

My suggestion is not to solve the problem: only way to solve the problem is not implementing limit breakers at all. It’s just the only way i could find it somewhat acceptable, a totally personal feeling about it.
Since we all agree that limit breakers will widen the gap between normal players and paying players, the only “solution” that comes to my mind to guarantee at least that you, me and the main whale will have the same opportunity is to avoid that the main whale has limit broken his whole roster while i’m still waiting to complete the set of breakers for a single hero. How? Making limit breakers available only through quests.
But that’ll never ever happen.


Now if only this much thought and effort went into the severely problematic dupes issue, instead of a bulls__ long winded, resource draining AND highly terrible odds type of wall.
SG needs to take it easy for a bit, I play maybe once a day now, mostly because I’ve invested so much money throughout my time and I feel I’m wasting it, but everytime I log in there’s at least some event going on which now feels like “oh well, there’ll be another chance in like 3 days”.


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