🧪 Early Information on Advanced Hero Levels (aka Limit Breakers) [Part of The Beta Beat v37 & V39]

Yes, this can happen later… :frowning:
There are 2-3 more gold color ascend level indicators available (depending on hero rarity), and after that runs out they can star over with different color… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


This is going to pis off a lot of people
even p2w players … no body has all the time and energy to level up an old player with the same features…
The SG’s business side is becoming to lazy or too stupid to think of new ideas!!!


This idea even worse than none ss1 costume. Oh wait, now none ss1-costume can have the break limit too :rofl: :rofl:


I see they’ve given up fantasy: instead of making more powerful heroes they might have designed more effective specials.
That would have kept stats and balance, just giving some more effective features (then heroes to pull for) and, mostly, add some fun.

This feature is ‘changing everything in order to change nothing’: in a year or so, when most heroes are upgraded, the same situation is presenting once more. Not so smart.


It was a huge boost for heroes , that’s why I will only vote to lvl 3* & 4* heroes give more variety and enjoy playing with heroes like falcon , Gunnar , Almur … extra … but if we go this with 5* heroes the game balance will be broken again and this will be 2nd after realease emblems .

Sturdy Shield, Hidden Blade etc. was what I meant by the current 3* mats. So, if limit break items are non-farmable it is very similar to what players endure now, will create yet another bottle neck and allow anyone opening their wallet to steam ahead.

I think we’re saying the same thing, just in a roundabout way. :slightly_smiling_face:


This would be a great feature if you could only apply it to older heroes such as Season 1 heroes. Ideally you could only apply the extra levels to a character that had been out for … 2 years or longer. Granted, there would still be many characters such as Gravemaker etc. that would become better than they need to be. But this would be a great feature if it could be used to make less relevant heroes more relevant.


Yep, yep, I can already see it now… alliance recruitment ads: Must have level 85 heroes

LOL wut?


SG: whats this? y’all complaining that it takes months to finish a hero? we’ll make it a year then, unless :moneybag: :money_with_wings: of course. that will solve the problem!


Money grab aside, my issue with the feature is that it’s… not interesting. Base stats are… basic and adding more of them doesn’t make a hero feel cooler. It’s not worthy of yet another economy/resource to manage.

I’d rather see the emblem tree go up to level 25. At least that would bring a tiny bit of strategy/choice.


At least until those 7 heroes get nerfed because too much used in defense :rofl: :rofl:

As someone already stated this is going to widen the gap between whales and the rest.
The game will get boring too because once people limit break their heroes those same heroes will stay on defense for a very long time.
I don’t see anything good from this…
Imagine a Finley costume with limit breaker…

SG added so much content we barely can follow and there’s plenty of portals or event from where to pull; this is has nothing to do with monetisation and will definitely ruin the fun for me.

I hope they quit the idea.


Garbage - this along with the proposed new costumes are not things the player base wants at all. I hope they pull these or make significant changes and reflect on how much they’ve missed the mark with this kind of thing


I dont really understand why they try these types of features and why they stick to it so much. That fecal tornado they received when first teased non S1 costumes was a clear indication of the players not wanting stuff that makes already powerful heroes even more powerful. Then they come up with another thing that does the same thing.
I get that SGs priority list is basically money 99 times and the players may come in 100th place but could they monetize the game without breaking it completely and sucking even the tiniest morsels of fun out of it?


Goodbye Empires and Puzzles. PayAllToWin is not my style


I haven’t had a chance to read all of the wonderful discussion. But since I voted I feel that I should say something. I think this could be a good feature if it’s kept for 3 stars and 4 stars. And then maaaybe for 5* season 1 heroes. This would allow people that haven’t been able to acquire costume to beef up heroes that are not getting a decent rebalance with all of the power creep heroes.

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TP not less 5000 or something like this :slight_smile: My alliance not in TOP 100, but for me it’s obviously

OK, the OP should be completely updated now…

Took a while and I’ve tried to be as thourough as possible. Thanks @PlayForFun for some of the infos :slight_smile:


Even if it applied to S1 5* heroes only, they’d just apply it to other 5* down the track. Look at what is happening with costumes for non-S1 heroes. :disappointed_relieved:


Why not make this feature with dublicates heroes (community very long ask doing something with dublicates)? Many of dupes from S1. Is it because the “limit breakers” can be sold?) New event? We have not enough events in game now?

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