🧪 Early Information on Advanced Hero Levels (aka Limit Breakers) [Part of The Beta Beat v37 & V39]

I get that, but the 2* and 3* ascension mats can be found just in normal map places, so you can quickly start to get a decent supply of them adding less stress to what lower units you ascend. If these items are only going to be available in a special area and on a limited basis, that’s not anywhere similar to current mechanics.

So for costumed/non-costumed hero Limit Breaks basically works as ascension.

Isn’t there any portal or something connected to this quest? They will not miss the chance people pulling to get more, right? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Absolutely all changes which they make in this game firstly oriented to this. And it’s OK, but they forgot about players and QoL few years ago.
Where are new titans (not Myth), everyday quests and buildings (not so useless as HA)? Only new summon portals…


Correct. :slight_smile:

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This is exactly my take and to add to it:

Their decision to improve emblem drops and decrease food cost was so good and honestly refreshed the game so much. I started seeing so much more variety in defenses that I actually enjoyed raiding again.

This is taking two steps back. We will see the same defenses over and over again as people need to make sure their main tank gets the few limit breakers they might get. It really seems like a horrible decision if I’m being honest that is going to stale the game back to where it was pre-emblem change.

I will stop raiding 100% if we are back to the same teams composed of a variety of 7 heroes over and over again.


All TOP100-1000 alliances will have to buy all those “limit breakers” which SGG will sell (I am sure they will) for being on current level

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This is what I mean by not in the card. The info you click in battle is not card.

I am sure the number of 3* and 4* LB will be much more than 5* so there will be a lot of leftover after using them on 5* heroes.

Problem with limit breaking is, it only adds another layer to rigidness of heroes progression…Heroes are only going up, while not changing in any meaningfull way…

So what, after limit breaker ability, next thing follows ascension to godhood? Another 5 lvls…

Instead of pointless piling up, crafting legendary items would promote stats shifting of legendary heroes and thus wouldnt make heroes rigid…For 3* and 4* it would still work as boost to offer more competitive options for f2p players and small spenders…

What you are trying to solve on defense with stronger defense heroes, can be solved by balance changes and or extra bonuses to tank positioned hero :slight_smile:

completely agree. Like, what need does SG think is being fulfilled here? They keep releasing new heroes, and it takes a long time to ascend and emblem one. So they’re now gonna make it even longer and tougher to actually get a hero to their full potential? I don’t get it. Why?

besides the money of course… oh wait it’s all about the money, sigh…


Because whales. For them it doesn’t take a long time. And this is one more way to extract money from them.

Willing to bet that the offers will let you limit break a 5 every quest, if not more. Otherwise you’re waiting for 2 cycles on the same color to do so.


Nah I think the pool at the top will shrink for awhile as there are a mix of c2p and f2p in there who will be behind for quite some time. How much the pool shrinks is to be seen but even in my alliance (top 200) there are many f2p and c2p, I’d imagine that number increases as the ranking goes down.

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From what I can read you only need 1 LB for each hero and cannot add any more, right? So, I would assume that one 5* LB is given by the quest with colors rotating.

There was a post showing the rewards in a quest, basically 2 and 1/2 cycles you would get the mats for a 5* limit break. Purchases probably much more favorable.

See 🧪 Early Information on Advanced Hero Levels [Part of The Beta Beat v37] - #113 by PlayForFun for details on what you need to limit break, quest rewards, etc.

Hopefully Guvnor will integrate that into the OP soon, but there’s a lot of stuff from beta. Plus that pesky real life.

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I did some calculating, and I’m not 100% sure this is accurate, but Scarlett, If maxed Limit Break, has potential to hit the 1k attack group. Imagine a 4*, having 1k attack


If the devs insist on offering this, it should be for Season 1 & 2 heroes only, let them get their due.


Difference between f2p, c2p and p2w will be only more and who know how many time this game will exists with those “genius ideas”

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What scary is the actual implementation and design - i saw the picture where it’s highlighted in purple one of the ascension stages that you break the limit.
I mean potentially they can do it in the future for every ascension bar, meaning +20 levels instead of five…


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