🧪 Early Information on Advanced Hero Levels (aka Limit Breakers) [Part of The Beta Beat v37 & V39]

Same thing here, after 2 years of continuous playing and money invested.
Was fun but not anymore.

Do we know yet if hero we have limit broke will increase a heros team cost? As the max is 130 it would either need to be increased to the a new max for 5 limit breaker heros or you will have to have some sort of balance.

No, the Team cost is not increasing with Limit Breaking.
There were Beta testers who suggested this, but it looks like SG ignored this suggestion.

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of course miss you… hope everything ok you’ll always have a spot…

@cove… but heart too

thanks for being you !!

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Of course I will miss all of you… especially talking with you everyday, Sweet Tea. It’s was not about the game but the people for me. I feel bad about leaving abruptly now, but I am at the point I needed to make a change in the way I’m doing things. When/If I do come back, there is no other place for me but the Cove.


Beta Update:

Sorry, I have just noticed on thing before this weeks’ tournament starts.

Now these limit breaker items can be received not just from the quest about them, but now you can get them from Alliance Wars and Raid Tournaments.

You can get them from Raid tournaments if you finishing in top 50% with the follow chances:

Tier Draws 5* LB item chance 4* LB item chance 3* LB item chance
Top 1% 4 5% 30% 65%
Top 5% 3 5% 30% 65%
Top 10% 3 3% 27% 70%
Top 25% 2 - 5% 95%
Top 50% 1 - - 100%
Top 75% 0 - - -
Bottom 25% 0 - - -


This will help people spend that 75 gems to revive their teams after the 4 losses even more so


They wouldn’t be so nice as to include Aethers in Raid Tournament loot otherwise. Every single initiative these days is about boosting revenue ahead of fixing bugs, unless hero in question is a cash cow, then bug fixes will be ASAP

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Whatever they bring my way I just can’t see myself stopping the game. I lost being phased and shocked when emblems came out.

I’ll just learn to coexist with the change regardless if disappointing. The way of business start out simple than become a monstrosity of super growth.

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Is there a fixed Date for these quests like for emblems?

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I skimmed but don’t have time to read this whole thread; to limit break, are we going to have to use ascetion materials, plus food and iron? 4star mats are in short enough supply as it is and if we need to use them I am wholly not looking forward to limit breaking.

Some folks have more money that know what to do with it or no common sense.
I could see the hobby of flipping houses or improving your own house, race cars and nice boat to go fishing and enjoy nature with.

But for heroes in a pixel game!

Just shows you how messed up some people’s minds are ‘in my opinion’.


@Worador I get what you’re saying, but, different strokes for different folks. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s in the first post. No skimming needed.


Literally all contained in the OP.

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Hmm it looks like SG has drasticly reduced the limit break item cost for limit breaking the costumes in the live game…
At least this is a positive thing…

:money_mouth_face: Limit Breaking Costs

See table below for a summary of the cost to limit break a hero.

Hero/costume Rare L.Bs Epic L.Bs Legendary L.Bs
Rare hero 5 - -
Rare costume 3 1 - -
Epic hero 20 5 -
Epic costume 12 3 3 0 -
Legendary hero 35 20 5
Legendary costume 21 5 12 0 1 0

I am wondering what other changes will be there…


In my case and since I have invested a lot and more than enough in this game, the solution that I will put into operation seeing what is happening and more and more, … will be to try to play only with 4 * and 3 * heroes so Any 5 * hero that I get for free (since I haven’t spent a single € on this game for a while) I’ll give food to the 4 * and 3 * heroes … and time will tell if I continue playing or if I give the uninstall button.


dedicated to my trolls the first thing this is for the top $$$ because otherwise they leave as they are going a lot oossss
2 they just want money and it seems perfect but not so cheeky, how much does it cost for recruits and materials to upload a hero? If you pay easier
3 for a hero of 5 * the invocations are painful except for the accounts chosen by empires ah I forgot that it is not false as everything is random
4 the materials in titan rewards color chests and other chests the percentage that they give them is 0.05 except in the events every 2 months to get a 4 * material is unfortunate
5 more than a year of volumes of tactics if they want proof I already demonstrated them or ask my colleagues in my alliance but telling the truths the trolls jump and it does not matter


Well exactly… I don’t like fishing and I don’t know what I’d do with a race car. Give me a nice pixel game any time.

Home improvements are good though.

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Not needed…

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