🧪 Early Information on Advanced Hero Levels (aka Limit Breakers) [Part of The Beta Beat v37 & V39]

I don’t even understand all these limit breaker stuff…

Perhaps when it rolls out

What don’t you understand?

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Seems like this us very possibly going to be the straw that limitbreaks the camels back for alot of players


And provide increased interest for others. The rest of us will just play along and see how it goes.

I dread to think how this is going to affect new players.

I think it took me a good year or more to get to the point where i could field six 5* war teams and they were mostly S1 heroes… Well over another year before I could level troops, add emblems and get hold of enough key event heroes to really hold my own.

I imagine most new players are going to realise quite quickly that they simply can’t catch up without spending hundreds a month.


Beta Update:


  • The WE cost is reduced to 70 from 80 in total
  • The TP requirement for level 1 is decreased:
Stage WE Cost Wave count Team Power
Limit Breaker Rewards
1 8 4 4 3200 2500 2x Rare
2 12 9 4 3500 5x Rare
1x Epic
3 16 14 5 3900 10x Rare
3x Epic
4 20 19 5 4300 15x Rare
8x Epic
1x Legendary
5 24 5 4800 20x Rare
12x Epic
3x Legendary

Earlier the quest was for a Fire element now it is for an ice element.

The special rules are different for ice quest:
All Ice Heroes get the following status effects every 5 turns:

  • All ice heroes get +75% power for Special Skill attacks for 5 turns
  • All Ice heroes share received damage with each other for 5 turns.
    All enemies have an innate resistance against status ailments.

The special skill of the mobs and the bosses are different for Ice enemies than the Fire enemies.
I will write it here once I have collected all information later today.


Well, for me this is for new players to be honest. And is slap on face to all old players. It will drop everyone to same line, since noone don’t have those yet. Basically making every hero not maxed and you have start all over again.

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For fire version mono ice team seems to be a bad choice as mobs and bosses have Omega Strike and can reflects ice special skills.

On the other hand, mono green team could work well in the ice quest, couldn’t it?

Yes, you can easily kill your ice heroes :slight_smile:

Sneak peak: This Ice quest mobs will have similar section in their special skill, but against Nature Special Skills


Will there be a reset option in the future? Get back my Aethers used on one hero to use on my shiny new hero?

Also, I hate that I can’t buy food on the Ascend screen.

Eden, i doubt reseting them would be beneficial in any way, compared to emblems. Limit breaking a hero uses ascension mats. And normally, when those mats are used to ascend a hero, you have to grind the mats again to have enough for another ascension.

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They are like Ascension Materials so once they are used, then currently there is no way to revert it
But who knows maybe SG adds this option later…


I had decided to add a new topic for the Quest itself. and I added the information about the Fire version what I wrote earlier too into the this new topic too, and of the course the new information about the Ice version is also included here:


Same thing here, after 2 years of continuous playing and money invested.
Was fun but not anymore.

Do we know yet if hero we have limit broke will increase a heros team cost? As the max is 130 it would either need to be increased to the a new max for 5 limit breaker heros or you will have to have some sort of balance.

No, the Team cost is not increasing with Limit Breaking.
There were Beta testers who suggested this, but it looks like SG ignored this suggestion.

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of course miss you… hope everything ok you’ll always have a spot…

@cove… but heart too

thanks for being you !!

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Of course I will miss all of you… especially talking with you everyday, Sweet Tea. It’s was not about the game but the people for me. I feel bad about leaving abruptly now, but I am at the point I needed to make a change in the way I’m doing things. When/If I do come back, there is no other place for me but the Cove.


Beta Update:

Sorry, I have just noticed on thing before this weeks’ tournament starts.

Now these limit breaker items can be received not just from the quest about them, but now you can get them from Alliance Wars and Raid Tournaments.

You can get them from Raid tournaments if you finishing in top 50% with the follow chances:

Tier Draws 5* LB item chance 4* LB item chance 3* LB item chance
Top 1% 4 5% 30% 65%
Top 5% 3 5% 30% 65%
Top 10% 3 3% 27% 70%
Top 25% 2 - 5% 95%
Top 50% 1 - - 100%
Top 75% 0 - - -
Bottom 25% 0 - - -


This will help people spend that 75 gems to revive their teams after the 4 losses even more so


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