🧪 Early Information on Advanced Hero Levels (aka Limit Breakers) [Part of The Beta Beat v37 & V39]

Unfortunately I am such a fool, I will probably stick around and try to compete anyway… even as I continue to drop further and further behind every day…

"Oh, fun! My war opponents are all over 5000 TP. That’s okay! I’m gonna take a mono stack of vanilla 4* heroes along with my ‘can-do’ attitude and hope for a really amazing board! Wish me luck, guys!

… and when I die, I’d like to be cremated, and have my ashes scattered in our opponents’ water supply. Hah!"


Who’s need to buy account in dead game?)



I can’t go over 2850 cups myself already. All the best paid defenses are so hard to beat already and my defense won’t hold it, so yeah let’s increase the power creep even more so I won’t be able to cross 2750 cups… I mean cups doesn’t really matter honestly, but to increase the power creep even more and ignore the real game balancing? Isn’t it already bad enough?

I won’t start another gacha game after this, this is my first and last game of this type, it takes way too long to develop a roster, like years. So if I quit, it’s the end of gacha games for me. The sooner the better I guess. If every gacha game is going this way, then it’s just not worth starting to play another one.

Well it was once a good game and I had a lot of fun with it so… at least that.


You at least did better than I did in my time here. I never got over 2800 cups. Which like you said, doesn’t matter because cups are just cups. I never cared too much about my rankings against all the other players in the game, never had any ambitions about being #1, but I at least wanted to be able to have a healthy competition against other players in my range. Getting harder and harder to find that though, and I imagine that’s only going to get worse as time goes on.

Always did kind of bug me that the best rewards in the game only went to those at the top of the scoreboards - especially considering that they already have everything they need anyway. It’s the ones below them who need more loot. Those guys are sitting on hundreds of unleveled 5* heroes and unused ascension mats.

I didn’t know what a gacha game was when I downloaded this one, now I do, and I don’t like it. Never again. It’s a pretty awful model, IMO. Like a really sleazy carnival game, showing off all the great prizes to be had, while being rigged against you being able to win them… to the point that you end up spending $100 just to win a stuffed bear that you could have bought for $5 at the store.


In the original post it was stated, that one limit breaker increases Max level by 5, which would be quite significant increase.
Now there is 1 level, which is quite irrelevant. And another quest to gain that minor adventage.
I share your opinion.

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Great stuff. not too much, just like it should be… :+1:

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Sorry, updating as info gets known. Will move it all go a proper thread soon.

General warning is to maybe hold off on getting too attached until then.

Some good Balance Stuff but this advanced leveling is a slap in the face for all Players, SG. With one update the complete Hero deck will be worsened. An then the players get Limitbreaker to get on top again, new money will boost the time I think. Sorry but when will this end?

New costumes will coming soon, new heroes an now this?

You break your own game with this.

Good day for all.


I hate the idea of additional levels. It’s hard enough to finish all five stars and now they are getting another buff???

Another possible paywall with legendary items that you grind and upgrade and then meet freaking cobalt level 105 who does 2k to all… No thank you !!!


My apologies, it’s apparently only a 1 time thing. So +5 levels only.

However each level gives quite a sizable boost to stats.


That calmed me down… 5 levels is not the worst, and it’s better than those artifacts in MW (other zynga game)


Yes and no.

As an example I’ll show ametrine.

Base stats:

  • 716 attack
  • 561 def
  • 1268 HP

Limit broken to 4-75 stats:

  • 778 attack
  • 609 def
  • 1378 HP.

So on average ametrine has gained 12.4 attack, 9.6 def and 22 HP per level… Which is quite a massive gap comparing the usual +1-2 per level normally…


Oh :poop:

I assume those limit breakers will be hard to get… On the other hand it’s a good addition for those with 4* mostly rosters to compete in 5* wars. But then whales will get their 85lvl legendaries that will crush 4* still.

Maybe SG will nerf those stats a bit… Imagine those Frigg and Odin hits :joy:


Sry, but that is only for making money. You could reinforce the heroes and in the end you stay where you were before, when you do that with all your heroes. So stupid! Only stupid! If this comes in the game, I will quit the game and I hope, 90% of the players will do the same. Nobody needs this trash.


So that is about 8.5% boost to overall stats, which is equivalent to about 1.5x costume bonus. That is quite a lot.


cmon you maxed a hero
then they introduced emblems and we need to max them to +20
then they introduced costumes instead of free buff/ rebalance for the game

and now this advanced max s h i i t
more and more and more
kill the game SG yes

they are pissing off all players, new and veteran, we can never max any heroes, always more to come
money money money, they only have this word in mind


I wonder, if it will increase over the current emblems, or will you need to undress the emblemed hero first

It varies per hero rarity:
As far as I see 5 star heroes can get about 7.5% increase on stats
4 star heroes can get about 8.5% increase on stats
3 star heroes can get about 11-12.% increase on stats.

Eg: Sudri
Health: 542 → 602
Defense: 520 → 585
Health: 883 → 986


You do not need to undress the emblems.
You can add further emblems if you want while leveling from 71 to 75.
Both the “Level up” and the “Talent Grid” buttons are visible.


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