Early information about Summon Preview Update + Poll [Part of The Beta Beat V49]

The preview should remain as it is. Emblem paths vary so much that this wouldn’t be helpful. I could be persuaded with showing the LB, but at least toggle the options.

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I mean, you could go ahead and change the hero preview…or you could, you know, spend your resources on ACTUAL QoL fixes…

Just throwing it out there just in case you somehow missed the thousands of player suggestions to improve your game.

Not much else to do than shake my head at this stage.

All about dollars, never about sense.


Yup, showing a lb version of a hero could be of some use, and let’s say a logical move. To some extent.
Showing emblems in this “consistent” manner? This is stupid beyond my comprehension. Why would anyone need an info about a hero with all emblems on the left side? By anyone, I mean any player. Not a money grabbing game owners. :expressionless:

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20 lmbo! Appreciate you😀

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Please devote ressources to other things (Alchemy Lab, for example) and forget about this change, that wasn´t asked for. :pray:

How this is even suggested is beyond me.

It will only make it even more dissapointing to finally level your hero, only to see that their stats are so weak compared to what was shown on the card in the portal.


Make sure to cast your vote up above, all. :arrow_up:

It´s everything we can do. :loud_sound: :crossed_fingers:

If the moderators just quit, would sG get it, finally?

Right now as per my knowledge only 3 moderators active from the formely 9.
Guvnor quited from Beta earlier as he disagreed with non season 1 costumes, and the fact that Staff does not seem to be considered Beta feedback about them, and here we are with Season 2, 3, HotM and event hero costumes right now…

So I think SG would move forward…

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Bad decision. Limit breaking and embleming are optional and shouldn’t be part of the card shown. And CERTAINLY not with random talent selections like “all nodes on the left” which will make it impossible to properly compare heroes!


@PlayForFun please add the voices of my community to the existing voices. The first line of the survey is “leave the preview as it is”
The second line - show a preview with LB , but without emblems



I have already posted the poll results in OP in last Beta, but I will add this too.


Fingers crossed, all we can do is hope :crossed_fingers: