Early information about Summon Preview Update + Poll [Part of The Beta Beat V49]

Summon Preview Update

  • In preview displays, Heroes will now be shown as fully leveled, Limit Broken (if the player has reached Level 10), and fully Emblemed (if the player has reached Level 15)
    • For consistency, Heroes will always have taken the Talent Nodes on the left

:question: What do you think about these change ?

  • I disagree with it, please keep the preview as it is now
  • I disagree with it, please show the preview with LB and without emblems
  • I agree with it so please show the preview with both LB and emblems

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:question: Would you prefer an ability to change the preview between the above 3 options ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t know

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What if we just had a Pokédex with all heroes, all stats, and options to apply aethers or emblem paths?

This change will only add confusion.

My guess is that higher stats will increasing summoning even if many are tricked into it.

The ability to toggle this option on or off would be very nice. More information is helpful. But also consistent info is helpful too.


Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. I honestly believe this is the motivation for the change. If it is, the results of this poll probably won’t matter at all, unfortunately.


This would be useful if you could toggle the options. Otherwise down vote.


I believe this is the main intention. To show the hero at his/her strongest, with explanation in very tiny fine print.

Regular players will understand. Not the newer players.

Incoming players are more likely to be seduced by those enhanced cards.


I believe that SG will listen to the voice of reason.
LB will become massive after several months, and it’s OK to motivate players by showing LBreaked heroes.

If it’s gonna be done without full emblems, I’d say it’s a win-win.


Agree with the possibility of confusion. Can see a lot of future bug topics asking why stats don’t look the same when it’s due to different emblem path taken


Yes, I have the same concern about this too.


Did someone accidentally agree with this? lol


Its the main point to confuse players in verifying whos better to spread the consume value. Dont think this is gonna be ever available.

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Even if I’m looking for innovations, I voted to keep the summon gate as it is.
Funny thing is that having ALL heroes with emblems on the left is the exact opposite of consistency :joy:


It would be nice to switch between the first and second option. And the emblems are not needed there at all. Or leave everything as it is.

At the outset I think it will be confusing for new early players still finding their feet.
So my view / opinion, is to keep things as they are.
If it’s not broken why change it?
But as others have said it could draw some people to spend …

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Eh, FWIW, I don’t really like this change, especially just dumping all the talents on the left side of the tree. That’s not really useful, as almost nobody would do that. I’d prefer to figure the stats myself, or find them here on the forum. I feel like showing LB and emblemed heroes is kinda misleading.

I know you’re just the messenger, @PlayForFun , but if others agree, I’d appreciate it if you’d take that feedback back to beta. How are the testers feeling about it?


With the Summon Preview Update, will it affect all summon portals?

I also don’t like this, especially the emblem part. Different classes have different paths which mean some classes will have artificially high stats of one type (say attack) which will not be helpful. This will make it hard to figure out does someone have a high attack stat really or just because it hit 4/5 attack nodes because their class has lots of left side attack nodes. Makes it really hard to figure out what the heroes stats really could be if you want to stick to an Attack path or HP path like I think most people do. Plus I want to know if someone is good without limit breaking.


Yes it is currently affecting all summon portals (even two star heroes in daily summon have 20 emblems)


I agree, that this is a bad change. In addition to what was said before, it will be at present hard to compare different heroes.


This is riddiculous and entirely unnecessary. Why did they changed that? Please SG, do not do that… Maxed heroes without LB and emblems are enough…


Wow… They are trying really hard to improve QoL
Applause in sarcastic way.