E&P's ROYAL BALL POLLING (the fun ain't done till its over) 2019/20



Think ahead as those decisons will be made quickly as we approach the end of August

@Shohoku79 certainly not enough SEASON #2 talent added to become ROYALTY in the form of a SEASON 2 SEASON 2 EVENT??? Jut imo…

@littleKAF- though you were to baffled @ my scoring mechanics in the up & coming RAID WAR 2019 EVENT OCCURRING THIS WEEKEND (see the site toward to top if you consider yourself a TOP RAIDER)…this is more your wheelhouse.

@Kerridoc DOC know you are fond of the girl from the pond! Melia may prove to be competitive in this event…

Shout out to @Rook @MrsBCW @NPNKY @GERATH @JonahTheBard @FishDreams @FraVit93

I definitely have plans to mix it up this year… the how, when and even arrangements … will get serioulsy messed with at times.

SPIN VOTING! will make an appearance!

There will be TELEPORTERS (mixing up the candidates when in BLINDS) and.... pushing them into public appearnces!


And to answer your question… Yes, this season will be MUCH SHORTER than the last but will be more interactive with TWISTS & TURNS!


p.s. I did keep a database of users who wanted to be informed of SEASON 2 - will get to that this week!


I’m looking forward to this! Pleased to hear that it won’t be as long as the last one; in saying thatbit was entertaining :grinning:


Me too! Will you post the relevant link here @Razor

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Season 2 characters were barred from entry of the last contest. I concur with your assessment that the S2 candidates as well as the HoTM from the cutoff point of the contest on, as well as newer events (namely Wonderland) could have problems challenging the pre-existing pool. But we will see…

That Teleporter comment kind of threw me off a bit as I was just watching some old Star Trek series recently and “Transporter” was a common theme, and I kept wanting to say “Energize!!!” when I saw that.

Looking forward to this year’s event.

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@Shohoku79 look forward to yearly many months of E&P geekness - as well you, me and a handful of others often got to steer the ship or change its direction LOL! I do hope you continue one of your story telling events! @GelatinousPilot Yes I will be here or someone in my place when I’m unable!

@MrsBCW - yeaahhh so how is you ‘stud’ choice this year???

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I will try to do so should the impromptu opportunity presents itself (e.g. certain characters meet up with each other in the bracket/pool), like the “Secrets of Camelot”

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I have NO idea what the HECKFIRE this is all about, or what is going on, but I LOVE IT already!!!




Yay! more hero poll’s by @Razor! :grin:


Two thumbs way up!!!


Can’t wait. Rock on buddy

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Razor is bringing B&B back...

they will be here to keep you entertained like the cirquedesoliel clowns pre show!

I was talking with @Aquaginera about them (B&B) and they didn’t know who they were ha ha so some of you are going to be perplexed to the degree that the ‘ORB of Confusion’ effected Pat and Bob letting Man Ray escape down the side of a Cliff straight to the BANK!

@JimMe - @RoxyTM (oh she lost her pwd to forum & cant get back in lol - moderators help this helpless woman) shesaid you were slated for RAID WARS 2019 - the list is public but don’t see you on it being I did the final heat listing (you hiding under the table again in the event of an Earth Quake)? That’s a timed event this year:

@NPNKY @GERATH @JonahTheBard (looking forward to your crazy/quirky videos) @Shohoku79 (your valuable insights and potential story telling) @MrsBCW (ran into the ‘kid’ over at Gottis BDay party I think the other night) @GelatinousPilot - start stirring the turd about who is and isn’t worthy and don’t forget about the 1 & 2 stars that could have a chance .

ALL OF THIS Forethought WILL BE COMING TO A HEAD WHEN I & MY KICK-#($ side-kick arrive at 10:30p Arizona time to really get this party started - and we have a big house here to Tear down so get your sleep early! NO peeping off when I’m around.

B&B your up…

@RudoDewbie get ready man…



I Think we can agree that just like Season 1 we need to lay down some ground rules:

  1. No gooey gruel snot and slime being common feature of their face *

Something to think about. If have some idea(s)… talking about what is and isn’t’ reasonable. So would GATO slip by for by being dray and scaly

That would eliminate 3/4 of LAGOON FAMILY - family isn’t a consideration to

**@NPNKY @GERATH @JonahTheBard @Shohoku79 @MrsBCW @GelatinousPilot

At least mostly human? So a mermaid or triton yes, a gobbler no.


That sounds like a very reasonable approach and RULE! lol

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Agree with General Confusion

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Mostly human huh? I guess that would disqualify Ursena from entry since she appears to be mostly “not human” despite having a humanoid-ish upper body?

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What if their face is humanoid? :grin:

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Face is like what percent of a body? Has to be more than that…

wails But I want Ursenaaaaa! :grin:

If Mermaid is okay, then Mer-octopi should also count… :wink:

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