E&P Veteran, Forum Noob -- Team Feedback Requested

Right now, I’m grinding to level up all of my 5* (like everyone else) but have the current team as my defense:

Redhood, Alaise, Grave, Khiona, Joon

Other available 4T (or soon to be 4T/80):

Guardian Panther
Drake Fong

Have level one 17 mana troop each for Blue, Purple and Green, Only Crit for Red/Yellow

I have all the standard S1 4* plus most of the S2 4* (save for Wilbur who has eluded me).

Can anyone build a better defense from what i have to work with, or is my defense solid as-is?

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I use Drake instead of Joon in my defense; less damage per hero but blinds up to three.
I would also consider taking out Redhood for a green, repeating the tank color is a potential weakness.


I love Inari in offense, but for timing reasons (AI does not do a good job), don’t play her in defense.


Inari can’t do things wrong in that defense, unless the attacker brings down Boss Wolf on 2 rounds.
In that case it would still almost be game over for every defense.

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I can definitely see the Allure of taking out Joon for Drake. Just thinking that, by the time someone gets to my wings, their team is hurting and a sniper like him is punishing.
For awhile I did have Joon and Drake flanking bosswolf.

I see your point about Redhood. I liked having a healer and AOE plus minions with mana protection (Chao/Li Xiu, Guin, Etc)
But right. Doubling Tank color is a weakness. In a grave-tank lineup Evelyn could be punishing.

Inari, in my opinion, is a fantastic option for defense IF you do not have other yellow 5*.

With Drake & Joon both at 4T, I’m hesitant.

She is my new favorite hero, though. Was super stoked to get her, especially since I’ve got Redhood and her foxes.

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Personally i like Alaise-Joon-Boss-Grave-Drake

You need to spend your money on troops now. Ive seen your roster. You do not need more heroes.

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Alasie, Evelyn, Gravemaker, Khiona, Drake. Seems good.

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