E&P True Stories

Very dedicated players end up bleeding E&P in their real lives. After long sessions of playing, I keep matching 3 in everything, if cooking, reading or watching tv. Recently though, I fell asleep in the living room armchair, and as my daughter arrived home, she says I started and asked where was the Unicorn. Sha said What? And I answred, the rare one, what other unicorn is there?
I have no recollection of it, and will never live it down.
I am sure many of you have such stories


I keep looking for similarities between game chars and people I know. I swear that my boss is Commander Grey’s twin brother.


I got a Jeopardy answer correct due to E&P.

Who is Triton?


I play the game when I should study.
Remember kids, playing gacha games with timers can hurt your school grades!

My husband knows who “the RNG gods” are, and the names of several prominent posters here. :grin:

He can tell you what a glass cannon is, why Magni is one, and how badly I want Joon and Lianna (though he thinks it’s spelled “June”) :grin:


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