E&P to join amazon fire

is there any discussion to bring E&P to the Amazon Fire Apps? I know there are a lot of people that would love to see this APP on Amazon Fire!


I was wondering this same thing my phone dies sooo fast and the only tablet i have is an amazon fire!! has there been any talk of E&P on the fire?

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I would also like to see this game on there

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That would be great to be able to play on my tablet, Come on SG, please/

Just google “Add Google Play Store to Fire Tablet” There are sites that walk you through it, pretty simple actually. I play E&P on my fire tablet every day!


How?? I gave the game app play store and E&P on my kindle, it loads and then the app crashes!:pensive:

but once there can I log in with my facebook to get to my current account?

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I can’t even get to that point…does the opening screen loads and then is gone…I have logged into my google accounts

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I agree. Adding this game to Amazon fire would be fantastic.


Empire and Puzzles works for me on Amazon Fire HD 10

you need to install google play and related services, you can find tutorials for this online easily.

Afterwards you can just install Empires and Puzzles from google play onto your fire hd.

It is my main way of playing this game.


My phone is knackered won’t turn on so have to put it on my fire managed to load Google play and E&P but it’s stuck on province 1 2
Just crashes and stops :frowning: on!y wanna log in and opt out for war! Any help be great!!!
@PapaHeavy may need you to speak to someone in my alliance to boot me before war matching is done as I don’t have line either.
Untied_evolution is my alliance im having no luck with this atm will try in the morning but papa :blossom:halley :blossom: is normally in GC or AR can you let her know the situation ?


Yes sir. I’ll do what I can.

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Hey @Dudeious.Maximus. Are you sure your alliance is THERE?

@PapaHeavy Check the pic I sent yah on line the other day! Will have it there may of mispled it n cheers dude!
Still having no luck just keeps crashing on this fire! Hoping I’ll get a new phone soon

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On it @Dudeious.Maximus. Let you know how I fair

Your are on invite only?? I’m giving it a shot!

Gave them the message about your phone. Forgot you could send messages when it was invite only

@Dudeious.Maximus, are you on IOS or android? Because you should be able to play from a laptop?

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@PapaHeavy thank you so much! Cheers. Dude thanks! Don’t own a laptop kinda own a kindle fire 7 and till yesterday an iPhone that’s it.
Couldn’t get it to work on my kindle fire can download it starts up connects then freezes the n shuts down! Kinda given up Don t need the headache so deleted it! Should have a phone by Thursday Friday :slight_smile:

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Well hopefully they read the message I sent. Because they sure weren’t letting me in. Probably figured I was a spy

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@PapaHeavy Me too! Guess they probably realise you aint, I Ain t been on in days and not respond on line.
Just hope it’s easy to get my account onto a new phone.

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I did it twice last week. It’s really easy if you have your progress linked to Google or apple. Log in to the platform service first and you don’t have to repay the intro to the game


Have Apple id but getting a sony phone not an iPhone. Still be ok?

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