E&P Spinoff

If Small Giant was going to take the same model for E&P into another universe. What would you like to see? Marvel, LOTR, Game of Thrones…

You mean, actual crossovers with other franchises?

I think that already exists others spinoffs of the game…

I knew at least 2: Captain Tsubasa and Dragon Ball Z

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Yes. What would you like to see?

These are different Gachas, not spinoffs of SG’s game.

Thanks @AMD. I might have to check them out. Any you would like to see happen?

Marvel already has a similar game. With commercials. And gacha system.

The game is almost the same… Connect pieces from the board, have legendary cards etc…

Thanks @PeachyKeen. What’s it called?

Marvel Puzzle Quest… after a search in the app store

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Except the thread’s title is “E&P Spinoff”. Not just a similar gameplay. It has to use the same brand name.

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