E&P Quiz Part 2

Which hero has a shaved armpit?

a) Bane
b) Layla
c) Brienne
d) Karil

Which hero wears high heels?

a) Isarnia
b) Sartana
c) Kadilen
d) Domitia

Which Season 1 stage is the first to feature three different colours of monsters (not counting boss)?

a) 21-8
b) 20-8
c) 23-9
d) 22-9

What does the name R’Lyeh (holy boss from Season 1) represent?

a) Powerful artifact
b) Beautiful goddess
c) Lost city
d) Forgotten world

Who is Lebre de Sombra?

a) Gobbler in spanish
b) Gadeirus in portuguese
c) Boldtusk in spanish
d) Jack O’Hare in portuguese

Rumpelstilskin’s Special Skill is Legerdemain. What does it mean?

a) Self healing
b) Stealth
c) Sleight of hand
d) Critical hit

How many languages is E&P available in?

a) 19
b) 17
c) 14
d) 12

Correct answers will be shown on Wednesday (21.8.2019)


d) Karil

All of them

b) 20-8

c) Lost city

d) Jack O’Hare in portuguese

c) Sleight of hand

b) 17


That’s is not dead
which can eternal lie
And with strange eons
Even death may die

Rise great Cthulhu!!!


All of them. But Layla also bleaches her filtrum.

Domitia. The others just have very strange looking feet.

I could just check but lazy

It’s the name of @mhalttu’s first teddy bear. They went everywhere together and were best friends until he had to go back to Teddy Town. Why did you have to go R’lyeh…I miss you :cry:

A Mexican wrestler called ‘Free Hat’.

What does anything mean? What is language?

The only one that matters ‘Love’. I mean ‘English’.


Well, there is no need to show the correct answers @Expired got it absolutely correct!

I demand a recount.

Thanks for the funs @Pois1. Looking forward to the next one :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

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