E&P, please sell Titan flasks!

I’m taking this current battle with 8* Gorgon Queen personally, but have used all my Titan energy.

The shop carries world energy & raid flasks. Why not Titan flasks ??

It would make the game pretty unbalanced and too an extent p2w in a scale that i suspect most people would have an issue with. They are occasionally sold in an Energy drink pack that can be bought in the store though.


Yes please, just started and need to at least beat Titan once. I have no one in my Alliance and trying to do everything by myself.

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terrible idea. your best options are to either get stronger or join a stronger alliance.


Been there done that, had two noobs join my alliance.
I closed it after two weeks :disappointed_relieved:

There’s too many alliances out there merging and falling apart.

Thanks for responding. Found a great team now.

It’s possible to get good enough to beat 1* and 2* titans regularly as a solo alliance. For 3* titans I need flasks or good luck with optimum appearance timing, optimal color, and player levelling in the middle for an energy refill.

It’s far better to join a larger alliance unless there’s some other personal reason not to.