E&P - New buildings, the ability to train heroes further and an upgraded training camp


When i started playing E&P i looked at tc20 like it was the holy grail of the game. Everything i did was to rush my stronghold to level 20 and then follow it with my tc. Finally did it. Another week for legendary training and i was all set. After that i upgraded the other 3 training camps to 20. And after 100 trainings i got a pretty good set of 4* and four 5* heroes(Kadilen and 3 Richards - RNG loves me). But the thing is with all this new heroes from monthly and season events, HOTM and Atlantis, which are all great btw, i have to ask myself: is our beloved tc 20 becoming a bit obsolete?. I mean we use other levels from training camps to level up our heroes, but is tc 20 still as important as it used to be?? I trully think that training camps need an upgrade. Maybe more 4* and 5* heroes. Maybe simply more training options.
I wonder if SG actually forgot about the base or they think is not that important anymore. Some hope was restored when i read Petri’s post from 31 August:

  • New buildings. We’ve started the work with notable new additions to the base. The release for these is still quite far in the future, stay tuned for more information.
  • Ability to evolve heroes further. We’re working on a new major feature that will enable all heroes to be developed beyond their current limits.
    This big feature is planned to enter beta testing soon.

Does anyone have any information regarding this? Mybe something from beta?

Sorry for the long post guys :D. And please comment if you have any info.


The only info I have is that there’s no further info about any of this, either officially (to my knowledge) or in Beta.

We might have seen something related to the hero development in Beta, but that was only because of a glitch and didn’t really offer any insight.

We’ll just have to wait. If no one else have more info. :slight_smile:


You are pointing along lines I’d personally would like to see the game evolve. In one form or another, further development of training camps, other buildings which may produce enhancements to hero’s or w/e could constitute a real development.

There have been/are being launched scores of hero’s solely available through the gem-fuelled slot machine. That’s okay, but it’s about time to evolve the free slot machine as well.