E&P needs to comply with Health and Safety in the Workplace rules

I’m very very concerned that SGG is wilfully endangering the lives of my filthy peasants

I mean look at this picture below. He’s walking on a rickety rope bridge with no handrails over a river that goes into a waterfall off a mountain.

This is just absolutely reckless. Children will play this and think that making bridges over waterfalls with no hand rails is normal. As usual won’t somebody please think of the children??

We need to form an angry mob and make them put up handrails.

Today it’s a filthy peasant worker, tomorrow it could be a prized 5* hero…one slip and off they go, wiped from your game as they go over the cliff.


don’t give them any ideas. :laughing: just imagine logging in one morning to a notification in your inbox: “I regret to inform you that Uraeus slipped and fell on the rickety wooden bridge over the waterfall, and has disappeared. so sorry for your loss. here, have a flask.”


The ridiculous complaints thread.
Prepare for merging…

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This is truth.

It was all in the best possible taste

2 months later you get his staff and part of his leg returned as all they could find.


You’re right! They have to invest in safety! But that’s going to be expensive. They will ask for a bridge fee as compensation. One gem for each bridge user, daily billing.


I have heard the peasants are all free to play. Making it safer will be included in the quality of life improvements that have be touted for this year. So, perhaps never.

Handrails are not covid compliant. Unless you have hand sanitiser stations set up at either end of the bridge

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That’s worth less than 5000 ham? Unacceptable.


Allegedly, my empire is COVID-free, due to the absence of new villagers coming in and that those very few summoned already underwent PCR test and found to be negative of the virus. Besides, most of my villagers, recruits, heroes and troops were already vaccinated, courtesy of the products of Sinopharm from China. Sinovac, anyone??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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