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Ok, so here is what I thinking. We should write a script for a E&P movie. @JonahTheBard, gonna need some word wizardry. here’s the train of though I’m thinking of all. Write down who you think should be in the movie, (What heroes, baddies, etc.) and then who you would like to play those ppl. This should be fun. Enjoy!


Ok, ok, let me ruminate a little on it :+1:


Obviously my pre-existing fan fiction is Hollywood ready and I check my inbox daily to see if @petri has sent me a contract and a massive advance.

The Challenge:

List of good movies based on computer games: Wreck it Ralph!

List of dreadful movies based on computer games:
Street fighter
Mortal Kombat + Annihilation
Super Mario Bros
Dead or Alive
Allll the resident evil

There are a few watchable films - tomb raider was ok, war craft maybe

However, for this thread, let’s start at the beginning.

First thoughts:


  • believable and identifiable main protagonists
  • a variety of seamlessly integrated diversity
  • a clear engaging narrative
  • in camera stunts and effects
  • well developed races and locations
  • narrative at the epic and personal scale
  • clear rules for magic and super powers
  • Easter eggs for die-hard fans


  • all the copy-cat derivative stuff that litters e&p. Disney knockoffs and LOTR wannabes need not apply
  • exposition, exposition, exposition aka ‘sitting and talking’ from Star Wars prequels
  • too much CGI
  • two dimensional ‘dark lord’ characters with weak ‘take over the world’ motivation
  • too many characters
  • a whiny, annoying comic relief character
  • a third act that tried to replicate the game a la Doom, pixels, Battleship or has a ‘sky beam’

Main Characters:

  • Layla - an optimistic and sassy young woman with a reckless streak.

She is following in the footsteps of her father, Rigard, as a member of The Guild, an organisation that seeks to catalogue and understand the arcane. Rigard would do this through meticulous documentary, while Layla wants to explore and experiment.

Bane - a sturdy and reliable sergeant in the Shaguad Rangers, charged with defending Karemdol from the Dark incurions at Shaguadin. Bane takes his work seriously and is a firm believer in personal sacrifice and conscientious execution of his duty.

Plot: Bane and his Ranger partner, Dawa, are patroling the villages around Shaguadin after learning of an increased number strange occurrences - armour with a life of it’s own, undead and people manifesting mana-charged powers.

They intervene in a tavern brawl where the locals have taken offence at the disrespectful and wayward Layla.

It becomes apparent that the people are increasingly under the influence of a terrible power as they begin to become irrationally violent and manifest mana powers (includes cameos by Farid and Zudak). Bane and Dawa reluctantly deploy their own mana powers but while leaping to Bane’s aid, Dawa is killed by a stray spear.

Bane decides he must find the source of the dark power and Layla, eager for adventure, convinced him to let her tag along.

Bane decides that they need to travel to a ranger outpost where the local captain, Renfeld, can assist them.
However, when they arrive they find the Rangers butchered by the now unhinged Renfeld, who has fallen to the dark powers.
Bane and Layla are stalked through the ruined keep by Renfeld and in a desperate battle, Layla kills Renfeld and saves Bane, earning his trust.

While exploring the keep, Bane and Layla find a powerful mana user, Onatel, chained into a terrible contraption at the top of a tower. She is able to describe how powers such as hers, which distort the mana field are being abused on a grand scale to affect the population. She is mortally wounded and dies after pointing them in the direction of the great city on the borders of the Shaguad Desert, saying that a similar, but much bigger machine is being built there.

After they leave, it is revealed that Onatel was shot in the back, causing her fatal wound.

Bane and Layla travel to the city, on the way they exchange banter and family history. Bane grieves for his friend Dawa and Layla talks about her father, Rigard and favoured sister.

As they reach the city, Bane and Layla try to speak to the warlord who controls it. They speak to his lieutenant, Scarlett, at the lord’s court (cameo for Jangahir). They are apparently not believed and dismissed.
While trying to come up with a plan B, the pair are set upon by the warlords henchmen (cameo for zudan and Nashgar) and kidnapped.

Bane and Layla are then given an audience with the warlord, he says he has a terrible secret that he cannot allow to be public knowledge for even he has been altered by the mana manipulation. The warlord steps out of the shadows and shows that he has been altered physically altered, gaining great strength but also the head of a lion, for he is Azlar. (Possible name change? It’s clearly a copy of Aslan)

Azlar commands Bane and Layla to find the source of the evil.

While scouring the city, Layla is surprised to meet her sister, Domitia. Domitia says she was dispatched by their father, Rigard and that she has been following her trail of destruction across Shaguadin. She agrees that they should work together.

They try to find Bane but he is missing and so the sisters return to the palace of Azlar, suspecting foul play.

As they enter, Scarlett escorts them to a recess under the palace. There Layla is confronted by the machine, various heroes from the land are chained together and there magical ability to alter mana is being harvested and projected into the population. (Cameos for Chao, azar, tuck).

Domitia tells Layla that the Guild has decided to eradicate mana users and by forcing them to manifest they can be identified and captured in a great pogrom. Domitia reveals that she killed Onatel.

Layla is appalled and refuses to join her, after a brief duel, Domitia easily bests Layla and orders Tudan to lock her up.

Tudan leads Layla to a dungeon where she struggles and attacks him, giving him a bloody nose and a kick in the crotch. Bane then reveals that it’s actually him in disguise.

While the two United heroes discuss a plan, they hear a growl I’m the dungeon and are then attacked by a rabid Azlar. He is about to kill them when he remembers himself.

The three then return to the machine and battle Domitia, Scarlett and Azlar’s renegade henchmen (cameos again for Nashgar and jangahir) in a thrilling action set piece.

At the climax, Azlar manifests his mighty volcanic powers to destroy the machine but is fatally wounded by Scarlett.

Domitia shoots a bolt at bane but it is deflected by a knife thrown by Layla as the mana field manifests her own innate powers of pinpoint accuracy.

Bane then unleashes a sonic blast that destroys Domitia.

The two comfort the dying Azlar who urges them to complete the task by confronting Rigard and the guild in a sequel.



Erm… I might have overstepped my brief. But this bit still needs doing!


Wow Jonah. Just wow.

Voice of Azlar has to be James Earl Jones

Idris Elba as Bane. Not sure, but maybe Daisy Ridley as Layla. Angelina Jolie as Domitia

A reworked orchestral version of Layla by Eric Clapton in the soundtrack

Love all your ideas


Thanks @Infinite :slight_smile:

Those are all good shouts. Will need to make sure Layla is sufficiently different to Rey.

He’s just done Lion King again unfortunately! …might be too type cast as the lion guy!


That’s why he has to be the voice of Azlar! Too derivative?

And Nicolas Cage or Jim Carrey as Renfeld


I would prefer a animated series! For example, the series can only be seen in-game and would be unlocked by purchasing a vip pass, or something like that


You also missed out such beauties as House of the Dead (or is it so bad its good?), King of Fighters, Assasin’s Creed, Max Payne, Bloodrayne, Silent Hill… I’m sure there are a few more that I can’t remember off the top of my head.


I actually liked Silent Hill but the second one was garbage


a great read, @JonahTheBard, if it’s doesn’t get a script, just keep it as a story. :slight_smile:


I myself think it needs Lianna. I was thinking on how to incorporate her in, this is what i came up with.

As Bane and Layla are on their journey, Reinfield is following them, and they meet a elderly elf-woman in the Forrest. “Reinfield and 30 men are following you,” says she, “I can hold them off , buy you some time.” Up till now, she had a hood. Then she throws it back to reveal, Lianna. Bane and Layla are honored and say so. So Lianna points them towards a friend who might help them. “He will help you, or eat you,” she says. “His name, is Gormek,” what do you think @JonahTheBard


@Saphirra very happy to incorporate Liana, however, I would like her to be more fully integrated and developed.

Successful fantasy adaptations such as LOTR or Harry Potter stick with a well established cast and develope the characters, where as bottom-of-the-barrel scraping trash like Last Airbender, Dragonball Evolution or Mortal Kombat Annihilation drop in two dimensional characters willy-nilly.

So, does Lianna stay with the duo? What is her motivation? Why should the audience care about her?


Sorry, I didn’t want that to come across negative. The film idea is good fun, maybe I’m too involved :blush:


This is your job, not mine. Lol. You fit it in the story, and i guess Gormek would need intro too. I did use Hobbit line right here

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I would too, specially since she is AWESOME! Maybe she turns out to be the great-great-aunt on layla’s father’s side. ???

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Perfect plot: our hero discovers a new game he enjoys, spends money and gets nowhere. Spends more money, gets nowhere. Finally builds good teams, and the boards constantly screw him. Stops spending and playing, and the game fizzles and dies. Developers live in the Riviera for the rest of their days. The end.

Whatcha think?

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Didn’t get Seshat?

Excellent work, as always, Jonah; however, this story suffers from a devastating lack of Aife.


No comment.
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That sounds like more of an autobiography?



Ok, they are going into the sequel.


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