E&P MEN - A Poll - Who do you select to be with our QUEEN?


Not to complain but you broke your own rules. Khagen and Elkanen both have helmets. :man_facepalming:

As such, they got zero votes from me. I’m all about fair play.

(Yes Gunnar, I told them off for you. Happy now?)


When is the first round of voting over and when does the second round begin? @Razor


There is a count down timer under the title of each round.

@Razor usually starts the next one shortly after the current one ends on the same day, whenever his time permits.


Series 1 just became 100% AUTOMATED...

You can jump to any of the series 1 rounds via the links on the bottom of the page or by the Teaser itself. Rounds switch over as one stops and the next is to start.

I am replicating the links for you here (These are all 6 rounds of Series 1):

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

If you click a link for say Series 1 Round 6 early you will be provided a message regarding when it starts and who is in it (as follows)…

The Teaser - it will show who is in the lead - yet never reveal by how much and the is no particular order in which the contestants are ordered. If you WANT IT TO BE A COMPLETE SURPRISE - don’t get teased! https://titanmafia.com/#TEASER

Official Rules: https://titanmafia.com/Polling/PollingRules.html


I’ll come back and notice some of you just to keep you connected. Each series 1 Round lasts for 48 hours and its at 6:30a per the server time.


@Rook @Decorum @Witch @MrsBCW @Shohoku79 @JonahTheBard @Coralline @Fenris7 @Starryeyedgryph @Kerridoc

And Yeah I did put 2 with helmets in here to see if you were really paying attention! I knew they would be out in Round 1!

Oh sure Razor! We believe you…
not! :crazy_face:


Keeping you in the loop… Automated change over between Rounds in Series 1, Round 2 will kick off in about 3 hours from now and Round 1 results will be automatically revealed.

@NPNKY @GERATH @littleKAF @Mariamne @FishDreams
@Jedon @Pois1 @StaceyTurner77 @FraVit93 @Emc154

No layovers waiting for me anymore - and I might not really post much between rounds of series one.


Brilliant. Thanks a lot Razor. :+1:


Just so long as you keep reminding us that Series x has started so we vote!!! :grin:


Im gonna have to decide between Lance and Hans so early in the competition :frowning: Hard choice to decide who’s getting most of my votes on that one


Automated huh? Next thing you know the TM server just became self-aware and Skynet is becoming a reality!

Letting the matchups known ahead of time will be like messing with a lot of people’s minds (make him/her think too much about who they’d vote for). Since the matchups are automated, why not have the rest unannounced and ready to go so there will be more of a surprise (think fast) moment? Otherwise, if we know who is going to be there in the later matches, might as well start early voting too. LOL

Voted in the 2nd Round.


Where’s my beef cake


Thanks for the call out! I voted!


In the burning sun I swoon
The white fiery core is Joon
He will blazon his enemies soon
Then all will go dark

Golden tattoos, glow like moons
He grins like the heathen Goons
His call sounding out like a loon
In the midnight park

Yeah, it’s bad poetry… :grin:


Lets try something different, who do you all guess is gonna get the least amount of votes this round?


Poor badly-drawn Berden :laughing:


Probably your avatar lol


Hmmm! I voted for Berden. Rigard? The usual obvious winner will be this time’s dark horse! :grin:


@Starryeyedgryph - Thanks for having my back on the spell check!
@Rook - I actually like it! You’re pretty good :wink:
@Shohoku79 - I will do just that! Guys get ready for the blind Series 2 brought to you by your loving co-sponsor @Shohoku79
@Decorum - get that GEM pool going - I’m in for 1000 gems against BRAND. LOL.

I suspect everyone knows who won Round 1!? WE ARE IN ROUND 2 now!

@Duaneski @Iowa @StaceyTurner77 - making you aware!


Just informing you we are in Round 2 now!
@321Trotter @Avicious @ChoppedLiver @EvilSmoothie @FishDreams @General_Confusion
@GERATH @Glenn @Helena @Hrothgor


Just informing you we are in Round 2 now!
@Jedon @JRJR60 @KelliAnn @Kerridoc @Khuckster @Kikyo @Kor1sco @littleKAF @LucasDaoc @Lucilla


Just informing you we are in Round 2 now!
@MacKenzie @Marauders_minion @Mariamne @MrsBCW @muhveli @NPNKY @Oblivion
@Paulon @Pois1 @Queen_of_Motherland