E&P MEN - A Poll - Who do you select to be with our QUEEN?



(Lol on the angry red bar )


I think why it has gotten this long to get the guys’ contest started is largely in part in your wording of the title to the winners as it kind of made it too complicated for the young, fragile, and innocent minds of this here forums than it has to be. Har har

I am referring to the King’s and Queens, Princes and Princesses, and how they are supposed to be crowned as a couple. That’s probably why you have so many posters jump in and giving you their own dream couple ideas, and offers to get Arthur and Guinevere marriage counselling. I am eyeballing you, Lancelot

The way I thought about the contest was no more than your typical Gold, Silver, Bronze type of rewards and the fact that there is a winner for each gender does not mean they are a couple together for marriage even in some fictional, fantastical, home-wrecking, vow-breaking sense. But more like they are the Best Man / Maid of Honor, the Groomsmen, and the Bridesmaids at the weddings. They don’t “have” to be married to, betrothed to, or even dating each other to be paired together.

I honestly think you brought this upon yourself. LOL


In that case, I disapprove of Athena cougaring around with a young whippersnapper like Arthur. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also like prom King and Queen. :):smiley_cat:


@Starryeyedgryph - Yes it’s like: PROM KING & QUEEN more so than probably anything else that has been mentioned. An honorary title for a duration of time and its currently ATHENA and LAYLA’s time. That’s my take and I guess being I’m putting this party together I’m probably most qualified to make that statement HA!!!..

Being @Roxy_TM and @Runecaster nearly ran me over trying to help out here I might as well start picking up these sticks and get this fire ready for burning! It’s all good - just wanted to mess up their hair real quick being they just styled it - the hairspray though ladies…

not a solid idea when your preparing to walk into the Blazing Dawn…



drum roll, drum roll…

Are preparing themselves for your adoration, your attention, you eyes, your hearts, your VOTES… RIGHT NOW!

  2. NO MASKED MEN (No Hoods, No Helmets, No MASKS)
  3. NO SEASON 2 MEN (they get theirs next year)


ARTHUR - yeah yeah yeah, I get the beard it is like two rooted tree trunks growing out of his chin. ok! ok! Where does he put that raggedy Anne facial hands weed cake when the days over? Do you know. No? Sure just move on to the next loser hero then, don’t look back.

ULMER - requested to be removed a lot! Like a really weird amount of remove him a lot. Geee. Ahhh yeah I’m onto you guys now… YOU mean ‘AYLMER’! You all just want him to yourself so you can get ‘brain damaged’! Yeah, go for it. Np. Really.

Gunnar, kick out Gunnar? - Enough haters gun – you are out of here!!! You pulled your own trigger when you put that tight helmet on without brushing your hair this morning! This is ALL on you G! NOT me!

Magni - definitely not a human - Ice lord, Mini titan, fishy guy, kind of all three gooeyed into one - he can be in the non-human contest one day (Lets stick to the forest - these ladies deserve a land dweller). Mag’s got GUNS though! BIG GUNS!

Grimm - Is BadAxe! Someone likes his Chippendale body!!! Shhhhhhhhh. Yet, Grimm is definitely A DEMON not A HumAn. Ah, you really think so, you think that’s how she got it, oh, and you KNOW that’s how Natalya got that black eye sLash. Wow. Ok Fire and Ice, Water and Fire, Fire and Snow, Rain and Fire, Fire and Hail…

Gregorian - requested to be removed many times. Greg Greg Greg… man you look like a cartoon man, why did you let them do this to you? Who? Robin Hood? ok Greg, yeah I get it. Sure but how in, ok, yeah Greg, Yeah, sure greg, I know greg, yeah ok so you want to be next to Hel instead of Athena tomorrow, ok yeah Greg, I know greg. Greg GEEEZ GREG man you chatter nonstop bro! Like a cartoon because you are one Greg! Ok Greg, yeah, you know if you win your by Athena! Yeah, see you should of never even snailed over here Greg! AHH. I have to look at him every day! And I really can’t stand it - why would Athena - who is totally sick of his [bleep] or Layla?. Greg! Dude I said don’t pull on my shirt like that - yeah buddy You got Mail!, Snail on back home Gregy! Maybe check-in with Walt on the way, he might have something you can be in tomorrow instead of on the team, I can totally sub Elk for you Greg. Hel will be here the next day Greg she was here long before you were remember Greg. Yeah greg, bye greg, no greg, yeah ok greg. Yep. Bye! uh hu. Yeah hurry along Greg. Ok Greg. Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep. Yes. No Greg ok, ok greg…

Thorne - Yeah IDK, he may be a ‘King’, just too much time sucking on the PIPE, laying in the SUN and having just too much fun in his rejuvenation mud trough for Layla and Athena. Kings of old had young ladies, got ya! Not in this series KINGLES - who’s got the power this hour Thorny? Hope someone is enjoying my commentation.

CAEDMON - He’s like a Sean Connery, an EPIC Bad ■■■ (worth full ascension for sure). Like a Jorah type but cooler and all, but he isn’t our PROM KING. CaeDAD. Man. See you in the next war! Cool.

FRIAR TUCK - HES NOT GOING TO WIN PEOPLE - Wait I heard through the Forum-vine that Tuck is already [bleep] hooking up with Vivaca of all women! TUCK! Dude, you already won man, roll home bro, roll on home!

Tudan? Masked. C’mon you guys - Really, over Perseus? Tu Dan! Tud an! T u Dan. Tu Dan! Why do I keep seeing an ‘R’ between the u and the d? Tu Dan! Tu Dan! Tu Dan! Tu Dan!

Perseus - not sure how I missed him - he is a true Hero of Legend! IN FOR SURE!!! But wait Helmet! [Bleep]! Gunnar! Gunnar! Tu dan! Tu dan! Tu dan! Olaf? Gunnar? Olaf? Tu dan! Tu dan! Gunnar! Tu dan! Tu dan! Tu dan! Olaf?

Olaf? - Really over Gunnar and Perseus? He’s a total poser. Elbow forward hand back and inwards partial vulcan spread on the hips poser. And you want that stash in your trash? poser. Olaf? Tu dan! Tu dan! Tu dan! Gunnar! Gunnar! Tu dan!

Fletcher – hooded! He is OUT! Ladies, he has a knife in EACH HAND facing inward - that means he is going to strike high like in your face and his power is BACKSTAB!!! So you know where his favorite favorite second spot when you’re screaming is… Yeah not PROM material ladies or gents that wish he was their daddy. I guess he gives it to you in the front and the back though. Athena and Layla - they get a free pass on this Grade-A “F”.

Nash - Stick Kid - wearing a wig… Ok Nash is wearing a WIG. Why in the world would NASH be doing that? He wouldn’t know what to do with Athena, probably pull his part time job gig - pull out a foot stool and give her like a pedicure and beat down a good piece of flank steak with that oversized mallet – cook it up throw on some chives and pepper (chef Nash)? I just got hungry. Holy/Dark - yeah not seeing the whole Nash/Layla…opposites attract… if Nash were to be just a wee bit older…

Julius (A.K.A Nash-Goth) - STICKING… STICKING… Sticking… TWIiIiIiIiINS sticking STICKING…twiNNINg… stick. stttt. t.t.tt sitICKING!!! that was Nash sprouting into Nash-Goth. Ok, Maaaybe Layla would Prom him because he is purple. He grew into his shoulder pads a little and dyed his hair! Grey or Gray - depends where you’re from. Julius ah, yeah has probably a solid 6.66% chance I gather or something like that.

Joon had a lot of removal requests - many more Yay then Nay. There was a small turn out of HUGE Joon fan(s) when no one was around - that’s the message I got on that other message board is what I was told, can I do that with the s - make it look like more? I’m going to make you ALL VOTE him OUT! Muah ha ha ha ha ha ha sashi! Sushi? No Sashi! Sashi your mouth!

Kenjiro – The Hero! da da daaaa, da da daaaa, da da daaa da daa da daaaaaa, da da daaaa, da da daaaa, da da daaa da daa da daaaaaa daaaaaaaaaa Kenjiro – The Herooooooo!

Brand - Out of all the 2’s you guys pushed for on here, this one is a bit more manly than most of the others 1*, 2*, 1*, 2* no holding back 1* 2* punches 1* 2* 1* 2* 1* 2* you were throwing… jump, jump, 1* 2* 1* 2*, getting some exercise in on this screen, jump! 1* 2* 1* TKO! Man! That was so Brand!

Derric - There is a little Mr. Finnish within us! Yes, within all of us! Sure… Why not… Daffodil dagmar dagen! Why noooooooot! Daeva daileass dai dai dagon!

Armpit Hair or No Armpit “HAIR”?
That Was a Question.,

LEO IS IN - this is the man that led Sparta - THE 300 against the masses and rocked it! Everyone dies but not everyone truly Lives! No BERDEN, you’re not W.W. and you’re in this category because you’re named after it! Yeah I watched you get shaved from underneath there, Leo can you lift your arm buddy, yeah right there Berden, it is smooth like a baby bum isn’t it. Yeah you dropped clean off and out of and straight down onto the floor from Leo to there, yeah no that’s someone else’s hair Berden.

BERDEN! - Have you seen his face up close - Absolutely straining, u u i mean stunning! …to get something or another out of it! Yes Gang you get to have baby bum soft Berden in the competition. He is mentioned enough that he is IN! - NOT going to win!

SO TO ANSER THAT QESTION: ‘Armpit Hair’ or ‘No Armpit Hair’? - THEY BOTH WIN! Because they are both IN! :0). LEO & BEERDO! Do you get it? IT’S GETTING WEIRDO…

NO ELF’s? What The Alf is wrong with you people?

Elkanen may not be the greatest hero on the battlefield but you know he’s got to be good at something else right? This is the long haired guy that the ladies that like long haired guys should be liking for a long time… me so. The forest people are with and for us (usually) - Pointy ears and some different skills… You realize this request to exclude would of excluded the following ladies…

Belith - Who won the 1st round in series 1 against Athena!
Lianna - didn’t do well in her group, but was still in it - and c’mon it’s Li-Anna!
Kadilen - didn’t do well in her group, she would have done better in another but still wouldn’t have won - nice twigs, i mean tights.
Zeline - guys, she has “WINGS” this is so beyond pointy ears… She took 4th overall… So Mr. Elk canon is in.

The whole NO Magic, Sorcery, No Wizzies here…

Jihangir Not getting married here…no one has to get married! If they want to that’s fine if they don’t that’s fine. I understand you don’t think Jihan here is going to ever get married!

But enough No and Na’s “Jihan” - POOOF!! Your GONE!.. gggggggiiiiirrrrr… I made that happen its call RaZ-flection.

The whole NO Magic – NO sorcery - that would have excluded Morgan Le Fay - who had the 2nd highest % in the first series of the women giving her a bye in round 2.

Vivica - she sports a dragon for goodness sake! A Mythical beast (tiny yes)… Oh yeah that was mentioned earlier through the Forum-Vine, I see that it was Tuck that [bleep] Viv & made the tiny yes- which isn’t actually a dragon… Wait are you SURE Tuck didn’t just squeeze it out of his [bleep]? Yeah I hope that cherry heap will help you sleep! Now to send you off with some smooth Jazzy sounding Event Titles for you to pick from… Listed and read in Alphabetical order, the complete and final list, totally sorry if I missed… you ….list, a total of 8… lay them straight titles for THE MEN of E&P. NONE OTHER THAN… The…

  1. Beefcake Boys
  2. Brawling Bachelors 
  3. Catwalk Kings
  4. Dueling Dudes
  5. Handsome Heroes
  6. Heartthrob Heroes
  7. LORDS of the EMPIRE
  8. Manly Men

Ah @Rook, I wrote a book!
You might need to scan it,
Let me know if I need to can it,
Should be good, depends on the hood
-winks :slight_smile:


E&P Royalty: 2018-19

Leo wins this, hands down, if this is the name chosen for the competition. Look at his confidence. Look at his striking pose. Armpit hair? He doesn’t care, he’s working it, honey! An army of Persians couldn’t keep him from the crown, baby! :stuck_out_tongue:


@FraVit93 I agree with you on Colen for King but I like Chao for Prince, he just has a regal air to him, plus many royals dabble in falconry :wink::prince:t2:


As a man Im still upset so many people want Greg out. Ive said it before and ill say it again, hes Robin Hood basically. My favorite childhood story hero. He would get at least 7 votes (mine) whatever round he was in. Haha


@Hrothgor I’m sorry that it turned out the way it did Robin Hood - yep - Respect.
Unfortunately not much support for him so he isn’t part of the competition.
I hope you will hang around anyway - if Not, I understand.


I like Lords of the Empire for a contest name


MENofEMpIRE - 2018



Per directions pre-planed before I started the 1st list is available!
Good luck to you and whomever you may be rooting for.
The list is Holy and Nature heavy, that is just based on the characters in each Element.

ROUND 1 is up Next!

I have a feeling these aren’t going to be as close as they ladies. Round SIX is a big one…



If I would have gotten your 1 VOTE on name prior to me going off line to do it - That would have won! @NPNKY


Razor, I know this is a stupid question but how do I vote in this? I wasn’t around for the ladies’ competition. Thanks!


If you had given it more than 4 hours (in the middle of the night, for everyone in the Americas, I might add) you might have gotten some votes. Personally, I would have voted for anything except Manly Men, which is just stupid, and biases people toward a certain aesthetic. I was leaning toward Heartthrob Heroes, myself.


@SirPuddintain - you could of voted anytime between I opened this discussion and 3 hours ago. I’ve been working on it since about 12 hours ago to get it ready I do have a small part of a life and a job and than I do all this stuff extra for you guys.

I summarized everything about 7 hours ago as I went though every post looking for input over the past 6 days or so. Certainly didn’t know I was supposed to wait on you?

You have had well over 140 hours to post something about it. I’m going to leave it at that.




Click the Image to access!


The Teaser is available - it will show who is in the lead - yet never reveal by how much and the is no particular order in which the contestants are ordered. If you WANT IT TO BE A COMPLETE SURPRISE - don’t get teased! https://titanmafia.com/#TEASER

Official Rules: https://titanmafia.com/Polling/PollingRules.html


NOTE: The links on the bottom will be removed - I was pre-setting them.

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I voted!


Glad to see the guys’ competition under way. Thank you for all the extra time you’ve put in to get this all sorted out.

Round 1… Does any one really need to tease a peek or peek a tease? That’s all I am going to say.


Well, I voted, even though I am not crazy about the title ‘Manly Men’ - now I have that song about Men in Tights on repeat in my head…