E&P Memes and Captions 😅 - Inspired by Yorick and Coppersky

Alas, I have but one like to bestow to thee.

(Also, ugh, Ninja Tower)


Ohhh memories!

This may come as a huge surprise to some here, but I used to regularly get into arguments with people on other game forums all the time.

Me: “I play this game on low settings, because my PC can’t handle high settings.”

Others: “Dude bro WTF, upgrade your graphics card”

Me: “I can’t afford that.”

Others: “Can’t afford it? C’mon bro, my Alienware only cost me $3000.”

Me: “Yeah, exactly. I can’t afford that.”

Others: “Dude bro my broski bro, don’t listen to that guy, Alienware is trash. I built my own PC and it cost way less than $3000.”

Me: “Oh, well I don’t know how to build a PC…”

Others: “Brovinsky bro, it’s really easy, here I’ll forward you 12 hours of Youtube links showing you how to do it. You can buy most of the parts on eBay. I got a top of the line graphics card for $400.”

Me: “… my entire desktop only cost me $400…”*

Others: “Bro to the double bro dudebro bro bro dude bro, no wonder you’re playing on low settings! What graphics card you got?”

Me: “Integrated.”

Others: “INTEGRATED??? :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: Bro dude I was seriously trying to help you but you are obviously way beyond help…”



@TGW I haven’t seen that many iterations of “bro” or than many combinations of “dude” and “bro” in 20-30 years :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:



For some reason, I seem to get “bro’d” a lot. There are unspoken connotations behind it. When somebody replies to one of my posts with “dude, bro…” what they are essentially saying is,

“Oh good lord, I don’t know how to respond to this. The guy is clearly honest and well meaning, and not at all trolling, but he seems to not understand all the basic stuff that the rest of us already know. I am going to show pity on him and welcome him into our community by sharing my l33t brofessor knowledge with him.”





This is literally my attacks against our current titan. All except for the weird username :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Needs more editing, please @Elpis :slightly_smiling_face:

Team, please keep the memes clean. Strike through and spoonerism isn’t doing much to hide the profanity.

@TGW that’s somewhere in border territory, but I haven’t decided which side yet :crazy_face:

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I’m honestly a bit tired of being censored, so imma out.

Feel free to delete the wallet pic. In fact… I’ll do it myself.

Just know that I still have a version of the real thing in my pocket, uncensored. :grin:

EDIT: all cleaned up now! :wink:

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I will let your pockets enjoy it :blush:

I know we’re probably all adults etc, but standard is ‘family friendly’. Sorry it’s become a drag @Elpis

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You are right, and I never intended to offend. I mostly use those words in a humorous context. But I realize not everyone appreciates that type of humor.

My girlfriend hates it when I use profanity. But many of my favorite comedians and comedic movies, TV shows and such oftentimes delve into “adult territory”, so it’s sometimes hard for me to separate…

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awww :frowning: It wasn’t cool, but I am proud of our alliance! we came very close to winning despite being overpowered @TGW :slight_smile:

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Heck yeah we did. Crazy close. If it wasn’t for that one jerk coming online at the end to use the rest of his flags… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I hate it when they do that. They sit there and hold flags. Not like they’re offline and busy or anything, I see them pop on and off throughout the war, flags unused. Like they’re waiting for something. What are you waiting for? You’re waiting for us to pass your score, then you’re going to use your flags? Otherwise you weren’t going to bother? Well that’s just rude.


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