E&P Memes and Captions 😅 - Inspired by Yorick and Coppersky

Man, this sucks.I just saw this now.


You are second most liked by me. (and second most replied to)


Waiting to use your collection of epic hero tocens in the up coming seasonal event portal be like



Had to step away from the forum - ironically not because of the negativity, but rather the unrealistic positivity that only served to discredit my negativity - negativity that was in fact intended to spur the game into a direction of more positivity. But good luck organizing a players’ rights union when half the posters seem to enjoy being abused by the game. At a certain point, one begins to question… “is it just me?”

I mean, I know it’s not just me. Rest of my alliance feels the same. But none of them have taken the time to post here. None of them care enough to post here. To them, it’s just a game. They’ll play as long as it’s fun, and uninstall once it ceases to be so.

Of course it’s “just a game” to me as well. But it’s a game that I invested quite a bit of time and money into. If I had thought that I’d ever reach a point of seriously considering uninstalling, I never would have bought any of those stupid gem and VIP deals, I never would have wasted all that time leveling up all these heroes, I never would have created a forum account. I invested a bit of myself into this game, expecting that I would eventually be rewarded for my time and efforts.

I’m not so sure anymore. :confused:

It is, after all, “just a game”. And I shouldn’t expect it to reward me, regardless of whether I’ve been playing for 2 days or 2 years. Grind, grind, grind… surely after you grind the same province for the 10,000th time, you get a new 5* hero, yes? No? Oh, right, that’s still RNG. What are the odds again? Right, less than 2%. Seems absurdly low, yes? No? Everyone else thinks that’s cool? Oh okay then. Guess I’ll just see myself out…

I’m still playing. Just not wanting to post much here anymore, because every time I try to point out that the odds are horrible, someone else comes in with a fantastic “I just pulled a HotM on my HotM!” or “I just pulled 5 old HotMs from ToL in a 10 pull!”… like all “keep on believing!” rainbows and unicorns and well now don’t I just feel like an idiot.

It took me 6 months to pull my first 5* hero. At that point, I had already spent close to $100 USD. So yes, I’m in that unique minority group who persisted anyway. IDK, I guess I was hoping that some day, they’d increase the summoning odds for old heroes or something… crazy idea, right? :crazy_face:

My good man… I already have more than one account. My F2P alts are on a fast course to catching up to my main.

A couple of them have better luck than others, for sure. But regardless: overall, I have seen the reality. Grind for gems, coins, tokens, whatever.

2/3 of the time… you will summon a season one 3* hero.
Regardless of portal.

Trying to imagine a future where I have 30+ maxed legendary heroes, with level 30 4* troops… this is not a metric that can be measured in days. Or weeks, or even months. It’s measured in years. A long enough period of time that I’m forced to question not only if I’ll still be interested in the game at that point, but also have to seriously consider whether or not SG themselves will still be interested in keeping the servers up.

Begs a serious question. Is it even worth it to continue? Especially seeing as how the devs themselves don’t really seem to care about anyone but the big short term spenders. Am I just wasting my time here?

Been more than just a bad day…

When I first came to this forum, I found fun, frivolity, lots of good helpful information (along with a fair dose of very bad information, unfortunately)…

Lots of people have said they’ve stopped posting or stopped reading because of the “negativity”… but let’s be brutally honest here. The negativity was warranted. SG has ■■■■■■ up a bunch of ■■■■, when they had all sorts of opportunities to make the game better for everyone. I still held onto hope, thinking that if enough people vented on the forum, they might start to listen. Instead, my very blunt criticisms are met with a bunch of “I think the game is neat! It’s so cool that they give us all this great stuff for free! Everyone be happy!”


As long as the devs believe that we’re all happy with the way things are, as is… as long as people keep spending money the way they have been… absolutely nothing is going to change. And if nothing is going to change, there is no point in me (or anyone else for that matter) posting our objections here.

Game is what it is, take it or leave it. That’s fine, I can accept that. But it also means that the majority of my posts here are completely without purpose. Lots of sound and fury, signifying nothing, and accomplishing even less than nothing.

I love the fun parts of the forum, but I cannot simply ignore the inequities and absurdities that I see in the world around me. And that goes for the game itself, as insignificant as it is in the grand scheme of things… I cannot in good conscience continue to support a game that spends what… 2 years??? working on something that is supposed to be somewhat “F2P/C2P friendly”… and what’s the final result? A giant turd that hardly benefits anyone at all. Meanwhile, they somehow have the time to develop a new cash grab feature every month with equally ridiculously low odds… and somehow the majority of the forum just says “this is okay”???

They tell me I’m spoiled, I’m greedy, I’m just a freeloader, a complainer… man, I’ve put more than enough time and money into this game. I’m sorry if I expected something more for my money. Apparently it’s now normal to pay a game company $500 for a decent “chance” at unlocking one small feature of that game. And when I call ■■■■■■■■ on that? A hoard of big spending game defenders descend upon me.

Not only can’t I defeat these guys in my Watchtower, now they’re stealing hams and irons from my forum posts as well.

No, I haven’t “officially” left the forum for good, yet. Just seriously questioning whether or not I should continue posting here, since after all,



Can i have your alliance name so i can visit you?


It’s a private alliance, and we put up a 4k trophy requirement to block random requests… I’ll probably still occasionally check the forum.

Can’t remember, are you part of FTP Rebellion?


I am i am sam. I’ll go you know where. :wink:

that’s alright. :slight_smile:


You can still chat with me there. I’ll still check in here on the forum… just going to limit my postings on the public discussions because I’m tired of trying to argue with people who will never be able to understand my point of view.


Cup dropping for our indisposable @Disposable


Just one of many I’ve been meaning to get to. Gotta tie up those loose ends first in case I do end up leaving for good.


Dropping another cup for the infamous @CaptainjaKCsparrow


Apologies for crude quality… the 3D printer has been on the fritz ever since Jake from accounting thought it would be funny to make 1000 full sized plastic copies of his hind quarters :roll_eyes:


Thank you for the gift, dear @TGW :grin:

None needed. It’s the intent that matters… :grinning:





Looking great @TGW!!!


It is a common thing to say at times like this, that you’re not the only one who feels that way. Personally, I’ve NEVER found that sentiment comforting. The opposite, actually. Ah, I’m suffering, but - GOOD NEWS - others are also suffering. There is more total suffering in the world that you might not have been thinking about until this moment! Nope. That doesn’t do it for me.

Anyway, whether it helps or hurts, you are definitely not the only person who feels this way. I know I’ve cut back on my posting and forum interaction in general (and am also playing the game less / differently). Even the mighty zephyr bot is having a moment. We’re all struggling to find the right balance in our lives right now, whether that be the game, the forum, or how much pizza we consume.

Be well.


I do find comfort from the fact that others share my sentiments, and I find threads like this to be a nice oasis from the craziness that is in other parts of the forums.

It’s great to get away from the hyper-competitiveness (even in discussions and debates, where some people seem to insist on always being correct!) that I see in some other threads.

In any case - glad you’re finding some safe spaces here @TGW and you’re definitely not alone, I’ve had to take breaks from some parts of the forum, too!


RNG Eats Itself 1
RNG Eats Itself 2
RNG Eats Itself 3


When you want to make sure you REALLY quit the game forever…


Is that Lindsey Graham?


I haven’t a clue :frowning: I just got an idea and searched for a gif that fit it.


Monte 1
Monte 2


So initially I thought that was a bat and on first glance I thought it was a swing and a wiff. But then realized it was a bokken and looked like he took the phone out of the protective case (or just the cover off of the batteries).

Not enough, he could go and get a different phone and download the game and play again. Deleting/uninstalling the game is not enough because you might come back to it again after a few days/weeks. You might want to at least do what Klin did to his roster by feeding all his maxed heroes to 1* heroes, 4* troops to 1* Troops… That was pretty finale thing to do… But he could choose to come back one day, and if he does, at least he will have a pretty buff Aife and some pretty high leveled 1* Troops.