E&P Lore fun

So I have started doing daily lore on the empire and puzzles heros. I am posting them in our team chat but I figured you other warriors out there might enjoy them. This is the first one and yes I know I used the wrong word for consequences in the story because of auto correct. Let me know what you think and if you want me to post the next one as well.


I wish there was more lore. Great job, commander!

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Nice, have you read any of Jonah the Bards tales?

No I haven’t. Link them if you want to and I can take a look. Most of what mine will be is off the top of my head because my alliance will be giving me the hero they want next. Like today’s is going to be Santana but tomorrow’s will be whoever does the most titan damage chooses so I wont know who. If people really start to enjoy it here as well then I might let readers choose as well but it was started for my alliance to have something fun to read.

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Today is the story of Santana. PS the decided in the last sentenceof the first box shouldbe declined. I hate auto correct. Screenshot_20190223-220847_Empires


We love them Yendor keep them coming

Today’s hero is Gaurdian panther and you can thank Samurai Jack fir itScreenshot_20190224-092604_Empires

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Todays lore is brought to you by xbluntex. His choice was Onatel.

Todays hero lore is Aeron brought to you by Star150m.

It’s funny because he’s actually a MONK. :joy:

LOL, I never said I was smart. Just having fun with them. :sweat_smile:

Lore today is Mel brought to you by Bully.

Today’s lore is brought to you by Marr, and is the long and torturous wait to Santana’s sister, Delilah.

Today’s lore is Merlin. Hope you enjoy. Screenshot_20190302-215612_Empires

Lore of the day is Athena.

Today’s lore is brought to you by one of our new members, LefthandedCaddy.

Today’s lore is Alberich. My most hated hero thanks Draven for this.

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