E&P is better now. FTP perspective

As a FTP I have to work with the heroes and resources that the game gives to me. No extra pulls for $ for me. When I started, near 1’5-2 years ago, we only had gems and rare coins for summoning and then S2 came. Those weren’t a lot of free pulls.

Today we have:

  • Costumes (2-3 free pulls/month)
  • Atlantis (1-2 free pulls/month)
  • S3 (2-3 free pulls/month)
  • Challenge event (3-4 event free pulls/month)

Those are 8-12 Free pulls every month without using gems.

Lets say you get every month another 5-8 rare coins from chest, tournaments and challenge events and 600-700 gems. We are speaking now about Up to 22 pulls every month and easily 18 as average/month. Near 200 pulls every year.

I’m not going to do the maths, but that’s about 2-3 HOTM and some mix of 2-3 5* between Costumes, S2, S3, Event héroes, Seasonal heroes, and vainilla heroes.
Not bad for free!

I think E&P is getting better. What do you think?


It’s better in the sense you can get more pulls for free I suppose, can’t really argue with that. Just that with each new event/season stronger heroes are being introduced and your chances of getting them are slim as F2P, while the whales cash in on said heroes. But, that’s going to be true in any game that has purchases.


The biggest beneficial change is including the character with the costume. Though costume keys and coins in normal loot is also very welcome.

While the number of pulls has potentially gone up, it doesn’t affect odds of pulling those elusive 5* characters. Still at the mercy of RNG.

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A bit better I suppose, but can be frustrating if free pulls don’t equate to anything

I agree so much, it certainly got better.
It seems like the the forum and especially the general discussion category is 99% about complains, vending and ranting about the game and SG right now, so I appreciate a positive thread like this so much…

Well, then I tab out of the thread seeing this…

Funny, isn’t it?


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