E&P Interviews: #27 Interview with JFosss from Benevolent Mercenaries

good effort for this kind of interview!!! missed one thing about censure method…is it superstitious or real in RNG?

Clearly superstitious.

RipTheJacker explained that they do not (at least in the online casino world) look at accounts individually but have they grouped by types of spenders, amount of time playing, etc.

Watch all your interviews and I would like to say the interviews were impressive.
Love all the main event players you had interviewed and quite refreshing with the most recent, RNG and online casino stuff.
I would like to suggest interview the developer itself, SG or Zynga. Maybe a start by contacting @Petri
Hope the developer reach out to us players and share their thoughts with us about their plans for the game and its future. We love the game and wish the developer engage you soon. I think safely to say you may represent us as player interviewing the developer.

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Thanks. I was actually researching SG’s staff this week trying to find an email for someone that would be willing to be interviewed. @Petri I would be delighted if you could assist in this regard? I would happily provide them with an advanced question list as I am imagine they might have some concerns with a player interviewing them.

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And then some.

It would be an amazing coup if you could get a dev on interview. Even more amazing would be if it was a candid discussion and not sanatised to the Nth degree. Certainly it would get a shed load of views either way.

When it comes to interviewing devs, they have…a limit of sorts…of information they can give out. It would be interesting to see things from a developer’s point of view as well. Need to catch up on the interviews, but great work

Interview #12 with TheBudman69


Interview #13 with Archon from 7DH & Archon Gaming—showing what can be done with F2P/C2P rosters!


Felt blessed by your very quick presence in the Brew Tang Clan. Curious what you were looking for since I know we weren’t asking for a merc?

Not sure if this was the best thread for this post, but thought it was the best place to reach you.

7DA encourages mercing as it is an efficient way to use left over titan flags/flask—maximizes resources. When I am out mercing, I pop in and out of many alliances—some for mercing and some for research.

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I’d be curious what your research said about my alliance :slight_smile:

I hope you end up doing the 4 star challenge for Ninja Tower or at least end up using your wife’s account in one way or another. I think you could still get top 1K even though I’m making a lot of assumptions. If I can get top 1k as f2p, with mostly four stars, and minimal item usage, then I imagine you can too even if you add other restrictions (such as items based on your wife not farming as much as you do).

My scores:

My top teams I use:

Frida would be the hardest 5 star to replace. It does depend if your wife has the key four stars (Falcon, Jackal, Almur, Buddy).


So if she has the right four star heroes and a decent number of cheap items, I image you can pull it off. Either way hope you do some challenge with your wife’s account.

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She does have those heroes … we shall see. Thanks for the detailed info.

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Interview #14 with Quinni, Co-leader of 7DH and ∆LT∆ÏR, co-leader of 7DD and head of the 7D family!


Interview with (: Jewel Pearl Gem :slight_smile: — Her E&P account is a must see!

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Plenty of long term, high level players being interviewed.

Not sure how you’d corral one, but how about a newer player’s perspective of E&P? One not affiliated with a first generation family of alliances. How they view the mountain ahead of them, the toss up between paying or grinding it out.

Just curious. The purpose of the interviews are to get the aforementioned perspective of the game, from all angles, or to get “tips, tricks and know how” from those at the top?.


I am always open to any ideas for the channel and/or interviews. The player you suggest may be interesting to interview, but I am not sure how we find someone that is not just “new and knows anything,” but rather “new and understands how big this all is” haha

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Lol. Yeah, it’s a vague and large pool of players I suggested. Plus I’m not sure how keen a noob would be to be interviewed for the forum.

I’m full of ideas, just no solutions to implementing them :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Thanks for the Archon interview. Definitely a different take on how to use what you have as a F2P/C2P.

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Not trying to advertise myself here, but I can be of assistance on this subject. If you are interested of course.

Frankly I would like to use such an opportunity to share with a large portion of the newbie c2p or f2p players a lot of tricks and tips which would ease their way into the game and not throw it away immediately. As for the rest of the community, I guess that even some of the older players could find some useful info here and there.

Your interviews offer some insight, but since they are mostly with p2p players, this severely limits the useful info they provide to the community IMHO.

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The original intent (and I am always open to intent changing) was to interview some of the top players in the game. Achieving top scores on the level and rate of these players does require money.

That said, I have an interesting interview later this week with a very accomplished free-to-play player.

I am always open to suggestions on who to interview, yourself included. Please send recommendations, along with rationale as to why the person would be a good interview, to: empirepuzzlesbooks@gmail.com

Thank you,


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