E&P Interviews: #27 Interview with JFosss from Benevolent Mercenaries

That’s a great idea! I second that.

wish u could do interview with yukimura , wanna c how he looks like LOL…

How does one fall from the top 10? They need to be attacked a lose. Is it possible to go a few hour without being attacked and/or losing? Sure. Is there anything special about the two defenses int hose images? Not at all. There is no magically defense team that keeps someone in the top 10.

You are welcome and no worries. We are all here to learn :slight_smile:

100% agreed.

Thank you! Based on rosters, I would assume that those I have interviewed thus far are P2P. Paying does have advantages. I would love to interview a top FTP player, but who would that be and how would even begin to verify that it is truly a free account? I would suspect those anywhere near the top of anything in the game would at least be C2P. I would be curious if a player started back 2017 when the game was released and never spent a penny … could their buildings even be maxed by now?!

I have not reached out to Yukimura, but I may. Being on video is not a requirement. I respect that some people would like to remain private/anonymous.


Correct me if I’m wrong, that means, it is another silence update info.
Not sure which version, but I was on last year or so, online and in top 100, then get bunch of incoming attack and not only from revenge.

Maybe either they change the order of priority match, or this time is more compatitive, so offline top100 1st in queue, then next priority is top100 online. So in this case, it is no change on game, but the players so many on top100 are offline.

I am 100% F2P. I do can max all my building before they update lv21 to lv25 castle. But for now, I’m still not maxed all my building. The building that I still don’t have max are Adv. Mine and Adv. House.

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I have no idea on that. I have only been messing around in the top 25 for the last few months as I was previously a dedicated cup dropper :slight_smile:

Thanks for that info!

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For those that don’t have 80+ max’d 5* heroes, Friggodin is special. The first pic is from formation beta. Sif flustered people (a lot of people :laughing:) who couldn’t adapt their attack to a hit-3 offense and became… "special"

And… sorry again but… I can’t find any data for longest period of time passing at top 10 without being attacked while offline. So I find it difficult to say that it’s impossible to go 4 hours.

And very easy to say that it is extremely unlikely!

Especially since I don’t believe that what’s actually happening.
And rather that their defense is strong enough to be propelled upward while offline into a top position.
Which is a testament of defensive strength! And something to look for!
Not be dismissed…

Telly’s original release was a spotlight for this marker!
Offline defenses gaining cups…
With greater accuracy you could also say:

Not all defenses are equal

Which…unfortunately, opens the door to :pleading_face:


Online place holder’s are noteworthy
From outside the aquarium

Climbing in to swim with them is another perspective. One that gathers appreciation when the score continues climbing. Beyond that… I agree.
Not much more to raiding other than personal enjoyment as previously stated

Fair enough. For those that do fight at the top, there is nothing special about these defenses. They are fought everyday at the top of global and in wars twice per week.

The bumps from attacks, especially when tin the top 10 are insignificant—lucky to get over 5 cups for winning when you are Global 1, but risking 50-60 which is why it simply doesn’t work out that way.

Telluria? Not a great example as that was clearly a broken hero.

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Sorry for derailing your channel, but it was an interesting conversation. I’ll keep an eye out for these either:
lucky defenses, or good ones!

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No need to apologize. Good conversation is always welcome. Interview #5 will be up within the hour.

Interview #5 with Colonel Indiana Longnuts from Gipsy Danger—talking about his War attack teams, Mythic Titans and Troops!!

EPB Interviews w/Colonel Indiana Longnuts—War Teams and Mythic Titans—Empires & Puzzles Books - YouTube

Had a chance to listen to the vid with Jabarj while working today. Absolutely fascinating perspective. Great work.

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Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. We have 2-3 more interview scheduled this week.

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Who is the target of the interviews? Veterans only? P2P? Known names? Best raiders or alliances’ members? No rule for that ?


No real rules as I am open to anything. I have 3 or 4 more interviews this week and 3 of them are very well known and one I suspect will be very well known some day. :slight_smile:


Cool, looking forward to watch them, maybe i will learn something.

#6 with @Uclapack and @Dator

EPB Interviews with uclapack and @Dator from The Avengers—Empires & Puzzles Books - YouTube


Saw interviews 5 and 6. really good ones. If you run out of top players to interview, you could interview the mid game players(levels 50-70s) and see their takes on the game as well. Even mid-game players have their own ways of playing the game. Just another idea for you if you want to explore/expand on


Funny you should say that … I have an interview on Friday morning that will be incredibly relevant in this regard :wink:


Looking forward to it

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