E&P Interviews: #27 Interview with JFosss from Benevolent Mercenaries

Muito boa iniciativa, parabéns.
Agora, alguma pessoa bondosa consegue colocar legendas em português… Obrigado
Google translation:
Very good initiative, congratulations.
Now, some kind person can put subtitles in Portuguese. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :rofl: Thanks

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I believe YouTube has an option to select subtitles in different languages.

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Only watched the first interview so far (Waffles). I loved the discussion on reasons for getting the top spot in challenge events. I love that he pushed for the top spot because it was easier to get Finley than via summoning.


This interview very well may have changed the way I view this game. Maybe it will for you too? Jairo was incredibly insightful to learn from.


Neat video with Jab. I may try the 2-1-1-1 team and see how i do with it. All these videos are great and it’s really nice to see these interviews giving viewers different parts of the game. Keep it up


Thank you. Will do—more to come for sure.

I really like these videos, great to see positive content on YouTube and learn from the best. I’ve learned that I apparently approach things like jabarj, I’m regularly 2-1-1-1 with a focus on staying alive and nullifying the threat. That came from trying to deal with Telluria originally but I’ve applied it to all colour tanks now. I need to start watching his videos!

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Will they interviews with “Deadlift” ?

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I have not reached out to Deadlift. Is there a unique angle to Deadlift’s play or perspective that would be of interest?

I think “Deadlift” is new top player after “Zero”. He is usually at 1st in global raid. I’m not sure if he is usually at 1st in other competition or not. I think there are some people who change their name to “Deadlift” (I think this happen to “Zero” to). But there is only one real Deadlift.

I do not see any comparison there. Zero tops many charts and has a proven record of winning. I have not seen Deadlift in the top of any competition (don’t believe event top 100). I could be wrong, but I often document the top 100s.

The global trophy rankings are not an indication of anything with the current rules. It does not take much to get into Global 1 and stay there. It is an illusion of achievement. See here:


I feel like minimizing the achievement of reaching the top could be misconstrued. Especially for those who haven’t spent a fortune on the game and fight to get that spot.

There are no rewards so, it’s a personal achievement. And anyone who does so:


Is extremely likely to have had to contend with Deadlift! He is easily the most prolific contender of Top 10 raiding for as long as I can remember.

Also sorry but…

:point_up_2:staying online wasn’t really a secret.
Being offline & top 10,
on the other hand…


I don’t know anything about his rank in other competition. But I hear that many player talk about him. I think hear player talk about “Deadlift” most after only “Zero”. Maybe, I’m wrong. I’m only about top 10k player. However, I think highest trophy is really challenge (not highest rank). It is hard to get 3300+ trophy because you lose more trophy that you get in each attack. And I think “Deadlift” is number 1 in that challenge.

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Absolutely! Couldn’t have said it better. Even with all the different heros that have spawned, in the past year at least, Deadlift is usually up there.

@JekylandHyde, I’d be curious to find out how he consistently achieves this. :thinking:

Edit: I thought once you’re in the top 100, even if you are online you can still be attacked?! :woman_shrugging:t2:

It would have been better stated as such, "If a player can get to Global 1 (or even top 10), it does not take much to stay there.

Although this may seem logical, it is completely false. I hit Global 1 frequently and rarely get to fight Deadlift as he does not go offline. As per the video I linked, if someone can get to Global 1 and outrun the revenges, as long as they stay online, they can’t be attacked—ever. Notice that Deadlift’s cup count frequently stays exactly the same for days at a time? He is not attacking or being attacked.

No one stays offline and in the Top 10 for any reasonable amount of time. Are we to believe that there are impenetrable defenses? Absolutely not.

People talk about him because he sits at the top of the chart. He stays there because he stays online and can’t be attacked. Not exactly sporting. Have we seen Deadllift above 3300 cups? 3200? I have done 3300. Zero has done it. Not sure if Deadlift has done it.

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Top 100 can only be revenged. If you outlast the revenges, and stay online, your cups never change. I explain it all, in detail, here:


huh :thinking:

:point_up_2: that is currently in the leaderboard as of this exact moment
Look and see. Offline place holders are not so uncommon

Also sorry. By "contend," I didn’t mean directly. But that he pushes the scores.
Just like Kian pushing you in events.

Prolific is a good description imo

But it’s your show!


Hey @JekylandHyde, I made that comment after watching your video. :thinking: But, I didn’t watch it to the end… :sweat:

I’ll have to retrace why I believed this to be true… I will be back.

I’ve searched multiple forum responses who also believed that once you hit top 100 you are fair game for anyone. After further investigation, Well… I admit, my thinking was flawed. :sweat:

… When they are online.

Thank you for the clarification. :star_struck:

Not wishing to diminish the achievement of global #1 (I managed it once :slightly_smiling_face:), but imo, it’s a test of belligerence over anything else for most players. Anyone with a reasonable roster can get there, if they are willing to use raid energy flasks. It worked for me, and as the rewards for winning decrease as you climb the board, I’d be amazed if anyone does achieve top spot with only using 6 standard flags. Just my 2 cents.

Neat videos btw @JekylandHyde…are any of these ones ftp? Be interesting to get a perspective from any of the top free guys.


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