E&P Interviews: #27 Interview with JFosss from Benevolent Mercenaries

Thanks but I don’t think I have actually anything interesting to say.
If jeff wanted to ask about fourm stuff his already interviewed guvnor and could off asked then and probably be better at it then me.
Haven’t got to the kev one but looking forward to me man guvnors one :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work Jeff.


Great idea. How do I find one of them? :slight_smile:

Guvnor’s will be live within the hour, but we did not get to talk about the forum at all—at least not from a moderating stand point.

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I guess you could try and reach out to any of the family alliances and have them ask if anyone in any of their alliances is a known f2p player. That could cast a wide net with minimal searching effort.


Ah ok cool :wink: if thats something your interested in doing, not sure how much people would be interested, as fourm is small player base, bit like reddit.
Other Mods who been a mod longer then me could give a better story. @JonahTheBard would be good fit as did interviews on this fourm, with other players tooo.


Interview with @Guvnor from 7DH and forum moderator on here.
Learn about the Damage Calculation, Critical Hits, Troops, and much more!


Actually can’t believe I just thought of this.
Maybe other people have.
BarryWuzHere, would be good.
He does have a team with him aswell maybe one of them would be interested to speak about there data collection.

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Ah, thank you. I always thought I was just good for yelling “zero” occasionally. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Is the RNG in E&P really random? https://youtu.be/L7xXqZruS0U


I never knew you had such long hair!
A few comments I enjoyed:
1 If you put it out there, they will complain
2 Somewill never be satisfied with board randomness
3 Which one should I level without providing any info (this is one area where I find the grades helpful because if you’re not going to provide any context, you might as well just go off of the grades)
4 The game is actually biased to play mono. I’ve never thought about it that way before.

The discussion about whether SG is manipulating things behind the scenes was interesting to think about. My partial conclusion is if they are rigging the game behind the scenes (via looking at millions of accounts individually), they would give you above average luck thinking it would get others to spend more. So if you make more videos, SG will rig the game more for you.

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good effort for this kind of interview!!! missed one thing about censure method…is it superstitious or real in RNG?

Clearly superstitious.

RipTheJacker explained that they do not (at least in the online casino world) look at accounts individually but have they grouped by types of spenders, amount of time playing, etc.

Watch all your interviews and I would like to say the interviews were impressive.
Love all the main event players you had interviewed and quite refreshing with the most recent, RNG and online casino stuff.
I would like to suggest interview the developer itself, SG or Zynga. Maybe a start by contacting @Petri
Hope the developer reach out to us players and share their thoughts with us about their plans for the game and its future. We love the game and wish the developer engage you soon. I think safely to say you may represent us as player interviewing the developer.

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Thanks. I was actually researching SG’s staff this week trying to find an email for someone that would be willing to be interviewed. @Petri I would be delighted if you could assist in this regard? I would happily provide them with an advanced question list as I am imagine they might have some concerns with a player interviewing them.

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And then some.

It would be an amazing coup if you could get a dev on interview. Even more amazing would be if it was a candid discussion and not sanatised to the Nth degree. Certainly it would get a shed load of views either way.

When it comes to interviewing devs, they have…a limit of sorts…of information they can give out. It would be interesting to see things from a developer’s point of view as well. Need to catch up on the interviews, but great work

Interview #12 with TheBudman69


Interview #13 with Archon from 7DH & Archon Gaming—showing what can be done with F2P/C2P rosters!


Felt blessed by your very quick presence in the Brew Tang Clan. Curious what you were looking for since I know we weren’t asking for a merc?

Not sure if this was the best thread for this post, but thought it was the best place to reach you.

7DA encourages mercing as it is an efficient way to use left over titan flags/flask—maximizes resources. When I am out mercing, I pop in and out of many alliances—some for mercing and some for research.

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