E&P Interviews: #27 Interview with JFosss from Benevolent Mercenaries

Not trying to advertise myself here, but I can be of assistance on this subject. If you are interested of course.

Frankly I would like to use such an opportunity to share with a large portion of the newbie c2p or f2p players a lot of tricks and tips which would ease their way into the game and not throw it away immediately. As for the rest of the community, I guess that even some of the older players could find some useful info here and there.

Your interviews offer some insight, but since they are mostly with p2p players, this severely limits the useful info they provide to the community IMHO.

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The original intent (and I am always open to intent changing) was to interview some of the top players in the game. Achieving top scores on the level and rate of these players does require money.

That said, I have an interesting interview later this week with a very accomplished free-to-play player.

I am always open to suggestions on who to interview, yourself included. Please send recommendations, along with rationale as to why the person would be a good interview, to: empirepuzzlesbooks@gmail.com

Thank you,


Probably the least interesting interview :slight_smile:


Interview with a highly accomplished F2P @D_DI — completely free to play player:


Revolutionvl, leader of 7DD talks about 7DD, War, and Ninja Tower!

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I don’t know what you have done @JekylandHyde but I feel like I should thank you. I’ve been having some absolutely insane luck after you uploaded the interview.

On Wednesday I got 2 4* mats + 2 3* mats from a titan.

On Thursday I got cKadilen with the keys I got from the Masquerade quest.

And yesterday I got Vela from HA10.

There are 3 possible reasons for my insane luck:

  1. you’re a magician
  2. the Devs have watched the interview and decided to show some mercy
  3. it’s just a pure coincidence

In 2/3 of them, you are involved, so thank you!


I literally take no credit, nor deserve it for any of this … this is all you and your game! Congrats. :slight_smile:


Another interview with a player that often tops the charts:

If I can get promised a Holy hero or two to use my 33 darts on I’d gladly do an interview. Alas though, I’m just a boring old cow.

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+85% war wins with mostly S1 heroes and only $100 US spent in the last 4 years. Some people can really rock C2P!!

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EPB Interviews with Asus from Hungary: 1st time in Top 50 in an event and translating E&P

Map of all interviews here:

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… and the interview series is back in action. Latest interview below. If you all have suggestions for interviews, please private message your suggested player/person and reason as to why you feel they would be a compelling interview. Thank you!


Saludos de Argentina. Quisiera saber si los vídeos que haces por youtube tenga la posiblidad de ser traducido al castellano en la pagina youtube. Ayudaria mucho a los seguidores que tienes en nuestro país motivo que muchos no saben inglés… Desde Saludos

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I believe YouTube has translators or subtitles built into their Web site.

Interview with @ScndStar from the Avengers: EPB Interviews with ScndStar from The Avengers—Empire and Puzzles Books - YouTube


How drunk was star when she did the interview on a scale of sober to ‘I’ve only had 3 bottles of wine’???


Of course I was sober! It wasn’t Friday yet…

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the interview was awesome! thanks for doing it :grin:

your origins and titan loot videos are some of my favorites on E&P youtube!

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Thank you! Glad my oldies are still of some use =)


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