E&P Interviews: #27 Interview with JFosss from Benevolent Mercenaries

*** NEW FEATURE *** EPB Interviews!

Meet the top players and hear their thoughts on Empires & Puzzles.

This first interview is with Kian Lee aka Happy Waffle.

Second interview with Zero from 7DD:

Interview with @ERROR4 talking about the benefits of mercing and much, much more!

This interview very well may have changed the way I view this game. Maybe it will for you too? Jairo was incredibly insightful to learn from.

Interview #5 with Colonel Indiana Longnuts from Gipsy Danger—talking about his War attack teams, Mythic Titans and Troops!!

#6 with @Uclapack and @Dator

Interview #7 A great interview on training alliances with Alice from 7DU/7DR!

Interview with @Mr.Spock Mr. Spock! … talking about all things E&P!!

Interview with ★KEV│RoX★ from Cheesecake Factory! Talking about Challenge Events, Mythic Titans and the Ninja Tower.

Interview with @Guvnor from 7DH and forum moderator on here.
Learn about the Damage Calculation, Critical Hits, Troops, and much more!

Interview with RipTheJacker about RNG!

Interview #12 with TheBudman69

Interview #13 with Archon from 7DH & Archon Gaming—showing what can be done with F2P/C2P rosters!

Interview #14 with Quinni, Co-leader of 7DH and ∆LT∆ÏR, co-leader of 7DD and head of the 7D family!

Interview with (: Jewel Pearl Gem :slight_smile: — Her E&P account is a must see!

Probably the least interesting interview :slight_smile:

Interview with a highly accomplished F2P — completely free to play player:

Revolutionvl, leader of 7DD talks about 7DD, War, and Ninja Tower!

Another interview with a player that often tops the charts:

+85% war wins with mostly S1 heroes and only $100 US spent in the last 4 years. Some people can really rock C2P!!

EPB Interviews with Asus from Hungary: 1st time in Top 50 in an event and translating E&P

Interview with Hiemdall Charvel from The Avengers

Interview with ScndStar from the Avengers:

Interview with ❀вυηg❀ from ❀The White Lotus❀
We fought in war just hours after the interview. Our fights against each other are included!

Interview with MADDOG, Leader of Wolves of The North who takes C2P to BEAST MODE!!!

Interview with Riggs from 7DR

Interview with JFosss from Benevolent Mercenaries.


Thank you so much Jeff for this interview.
Kian commenting on so many different aspects of the game is the most interesting and enjoyable thing I watched. Very knowledgable, very intelligent and very pleasant to the ear. Great idea. Keep doing this, because this was an incredible start!
I am a Kian fan now!


Thanks Jeff your videos help me to play better and enjoy more the game I am at level 68 my team is Lianna BK Odin Glenda and Jabber, TP is 4675 and my troops just around 20 I wich I can find you for a Raid. BTW I am waiting @ratabboypda to interview you.

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I was just on your channel earlier today to see what you are up to. I would happily do an interview with your, but I do not speak Spanish.


Thank you. I have been a Kian for quite a while. He is incredibly knowledgeable, humble, and willing to share.


I found @JekylandHyde a couple weeks ago… also my first Elizabeth fight. The board was stupid good to me.

Don’t think he ever revenged me either!

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I speak english Sorry I did not write to you before but I have been in investigation mode and other things and I have not had time but for me it is something very pending to be able to do an interview

Very interesting interview! Thanks to Kian for sharing your knowledge!

I’m curious how many flasks/WE refills the top players roughly spend monthly to place in these events. Clearly as Kian mentioned he has gotten really good at recognizing winning boards because he has so much experience - so it’s probably less for him than some other newer competitors. But I’m very curious about the range because I feel that may be cost prohibitive for a vc2p player like me (and for f2p players).

Was surprised that Kian doesn’t like ninja tower! (although I totally get the flags not stacking thing to be very stressful some weekdays) I actually like ninja tower way more than challenge events because farming boards is much more limited for ninja tower (and fewer people do so) which almost feels like a more even playing field in a way. That has allowed me to place way higher in ninja tower than I could dream to place for challenge events.

Looking forward to the rest of the series. :slight_smile:


I agree on the NT, Itty. I can see Kian’s point about the time limitations on flags and see how career & RL could be a negative factor in using them. I still think NT is the best aspect of the game.

I am looking forward to more of this series as well—can’t wait to see who is next!

As for flasks, for me it greatly depends on if I am pushing 1 or all three tiers. Even at 80+ flags (just hit 90) per WE, I go through a ton of WE flasks in a weekend and it would take a F2P a long time to save that many flasks.

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Interview with Zero from Seven Days Departed (7DD):


Kian was spot on about the power creep. Formulated and experienced with each answer.
What a bright young man he is!

Zero was so relatable! His first 3 months of the game sound exactly like mine :yum:

These interviews are refreshing
Thanks @JekylandHyde


How I wish we could see Zero’s face like what Waffles did on the 1st interview.


Keep doing what you’re doing. Nice work.

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I appreciate the feedback. These seem to be very well received and I have a few more scheduled and trying toget more players on board. We’ll see how it goes.

I hear you and respect Zero’s desire for privacy. I suspect there will be other’s that will prefer to be heard and not seen. That is okay by me. Thanks for the feedback!


I like this series you have going on. Experienced players giving info to newer, more inexperienced players. Keep up the great work.

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Keep up the great work. :star_struck:

Absolutely! Look forward to your next interview.


Did another interview tonight and it may provide some interesting suggestions for even the advanced players. It should be on YouTube on Monday —possibly tomorrow night.


A for your interview could be “If you could add or rework a feature, what feature would you add or rework?”

This question would gauge and see what other players think about the game. I’m sure people would have different ideas for the game. And othets would see what others have ideas for. It’s up to you if you want to ask that. Just giving you an idea is all.

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Great suggestion! I have a new interview coming tomorrow that was done yesterday so that questions wasn’t asked. Thanks for that.

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No prob. Happy to help.

Interview with @ERROR4 talking about the benefits of mercing and much, much more!


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