E&P in your city

I was walking with my wife near the hospital in my city, more than a year ago, there was no Covid and we were all happier.

My wife stops because her phone rings, next to a car where a person was playing E&P. I was stunned, I had never seen anyone on the street playing.

I thought to say something to him, but since I couldn’t think of anything and it seemed almost an assault on his privacy, he was calm inside his parked car playing, I decided to continue, not without commenting on it to my wife.

I don’t know why I have remembered this. I suppose is due to the post in general discussion about gamers and countries.

Have you met other players from your city? I am very curious and I love this common stories.


A guy I used to work with played it at his desk when I walked by one time. I never said anything to him either and he no longer works at my company.


Y’all have to say hi.

I had a member of my alliance join and I learned they were from MN. I asked where and it turns out he is from the next city over. Further, he is an electrician and was doing work at my kids school, which I can see from my house (it’s two blocks away).

I haven’t been to his place yet, but he has come over twice to mine. I’m finishing my basement and he’s helped me with a few questions. Been greatly appreciated.

You’ll never know what you may find out there.


What a good story.

Deep down I regret not having said anything to him.


I have recruited new members who live in my area. Does that count?

I’ve never actually randomly met a person who also plays the game. But then, I don’t get out a lot these days.

Most of the gamers I have met: the console gamers are mostly first person shooter types, the PC gamers like their MMOs, the mobile phone enthusiasts are usually more Farmville and Candy Crush etc.

I have met other players on here who live in my state, or one state over, but none in my city.


Aw that’s awesome. I love that


Omg, MN! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I haven’t met anyone, but my sister (who doesn’t play) has! She’s watched me play and said the game was a waste of time and money, but then afterwards saw her co-workers playing. They all work at the Federal Reserve. :rofl:


Lol. I can relate.

I had an experience a year ago in a public transport in my country where a long-haired guy sitting next to me saw me playing E&P. He was thinking recruiting me to his alliance but when he saw my avatar, he suddenly talked to me and introduced his in-game name, which is similar to his real name. We quickly exchange mobile numbers. He was a co-leader in my alliance. I was so elated, I think we both did since this game is not really famous here as I dont see people playing this game publicly like when I did playing Clash of Clans a few years back. I usually message him thru SMS since he is not on our Line chat group whenever we want to coordinate war resetting the enemy or hitting the titan. That was fun and was hoping to have a similar experience soon. We usually send him request for prayers on friends and family affected with COVID since he is in the seminary.


Oh there is definitely a joke there, but that would be easier than printing money, so I won’t go there. :laughing:

I’m in Ohio (U.S.). Met one person in my first alliance who also lived in Ohio, and another on the forum from Ohio. Also there are several others here who are one or two states away (:wave: to the Michigan and Pennsylvania peeps out there!)

To the Michigan peeps, yes I am a Buckeye fan but it’s nothing personal. Still :heart: you guys.

To the Pennsylvania peeps… most of the Ohioans I know are Steelers fans, and I personally love cheesesteak, so we good :fist_right::fist_left: :+1:


Being a much smaller market, I could name 4 players in Auckland that I knew via Line, and many more in Australia, and some of those I’d video chat with.

Although, to my my eternal shame, I never met any of them in person, I felt we would have had a blast if we had done so.

Another example of E&P biggest selling point, although one which SG never promote, is the community feeling within the game.


Is that the sandwich I’ve seen on TV programs that looks like a mystery meat covered in molten yellow sludge? Not to familiar with US food, but I’ve got to say, it looks far worse than it probably tastes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Before anyone flags that as anti-US…try some traditional Maori food. Rotten corn, or perhaps some rotten kina? Kina being a spiny sea urchin thing…let it rot, stab a straw into it and ‘drink’ the delicacy within. :nauseated_face:

Edit: fresh kina, properly prepared and served, is actually very tasty. A difficult flavor to describe, but not dissimilar to sashimi, imo. Just not a fan of the oldy worldy style.


It’s not mystery meat. It’s 100% beef (well… supposed to be… depends on where you buy your meat).

Most U.S. foods don’t look very pretty, but they taste delicious. And they also contain a crapload of calories and carbs and fats and other stuff that is supposed to be bad for you. Probably major contributors to our reputation for being overweight. But damn tasty! And mostly okay to consume in moderation. Our overweightness is due to a combination of unhealthy foods and our propensity to overindulge on things we like.


Shouting out a huge thank you for reminding me to be grateful I am in the USA. Admittedly we are quite spoiled as to how privileged we are to have the abundance we do.Apologies this remark is off topic.


You want a small player base then there’s not much smaller that the Isle of Man league.

I know 2 of them personally (and recruited them to Crew-Sapphires :joy:)

Never met the others and don’t know who they are. I dual for top spot with Aliontranik…no idea who that player is mind…but there’s only 85,000 of us so maybe one day I’ll bump into another player


I do not know any E&P player in my city, and frankly speaking, if i ever notice someone playing it near me i will fake to not knowing the game.

Figures i’ve not even never joined an italian alliance when i used to merc.

Anti-social mode ON.


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