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I have no specific comment to make, I just thought that my fellow “advanced casual” players would enjoy the read…

Feel free to move this to #community-content if it’s more appropriate there.


It’s probably appropriate here since one of the qualifications for “general category” is if players are voicing complaints.

I can’t imagine this thread won’t start having negative posts! :grin:


Thanks for sharing @Benn

Not much there that we haven’t seen… still lots about the small team.

Final paragraph:

That’s the answer, to be respectful and mindful of your audience. Who are they, and what are their expectations? If you completely against them, you’ll have a hard time breaking through.

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It’s very interesting to read about SGG’s great success and how the game was created.
But I’m a little concerned about this paragraph:

“We have another game currently in soft launch called Puzzle Combat. It’s a variation, a similar-ish game. It’s not the same. We’re testing that and trying to get it to feel right for the players and from a numbers perspective. We definitely want to create a series of games over the years. As far as the sequence and how rapidly we’ll go, that’s difficult to say. It’s painful, because if you have a successful game, you should always take some of that and put that into something new, in an ideal case. But taking some of the best people, who’ve poured their souls into the game, away from the project, sometimes that’s difficult.

Does that mean that core employees who made E&P as we know it, were made to abandon E&P and work on the new game? Or am I misreading it?

If I were an employee and was taken away from a project into which I have “poured my soul”, in order to work on a new project, I wouldn’t be happy about that.

I hope that these employees are content now as some of them are probably the ones we should thank for the amazing game.


Hope you have a good game.
For me, it’s a beautiful experience.

Puzzle Combat is so similar, I think they’ll still enjoy it. The architecture is almost identical, just rolled back to 2017 so they can introduce lots of the same features or develop new ideas.

PC has just had it’s first HOTM

Every single day :grin::+1:

This was my first thought on looking at the game, and why I’ll likely not bother with it. If I’m going to play another game I want something that’s different, not the same in disguise.

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I’m giving it a go but it’s essentially a GI Joe re-skin.

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So they really developed costumes for Puzzle Conquest? :rofl::sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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