E & P - Guinness Book of World Records

Hi All,

I’d like to setup a place where we would be applying for World Records.
These are the current categories:

1a) Standard Monster Chest - Best - :star: :star: :star: Record Holder: Shenjairo :star: :star: :star: … 4* NFA, 4* flask
1b) Standard Monster Chest - Worst - :star: :star: :star: Record Holder: FieryBunny :star: :star: :star: … 1 diamond
2a) Titan Chest - Best - :star: :star: :star: Record Holder: BloodRayne :star: :star: :star: … 4* NFA
2b) Titan Chest - Worst
3a) Wanted Mission Chest - Best - :star: :star: :star: Record Holder: Bruno82 :star: :star: :star: … 2x 4* NFA, 1 x 3* NFA, 2 x Golden Hero Tokens
3b) Wanted Mission Chest - Worst - :star: :star: :star: Record Holder: Aurel :star: :star: :star: … 3 silver
4a) Hero Chest - Best
4b) Hero Chest - Worst - :star: :star: :star: Record Holder: Shenjairo :star: :star: :star: … 1 silver
5a) War Chest 100% - Best
5b) War Chest 100% - Worst - :star: :star: :star: Record Holder: Shenjairo :star: :star: :star: … 1 silver
6) Mystic Vision - Best - :star: :star: :star: Record Holder: Kosior :star: :star: :star: … 4* NFA, Hero Golden Token
7) Rare Titan - Best :star: :star: :star: Record Holder: Lillith :star: :star: :star: … 3x 4* NFA
8) Standard Titan - Best :star: :star: :star: Record Holder: Nes :star: :star: :star: … 2x 4* NFA, 2x 3* NFA

You can post even for someone who is not here as long as they give you a written permission to do so. In the post state the player’s name. I’ll update the record owners accordingly. To keep the complexity under control please don’t suggest further division into something like Gold, Silver, Loot 1, Loot 2 etc. If it goes well, it can be done in the future.




Screenshot_2018-11-18-09-36-46 Screenshot_2018-11-18-09-36-52 Screenshot_2018-11-18-09-37-01
Worst chest in my life open 1 minute ago :disappointed:

Worst chest application?? Nope. Over ruled.

Yes, this is a really bad chest. Hope next time you will apply for the best one. :wink:

Nah. Trainer hero, flask, non farmable mat, super antidote… this is a bs submission lol

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Come on Sweg, give a chance to notorious unlucky people. :slight_smile:

You can’t be serious. You’re joking. You have to be.

Anyone can submit a better result (actually worse in this case).

To get this started we need something. Then top the previous one. It is a bad chest but someone should be able to top it since it had a compass instead of like a scabbard. Will see if I have something to start this fun thread myself. I will be beaten in every case later on but still fun. I think this thread may have a bright future.

I don’t really record worst Titan hits but will look out for that. Any restrictions there as minimum loot tier? Tier 1 will have some very crappy results.

At least you got one unfarmable item

My purple chest “reward”, two months ago… :neutral_face:
3b definitely



Best Standard Monster Chest:

Best Wanted Mission: (Pity no gold token :frowning:)


Worst Wanted Mission: (Maybe not worse than current holder, 50 gems. Record should hold 2 farmable materials and no gold tokens though)

Worst Hero Chest:

Bring it on! Should be better and worse out there.


Hi all, thanks for all of your contributions! I’ll update the table tomorrow. Nes

Today’s update of the E&P World Records:

1a Shenjairo - 4* NFA, 4* flask, submitted 18 Nov 2018
3a Shenjairo - 2x4* NFA, 4* flask, submitted 18 Nov 2018
3b aurel - 3 silver, submitted 18 Nov 2018
4b Shenjairo - 1 silver, submitted 18 Nov 2018

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2a for now:
Screenshot_2018-11-19-19-43-47 Screenshot_2018-11-19-19-43-50

Definitely 4b) worst hero chest

I mean I’m friggin gold!? That’s a chest I’d expect in bronze!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sweat_smile:

1b) Standard Monster Chest Worst!

I have crumb luck, this game hates me! I only got my first 5* hero after 5 months playing so I think I’ll take out all the b) category’s lolol :sweat_smile:

@Shenjairo at least you got a health potion +some Firestone’s which are useful! lolol still pretty crumby though haha :laughing:

I am applying for 1b Standard Monster Chest Worst. My player name is FieryBunny. It was so bad, the 1 gem made me laugh.


Thanks all for new contributions! I’ll update the table tomorrow.

Here’s one for best Mystic Vision

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